My Diwali

Friday night Brad and I had a little Diwali party at our apartment and it was really nice.

This is a Lakshmi altar that I put out in our living room. I drew the rangoli with colored sand that was on sale at Michael’s. The murti is a new one from our wedding.

Cooking puris for masala puri chaat! I had some trouble getting them to puff, but a few did!











Finished product…









I also made black-eyed pea curry, raita, aloo ghobi, and samosas with pie-crust wrappers.

It was a nice time and I enjoyed getting to know some of Brad’s classmates a little better!

Everyone liked my homemade toran too and this weekend I managed to get an Etsy shop set up so I can sell items like the toran and some other useful items I thought of (like handy reference cards for common home pujas!) Check it out here:

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Ambaa is an American woman of European ancestry who is also a practicing Hindu. She is fascinated with questions of philosophy, culture, and the meaning of life. Join her in the journey to explore how a non-Indian convert to Hinduism experiences her religion.

  • Jeramy Hansen

    You’re a great cook, Ambaa :-D

    • Ambaa

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I don’t think my aloo gobhi was quite up to Mango Grove standards! :)

  • Andrea

    I use cookie cutters for my puris. I roll out the dough and cut out the circles with my biscuit cutter! Then I’ll roll them a little bit thinner from there and then drop them in the oil.

    For puri chaat, something even smaller – the top of a steel tumbler – may work even better. :)

    • Ambaa

      Good idea!

  • Ambaa

    :D Did you see your discount?