Why We Are Pagans

Why We Are Pagans April 9, 2013

Patheos hosted a Blogger Challenge for our contributors to explain their religious choices in 200 words or less! Enjoy the responses from these Pagan Channel authors, or read responses from all over Patheos here.

Steven T. Abell: Why I am a Heathen
Yvonne Aburrow: Why I Am a Wiccan
John Beckett: Why I am a Pagan


Gus diZerega: Why I Am a Pagan
Christine Kraemer: Why I Am a Pagan
Aine Llewellyn: Why I Am a Polytheist


Jason Mankey: Why I Am a Pagan Who Practices Wicca
Jen McConnel: Why I Am a Witch
Angus McMahan: Why I Am a Pagan (in exactly 200 words)


Kathy Nance: Why I Am Pagan
Kira Nuit: Why I Am A Pagan
Elinor Predota: Why I Am a Pagan


Sarah Twichell: Why I Am a Witch
Sam Webster: Why I Am Pagan
Porsha Williams: Why I Am a Kemetic


P. Sufenas Virius Lupus: Why I Am an Antinoan Celtic Syncretistic Polytheistic Pagan
Crystal Blanton: Why I Am a Multicultural Wiccan
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