Evangelicals in Lynchburg: A Photo Essay

Evangelicals in Lynchburg: A Photo Essay April 10, 2018

I’m pleased to present this pictorial essay by Lisa Weaver Swartz, a sociologist of religion and visual culture. We returned yesterday from Lynchburg, Virginia, home of Liberty University and the site of the progressive evangelical Red Letter Revival held this past weekend. I invite you to return to the Anxious Bench tomorrow for a narrative analysis of our experiences at the revival and during a three-hour campus tour of Liberty.  –David

A smallish crowd of 350 at the opening service of the Red Letter Revival

Micah Bournes “fighting evil with poetry”
Of the 18 persons on stage Friday night, only two were white men.

A bust of Thomas Jefferson in the Liberty University visitor center
Video footage playing in the visitor center of Donald Trump speaking at the 2017 commencement

A model dorm room
Wednesday: “Stand with Israel Club meeting”
The [Tim] LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center
A poster advertising Title IX resources on campus
Dorm 22: Where Kevin Roose, author of The Unlikely Disciple, lived during his semester at Liberty
An old section of campus
A glimpse of a newer section of campus, most of which has been built in the last five years
A portrait of Jerry Falwell just outside the Jerry Falwell Museum. He holds a Bible in his right hand and building plans for Liberty in his left hand.
The Vines Center, where preparations were underway for a TobyMac concert Saturday evening. Convocation is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30 a.m. Rachael Denhollander, the former gymnast who spoke out against sexual abuse by Larry Nassar and Sovereign Grace Ministries, was the convocation speaker on Monday.
A computer lab in DeMoss Hall
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