I’m Thankful For…

I’m Thankful For… November 24, 2021

I’m thankful for all the people in this world who work toward ending systemic racism in whatever capacity they can.

I’m thankful for everyone who is affirming of gender and sexual minorities.

I’m thankful for people who take climate change seriously and do everything they can to stem the tide.

I’m thankful for health professionals who have saved countless lives during this pandemic.

I’m thankful for scientists who develop vaccines that help save billions.

I’m thankful for clergy who denounce homophobia, xenophobia, racism, and the patriarchy.

I’m thankful for women who continue to be pillars of strength in society.

I’m thankful for my Black friends who have taught me so much about life.

I’m thankful for my Latinx friends who have done the same.

I’m thankful for musicians, and poets, and artists who help make the world a more beautiful place.

I’m thankful for the friends and family who have had my back throughout my life.

I’m thankful for you, for reading this.

I’m thankful for my Patreon community for supporting me financially.

I’m thankful for everyone who has bought any of my books.

I’m thankful for my podcast team for being my second family.

I’m thankful for my employers for doing work I believe in.

I’m thankful for my coworkers who do the same.

I’m thankful for good food and strong drink.

I’m thankful for medicine that grows in the ground.

I’m thankful for medicine that is manufactured in a lab.

I’m thankful for Patheos for bringing me on as a columnist.

I’m thankful for everyone who has let me contribute to their publication.

I’m thankful for Quoir Publishing, for Sojourners, for The Raven Foundation, and for the Unfundamentalist Christian blog.

I’m thankful for people who inspire me.

I’m thankful for Mike Machuga, and Rafael Polendo, and Keith Giles, Derrick Day, Katy Valentine, Michelle Collins, Adam Ericksen, and too many others to name.

And most importantly, I’m thankful for my wife and daughter, who are my everything.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Matthew J. Distefano is an author, blogger, podcaster, and social worker. He lives in Northern California with his wife and daughter You can read more about the author here.
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