Hindu Holiday: Holi!

I love Holi. It is one of my favorite holidays of the year. If only we lived somewhere with cooperating weather! This year Holi is this Friday March 6th and right now there’s a snow day out of Brad’s school because of ice storms. Last year we were rained out and had to celebrate Holi late. This year the Hare Krishna temple (which hosts the biggest and best celebration) isn’t even attempting it until early next month!

For those who do “color runs,” this is the holiday those are based on. When you get colored powder thrown on you, you are participating in a Hindu tradition that celebrates the arrival of spring (again, around here I’m thinking, if only!) Read more about why the Color Runs and Run or Dye events are a problem here.

This is basically the “easter” of Hinduism and just like easter most of the religious significance has become minimized in favor of fun and family. It is a wonderful cultural event and an outreach event, too. Many Desis bring their non-Indian friends to experience Indian culture for the first time.

For more information, check out my posts from previous years:


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Holi 2014
Holi 2014
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    Happy Holi Ambaa…

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    Happy holi :)