Religious History at the AHA

Religious History at the AHA January 7, 2015

I wasn’t able to attend the annual meeting of the American Historical Association in New York City this year. But blogs and twitter have allowed me to track some of the conversation in the area of religious history, my area of research specialty. There were dozens and dozens of panels, but here are several that got the most play on social media (much from John Fea’s terrific blog The Way of Improvement Leads Home) this past weekend:

  • “Futures of the American Religious Past: A Conversation about Mark Noll’s America’s God and John Lardas Modern’s Secularism in Antebellum America”: Here’s a preview. And here’s a storify (a narrative of collected tweets) of the session.
  • “Evangelicals Looking Abroad”: Here’s the session abstract. And here’s a report.
  • “American Religion Online: How Digital Projects Can Change How We Teach, Research, and Interpret Religious History”: Here is the session abstract. Here is commentary by John Fea. And here’s a report by one of the presenters.
  • Mapping Religious Space: Four American Cities from the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Century: For the session abstract, click here. And here is Lincoln Mullen’s presentation. It includes text, slides, and interactive maps.
  • “Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel–Roundtable with Kate Bowler”Here is a review of the book. Here is the lineup of commentators. Here is a report from Mandy McMichael. And one from Michael Limberg.

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