Puja Help From A Surprising Source!

I’ve been wandering around Amazon.com and I was startled to realize that there are a lot of Hindu items there. Amazon really is good at having nearly everything you can imagine available!

Take a look at what I uncovered…

Help Guides and Books

Havan Puja Handbook

How to Conduct Puja to the Navagrahas: a manual with step-by-step instructions
Purna Vidya: Puja & Prayers

Simple Kali Puja

Laxmi Vrat How To

Shiva Puja and Advanced Yajna

Ritual Worship of the Great Goddess: The Liturgy of the Durga Puja With Interpretations

How to Conduct Puja to Shiva

Nine guides to Pujas

Oh my Gods! A DVD on how to perform Lakshmi puja at home! Wow.

All of these books are going onto my Amazon wishlist! What an amazing world we live in that such information is available to us!

Puja Items

How gorgeous is this home mandir?

I love kits and sets. As soon as you package things together into a kit, I’m salivating!

Indian and Hindu Gifts

For the Kids

They have Amar Chitra comic books! I love these things.


Okay, seriously, if anyone is gift shopping for me, I want all of these things (especially all the books)! :D

Amazon, I am impressed. I never would have guessed that I could get so many supplies and resources from you!

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Full Time Spiritual Life
PoojaMyself App
The Biggest Golu Displays
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  • J N

    Worshiping the formless reality by unthought thought is the best kind of worship. But when one is not fit for such formless worship of God, worship of form alone is suitable. Formless worship is possible only for people who are devoid of the ego-form. Know that all the worship done by people who possess the ego-form is only worship of form

    We project ourselves into the idols and worship them because we do not understand true inward worship. Therefore, the Knowledge of the Self, which knows all, is Knowledge in perfection.

    Worshippers of the saguna (qualified or with form) and the nirguna (unqualified or without form) Brahman (God) reach the same goal. But the path of the nirguna (formless) is very hard and arduous, because the aspirant has to give up attachment to the body from the very beginning of his spiritual practice.

    The imperishable Brahman (the Supreme Reality) is very hard to reach for those who are attached to their bodies. Further, it is extremely difficult to fix the restless mind on the formless and attributeless Brahman. He who meditates on the unmanifested (formless) should possess the four means and who have sharp and subtle intellect and bold understanding.

    The four means are discrimination, dispassion, sixfold virtues, and longing for liberation. The sixfold virtues are: control of the mind, control of the senses, fortitude (endurance), turning away from the objects of the world, faith and tranquillity.