March 14, 2018

Any of us who regularly use the internet are bombarded with sexually objectifying and explicit advertisements. Sleazy, hypersexualized online ads appear virtually everywhere online, alongside completely unrelated internet content.  This content is often unsought by and offensive to internet users. Thanks to more awareness about the ramifications of pornography, some progress is being felt throughout our culture. One big step just taken came about through community complaints along with the the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) reaching out to… Read more

March 10, 2018

So there I was meandering through an ordinary day.  I’d been feeling kinda good about myself and what I’ve been doing for Lent. I’ve been to a couple of weekday Masses (which I do NOT have time for, may I add), have done some almsgiving (a few extra bucks here and there), and hey, even got myself to the Stations of the Cross last Friday night. But it was a day of hassles and by the third one I was… Read more

March 6, 2018

Back in 2000, Jeanette Hall (photo above) was told she had inoperable cancer. Her doctor gave her a terminal diagnosis of six months to a year to live.  She decided to end her life, and went to another doctor stating her plan to use Oregon’s law to kill herself, and asked for a lethal dose of barbiturates. But that doctor believed he could treat her cancer.   She decided to give the treatment a chance, and her cancer disappeared.  That was… Read more

March 4, 2018

A growing chorus of voices is calling attention to the strong link between pornography and sexual exploitation, and those voices are now seeing some significant progress. Just last week the House passed historic legislation against online sex trafficking.  The package to fight online sex trafficking passed by a vote of 388 to 25.  If this legislation passes the Senate, it will allow victims of sex trafficking to go after their online perpetrators, and empower states Attorneys General to prosecute sex traffickers. As the law currently stands, victims have been barred… Read more

February 28, 2018

Abortion is under attack in Ireland, but pro lifers are bringing to light the reality of legalized abortion. The Eighth Amendment prohibiting abortion is being challenged, with a referendum set for May 25th.  The Save the 8th organization has launched a campaign to highlight the real life ramifications of legalized abortion. #MyAbortionStory platform gives a voice to those who have legalised abortion, including former abortion workers, nurses who have seen children who survived abortion and women hurt by abortion. Billboards… Read more

February 25, 2018

After fifteen years of legalized euthanasia in Belgium, the real life practice and ramifications are now wreaking havoc throughout the nation. Professor Benoit Beuselinck is an oncologist in Belgium, where he has been researching the effects of legalised euthanasia. Medical care there is now vastly different than just ten years ago. Beuselinck, of the Catholic University Hospitals of Leuven, states that hospital doctors, to avoid having to administer a lethal injection, will refer elderly or ill patients to a palliative care unit. The assumption is that, since… Read more

February 24, 2018

It’s not the first time one of my CCD kids came up with the topic for class.   We were talking about Lent.  That’s a broad enough subject, and the book our parish uses had it conveniently broken down for me into the history, purpose, and sacrifices of Lent. My fourth grade class is always curious and eager to talk and ask questions, which is part of what I love best about teaching them. We explained prayer, fasting and almsgiving as familiar practices for Lent. Of course the word almsgiving immediately… Read more

February 21, 2018

David Scotton is 18 and on a journey to Indiana to meet the birth parents he’s never known.  His inspiring true story is featured in I Lived on Parker Avenue, a new film that looks at adoption from the perspective of all involved. Adopted at birth by loving parents, David isn’t sure what to expect but he’s felt for a long time that he must meet the mother and father he was born to. I Lived on Parker Avenue is a… Read more

February 18, 2018

Pope Francis has called for February 23, 2018, to be an international day of prayer and fasting for peace, in particular for the populations of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. The Holy Father urged participation by the members of other religions to join in the initiative, in the forms they consider most suitable. “Facing the tragic continuation of conflicts in different parts of the world, I invite all the faithful to a special day of… Read more

February 15, 2018

No corporation should profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation.   That’s the core belief behind the Dirty Dozen list, an activism tool for those of us who want a voice against pornography and its ramifications in our society. Unfortunately, many well-established brands, companies, and organizations in America are profiting from sexual exploitation right now.   Since 2013, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has published an annual Dirty Dozen list to name and shame the mainstream players in America that perpetuate sexual… Read more

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