Giveaway: Baby Krishna Statue

I’ve been brainstorming, practicing, and testing out lots of different ideas for my new Etsy store: American Hindu. (I sell craft items that I create for myself, for my own use and enjoyment, but during this difficult financial period, I thought perhaps others would also enjoy the items I make)

One thing I really wanted to do was baby Krishna statues with a hammock swing particularly for Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. So I’ve been working with clay and practicing, but I don’t feel satisfied with how they’re coming out. Instead I decided to stick to what I’m good at and do crochet baby Krishnas rather than clay.

But that means I have these little Krishna idols with no home. I made one that I’ll keep for myself, but I have two more practice clay Krishnas that I didn’t know what to do with.

Krishna #1

baby krishna

Krishna #1







krishna statue

Krishna #2


Krishna #2








Then I decided that I would give them away to you!

In order to enter, please click the link below and you will be able to complete activities like Tweeting about the giveaway and sharing this page on Facebook to get entries in the raffle.

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They are about four inches long and come with a wool lace hammock and I’ll be sending one completely for free to two of you, anywhere in the world.

The giveaway starts today and ends Monday January 27th, so you have three weeks to get those entries in (you can redo some of the activities every day for more entries!)

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Ambaa is an American woman of European ancestry who is also a practicing Hindu. She is fascinated with questions of philosophy, culture, and the meaning of life. Join her in the journey to explore how a non-Indian convert to Hinduism experiences her religion.

  • Guest

    Its quite beautiful artifacts you made on store, anyway, i wonder why Krishna is in blue color ? Its actually black color, as black as rainy clouds are. and also, there are standards in explanations of figure of krishna, कस्थुरी तिलकं ललातफलके! वक्षस्थाले कौस्त्भं! नासाग्रे नव मौक्तिकं! करतले वनुं! करे कङ्कणं! खन्तेच मुक्थावली !सर्वाङ्गे हरिचन्दनञ्च काल्यं! and also Statues or artifacts have to Krishna along with Radha,,, both have to be there when grown art makes. baby krishna is fine alone..

    • Ambaa

      These are only baby Krishna, as you can see. I tried to use a nice dark blue color, as blue is the divine skin color and Krishna can be represented either in black or in deep blue. I think you’ll find there are thousands of representations of Krishna in blue.

      Whose standards are you referencing? I’m curious!

      • Guest

        Blue color is used in past in movies,, or in shows,, as it looks more vibrant than black in visibility,, but actual color is Black.
        Standards for making Krishna paintings, artifacts. it means how Krishna appearance have to be. in Mahabharata, in Bhagavatam, explained clearly how Krishna appearance is. kasthuri Tilak on forehead, on Chest kausthabha mani ( Like diamond stone), On hand flute, On wrist kankanam,, On neck mukthavali.. etc

  • george washington

    Ambaa is right. Krishna, Rama and Vishnu are of BLUE hue not of black tone. surya

  • DaveR

    I’ve not seen Krsna in a very long time, but from what i have read, He is blackish like a storm cloud.

    • Ambaa

      He can be represented as either. Probably he was literally a dark skinned man, but blue skin is a way of representing divinity in all forms of artwork. That tradition did not start with photos or film. His name literally means, dark one.