Keeping the Easter Basket Catholic

Keeping the Easter Basket Catholic March 28, 2018
keep Christ in Easter!


In the stores this week I’ve seen ready made Easter baskets overflowing with stuff.  All kinds of stuff and none of it having anything to do with Easter!

These days you can buy a sports themed Easter basket, arts & crafts basket, hair accessories basket, a lego basket.  All with plenty of candy to be sure!  Fun, but none of it has anythung to do with the true meaning of Easter.

I was talking to my good friend Diane, a devoted grandma to two adorable little girls, about her Easter basket creation.  She have the right idea in mind, in aiming to make everything in the basket have something to do with Easter and Jesus.

A simple child’s book about Jesus starts it out.  Along with a chocolate rabbit she finds a chocolate cross to center in the basket.  If you look around, you’ll find that one or two chocolate companies including Palmer make chocolate crosses in addition to bunnies.  Then she puts in a children’s 30 minute video of the life of Jesus, emphasizing his love of each one of us and His role as Father.  She adds some Easter-themed stickers (some stuffed inside plastic eggs), a Catholic coloring book about Jesus and His Blessed Mother, and a tiny craft project about loving and forgiving each other.  Arts and crafts stores have basic wooden crosses to paint, Jesus window clings that are colored with markers, even tiny cross necklaces to decorate.  You can even find Catholic puzzles and pillowcase projects to do with markers.  For Easter egg coloring, there are cross templates (stickers placed on the egg removed after egg dying leave a white cross shape) or cross or Jesus stickers.

This year her little grandaughters will also each get a pair of tiny cross earrings, placed inside a plastic egg.  All nestled in an assortment of chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and other treats!

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