A collection of my posts on philosophical ponderings…

Absolute Truth

We Want People to Deserve Their Fate

Are People Happy?

When We Say All Religions Are The Same

Does Meditating Help Other People?

The Moment of Death

We All Think Our Religion Is The “Right” One

I Don’t Live In A Christian World

Peaceful Resistance Is Not Being a Doormat

All Religions Are Not the Same

Are We Evolving As a Society?

God Commands Free Will

Why Be Motivated If You’re Coming Back?

Moral Relativism 

Karma Happens

Gita in Action: Unattachment to Reward

Am I the Same Person?

When Did Honesty Become an Excuse to be Mean?

Finding Meaning in Death

Embarrassed by Spirituality

Video Games and Life Goals

Living a Step in the Future

Artha: My Difficult Relationship with Money

You Can’t Just Study: The Three Paths to God

It’s Easy for Kids to be Generous 

I’m Allowed to Like Hymns

What I Will Tell My Children About Love

Religion is a Drug

Soulmates: Is there really such a thing?

Krishna is a myth; Jesus is a myth

Free will v.s. Fate in Hinduism

No, I Am Not A Career Woman

Karma Burning: Things I Need to Work On

You Americans and Your Divorces

The Atman Provides

Is Christianity Peaceful? Is Peacefulness a Measure for Truthfulness?

Honoring Family Traditions

Why is Presence So Difficult?

What is Success?

Is Mindfulness the Key to Everything?

What is the Purpose of Life?

Hinduism is Not In Danger

Is New Faith Delicate?

Lessons Learned from my Parents’ Marriage

Using the Mantra for Sleep

Hinduism and Depression

I Stand for Love

What is Our Duty in Injustice?

Is Emotion Bad?

Marriage Equality and Hinduism

Hinduism and Abortion

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Are Religious People Better People?

Beware Answers

Is a Guru Necessary?

Why Do We Pray?

Is There Evil?

On Death


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