Hindu Names for American Babies

We have been thinking a lot about baby names recently. Hindu tradition is that you wait to name a baby until after it is born. The astrological chart is used to determine the best syllable to start the name with. We have decided, however, to follow American tradition of having names picked out and ready. I want my children to have a Hindu name. They don’t necessarily have to go by it but I’d like them to have the option.... Read more

My Navratri 2015

I have a very good friend who is Gujarati and she invited me to join her and her fiance at a Gujarati Samaj event in our area. I didn’t know about this organization. I’ll have to learn more about them and maybe go to more events. This was a huge event, a garba dance for Navratri. We all got dressed up and went out for Indian food (to fit the theme). Then we showed up at the dance where there... Read more

Spiritual Crisis and Healing

I told you a while back that I would explain what I was doing at a Catholic church recently. After reading Post Traumatic Church Syndrome and having energy work done on me, I felt really inspired and moved to heal myself from the bitterness and anger I carry towards Christianity. Having that in my psyche is not helping me. It’s not productive. It’s really only hurting me. I’ve known for years that it’s something I need to let go of... Read more

My Navratri Golu 2015

First of all I wanted to give a quick update about the health insurance. A friend of a friend got us in touch with an insurance broker and so she’ll be able to get us insurance starting in the new year (Jan 2016) and we’ll never have to deal with MD Health Connection again with any luck. The broker said she’s heard many, many horror stories and a lawyer friend said he wouldn’t be surprised if there was a class... Read more

Philosophical Differences

Last week Brad and I had the pleasure of visiting an ISKCON center and enjoying some bhajans, chanting, and Gita discussion. It was a wonderful atmosphere and very uplifting to be among fellow spiritual seekers. It’s not often, I find, that as a Hindu I’m presented with a fundamental philosophical difference between branches. Usually you can just go to any Hindu function, event, or location and know what to expect. There’s a great deal of similarity of practice among various... Read more

Get Ready for Navratri!

Another one of my favorite holidays, it’s almost Navratri time. The festival starts October 13th and goes for nine days until October 21st. One of the traditions that I love most is the Southern tradition of collecting and displaying of golu (of kolu) dolls. It’s like a Hindu version of doing a Christmas village, which is such a fun way to dress up your house for the special occasion. Traditionally what you do is get a series of steps in... Read more

The Welcome Wagon

One complaint that people sometimes have trying to get started in Hinduism is not feeling welcome. Feeling ignored, in fact. I’ve come to understand that most Hindu temples and organizations are just not at all used to people showing up who aren’t intimately familiar with what to do.  And I’ve also found that there’s a real advantage to that. You can show up and have deep private time with God without anyone bothering you. You set the pace of your... Read more

In What World Is This Okay?

Update: We were put in touch with an insurance broker who will be able to get us coverage for Jan 2016. We will hopefully never have to deal with the incompetent mess at Maryland Health Connection ever again. The broker told us that she has heard many horror stories about the problems at MD Health Connection and a lawyer friend said he heard there may be a class action lawsuit against them at some point. I hope so. The way... Read more

Miracles and Gurus

I think I am a great example of how important it is to be patient and cautious when waiting for a guru. I’ve always advised you to exercise great care before dedicating yourself to a spiritual leader. You have the Truth within you and you shouldn’t give your power over to someone who doesn’t deserve it. And the vast majority of spiritual leaders don’t deserve it. There’s a lot of frauds out there and there’s a lot of misguided people... Read more

Will I Self Improve Myself Out Of Existence?

I’m a big fan of self-improvement. If I notice a problem with my life, I immediately go about trying to fix it. No time to waste! I’ve changed a lot of things about myself over the years. I was withdrawn and quiet as a teenager. I didn’t like that about myself. So I changed it. Now I’m very social and have a lot of close friends. I was frustrated by my inability to be spontaneous. I changed that. Now I’m... Read more