Ratings Change

Ratings Change April 3, 2012

Hello, new blog friends!  I just wanted to congratulate my mother for doing a great job this morning hosting Today!  I laughed when she poked fun at herself by pretending to read all of those newspapers, a reference to that Katie Couric interview back in 2008.  I thought she did well discussing topics of the day, interviewing people, and generally just having fun with the regular crew.  I bet Today experienced a pretty big bump in the ratings due to all of the loyal Palin fans who always show support and encouragement!  I saw a comment that said to forget “Game Change” — Today should call this episode “Ratings Change!”

My mom definitely proves you can be in the lamestream media without being of the lamestream media.

Way to hold your own, Mom!

But can you really imagine Tori Spelling having a moose-kebob potluck?  Me either!

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  • Laurie

    I thought your mom did a great job. Way to go Sarah!

  • Larry Lease

    Your Mom did an amazing job! Incredible!! She should look into doing a talk show gig.

  • You have really grown and come into your own. God Bless You and Yours.

    • Dittobugs

      I concur.

  • I love the interview with Tori because she and Sarah, after a bit, Ann was just a blip! Sarah and Tori just started chatting like two old friends. It was priceless!

  • Lynda Armstrong

    She was great…but I expected nothing else from…your mom has class …

    • Denise Dusseau

      I thought she did a great job as usual…It is so funny that she got her “enemies”(lamestream media) to have her on their show because they were desperate for ratings and they knew she had followers who would watch her…great PR for her …Very Smart Woman…:) I thought over all she represented Christians, women, mothers, conservatives and Patriots very well. Keep up the great work!

  • tommy

    So fun to watch.. She did a great job

  • Patty

    Your Mom is awesome and it reflects in you too Bristol.. I really enjoyed your Mom on Today show and I can not wait to hear what the ratings were for todays show… I bet they ask her back… 🙂

    • Dittobugs

      I bet they ask her back too–they now know that she’ll draw in the ratings/crowd/sponsors. I just might watch The Today show more often then if the Gov is going to be on!

  • Jimmy

    Ms. Palin.

    My friends and I are such huge supporters of you and your mom
    she did such a great job on the Today show. One of my friends changed his NY plates to GO PALIN cant wait to meet you and your mom some day

    God Bless You

  • Marcia Hyer

    Love Sarah Palin any time any place. She has been my pick since the first time I heard her speak!! Intelligence scares so many people.

  • Gene

    One hour was not enough. I wish Mrs. Palin could of had a week like Katie Couric is doing, to show how many more viewers they could gain by not having strictly liberal hosts all the time. Sarah Palin did a fantastic job and brought a nice change of perspective the the show.

  • Go get a life Jilly…and tell your liberal friends the same. Hang in there Bristol, we patriots love you and your mom!

  • jan page

    Bristol, your Mom did great. She could take over that show if she wanted to. Whatever she decides to do she can definitely have a place as a tv host. Not to mention that she is more beautiful than anyone else who was on there.

    • mitchethekid

      Really? Take over? Better give that one some thought. She has to be hired first.

  • Jesse Martinez

    She did great she rocks!!! And so do you!!!
    Love and hugs!!!!

  • Beth

    I didn’t watch…I’ve quit watching tv for the most part. But if I had known your Mama was gonna be on, I just might have flicked the tv on. She’s pure class and I love her!

  • mary

    I just love your mom. She showa you can have an impact without being in an office….although I think she would make an amazing president a leader of the people for the people.

  • ginger coleman

    Sarah did a wonderful job today. Way to go!

  • Cathie

    I DVR’d the show, then skipped through all the stuff that had nothing to do with your Mom. 😀 She was FANTASTIC! I am so happy the world got to see who Sarah Palin REALLY is, and not what the lame-stream media (I laugh every time your Mom says that! :D) has portrayed her as being. Fox News should give Sarah her own show, and then she could show the LSM how it’s REALLY done!

    • Al Dykstra

      Bristol, I was at work when the show aired but plan to watch it tonight. I’m a loyal supporter of your mother. My wife and I golf at the same Country Club where your grandparents, Jim and Faye play when they’re down for the winter. I’ve had a few good conversations with them about your parents and they have always been positive and supportive. You’re so fortunate to have such a strong and supportive family. Best of luck to you in your future.

  • Helen

    She was fantastic – but we want her to be president!

    Bristol, your mom was very nice to Torry and may have win her heart – I hope you were not dissing her with that remark?

  • Helen

    W.R.T Torri, I don’t want you to undo the good work your mom did today with Torri, that was so geniune – perhaps you should reconsider your remark? Or perhaps I worry too much.

    Love you all.

  • Linda Black

    I’m sooo sorry I missed it! How did I miss this?

    Bristol I love your mom, you and your whole family. Your mom had the courage to do what I only dreamed of doing – taking something you are passionate about and making a difference. She’s tough to take all the criticism and I so admire that.

    I’m also proud of you. You have withstood everything that comes your way with grace and spunk! You go get ’em girl. My vote’s for you!!!

  • The most interesting thing about the show actually took place on Morning Joe when Donny Deutsch went over to their set to talk about Mrs. Palin’s appearance. The results were…interesting

    • Diya

      Very interesting!!

  • Mary GW

    She did a great job!

  • Al Dykstra

    Bristol, I was at work when the show aired but plan to watch it tonight. I’m a loyal supporter of your mother. My wife and I golf at the same Country Club where your grandparents, Jim and Faye play when they’re down for the winter. I’ve had a few good conversations with them about your parents and they have always been positive and supportive. You’re so fortunate to have such a strong and supportive family. Best of luck to you in your future.

  • Carol

    What can I say about your mom but CLASS ACT. She is a strong, intelligent, determined, relentless and persevering woman. My husband and I watched her documentary ‘Undefeated’ and I strongly urge everyone to watch it. There are many out there that need to know who the ‘real Sarah Palin’ is and how she became the woman we know today. I believe it would change the way some people look at her. God bless you and your mom Bristol. We need more of you in our country. Oh, and you can tell your mom that I think her and congressman Alan West would make a great team running this country.

  • Emma Lora

    I saw most of the Today show with clips on the facebooks and blogs. What a winner she is. She keep above the little barbs and spoke w/ intelligence and was gracious.

  • Lisa Smith

    So thankful for women like the Palins who verbalize so eloquently what I believe. Thank you ladies!

  • Carol Kalinich

    Hey Bristol, love your Mom, loved you on Dancing with the Stars, your child is adorable and very handsome and your family is real. Nice to see what you see is what you are, so many phonies with their proper etiquette and hypocritical attitudes, Love the Palins, u keep us your good work also Bristol

  • Deb

    For a change, the Today show was refreshing and not “fluffy” like it has been! A big thumbs up to your mom Bristol – she was wonderful! Although I’m not a fan of the main stream media in general, I will definitely tune in to the Today show to see what else Sarah Palin has in store for us! Thank you!

  • Douglas R Kammerer

    Bristol your mom did a terrific job on the Today Show. Once again she showed everybody why she is the smartest person in the room. Today your Mom clobbed Good Morning America with Katie Couric. You and your family have a lot of class. I am proud to be a supporter of your Mom. I wish you and your family nothing but health and happiness.

  • aaron krohn

    Had NO doubt your mom (“Sarah” to your sister Piper!!! LOL) would ace the Today show!!
    And she did!!!
    Won’t be surprised at all if the show’s ratings are among their best-ever!!
    Sarah’s appearances on EVERY show, it seems, gets higher ratings for that show than when she’s not on!!!
    and I KNOW (if you’ve read my previous comments here!) you’re tired of hearing me say this…….
    your mom MUST be our 45th President if this nation is to survive!!
    We all know she’s a natural at things like Today show gigs, speeches before adoring crowds, giving tours of Alaska, being an accomplished Chief Executive of a city, a state, or an Oil and Gas Commission!!
    We’ve read both her books, all her Facebook Notes and op-eds, watched all her interviews and press conferences on video.
    We bought and watched SPAK and The Undefeated!!
    But all these successes, all the words she’s spoken, all the solutions she’s offered (including TWO Palin Doctrines!!), all the power and influence she has to wake people up and get them energized…….
    all of it will NOT help this nation she so loves come next January 20, 2013, unless SHE, and she ALONE, is the “Leader of the Free World” and the United States Military Commander-in-Chief!!
    Do you (or does SHE??) honestly believe Mitt Romney would be that much better than Obama??
    He practically CO-WROTE Obamacare!!!
    She wants it repealed!!
    How can she possibly reconcile her strong desire to repeal something, and then “support 100%” the guy who CREATED that something??
    I’m hoping and praying your mother has DEFINITE plans to STOP Romney from getting the 1144 delegates!!
    I hope and pray she will FIGHT to become the nominee of the Republican party at the Convention!!!
    I totally DISagree with her when she says “You don’t need a title to make a difference!”
    SHE needed a “title” to build the business climate in Wasilla for 6 years!!
    SHE needed a “title’ to pass an ethics reform law, and AGIA and ACES!!!
    As she said at the Convention in 2008…….
    “A small town Mayor is sorta like a Community Organizer……except you have actual responsibilities!!!
    A private citizen, no matter how popular or powerful she is, does NOT have “actual responsibilities!!!
    I urge you to talk to your mother and persuade her we NEED her to be our next President!!!
    Bless you and your whole family!!!

  • Georgia

    Bristol, your mother was awesome this morning. If NBC don’t offer her a job we know why they have such low ratings! She brings joy and common sense with her wherever she goes and that is undeniable. We cannot help but love her, as we all love you. Go Sarah and continue to be who you are Bristol!

    • Georgia

      Correction: “…doesn’t offer her a job…”

  • Kudos to your mom! I loved the cultural differences between your Mom & Tori. I love how she changes the tone of each interview from “digging at the negative” to a “positive and enlightening” response.

  • speppers69

    Bristol…your mom did fabulous! She even got them to repeat the words “Lame Stream Media”!!! Priceless! I hadn’t watched the Today Show since Jane Pauley was on there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see your mom get offers from Oprah’s network OWN to do a talk show as well as some other networks. But I would prefer to see her do that AFTER she is president for 8 years! We so badly need her leadership.

    • blackbird

      Agree peppers AFTER first.

  • Saridel

    Bristol, if you are reading this: Please ask your mom to run. Please we need her and she is the only one! THE ONLY ONE who can run and take on obama. Please, please, please ask her to reconsider. THere is still time. I speak for millions when I say, WE WANT SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • myj

      Run? Run where?…..

  • Jackytc

    I was praying for your Mom, that God continue to give her grace, wisdom, and courage!

  • Sue Lynn

    Great day having morning coffee with my friend Sarah Palin!!! now looking forward to seeing her on fox at 5pm est and 10pm est!!!! Great day here in Michigan.

  • Saridel

    Truth, you are the perfect example of what a pathetic existence must be like. NO ONE needs to feel superior when talking to you. We automatically become superior when talking to you. One thing is to disagree, and another is to come here ( so not jealous of course! ) with your vitriol and try to spew your negativity on people you don’t even know personally. It doesn’t work that way. All the hate comes back to you multiplied. That’s why you are sitting in your couch whining probably waiting for your welfare check while Sarah and her family grow even more blessed and successful than you could ever hope to be.

  • Sue Lynn

    I liked it sooo much I just wrote out a check to SarahPac!!!!!!

  • bellagrazi

    Sarah Palin is ratings gold! She’s beautiful, smart, genuine, charismatic, and a person of deep convictions. People are just naturally drawn to her. She did awesome on the Today Show. That newspaper bit was my favorite part. Hahaha Your mom has a great sense-of-humor, Bristol. And impeccable comic timing. But it’s her passion for this country that I most admire. You said it best…

    “My mom definitely proves you can be in the lamestream media without being of the lamestream media.”

    Your mom fights the LSM, because they are weakening America with their lies. Brilliant move on her part to do the Today Show. She walked into the fire, spoke the truth, and emerged victorious.

    • Georgia

      Hear-hear!!! Well said, bellagrazi!

  • Kim Walters

    I always watch the GMA, BUT this morning I turned it to Today just to watch your Mom she did a fantastic job!!!

  • blackbird

    Your mom was great, a real natural. Those who have been taken in by the lies will see how very down to earth your mom is.

    If anyone wants to see all the Today segments in one place here they are http://palin4america.com/2012/04/governor-palin-on-today-show-with-matt-lauer-interview/

    • Jan

      Thank you.

      • blackbird

        you’re welcome and thank you Jan

    • Andrea Broussard

      Sweet!! Thanks for posting the link blackbird.

      Bristol, your momma rocked the house on the Today Show. I haven’t watched them, or any other Lame Stream Media morning shows since your family was attacked back in 08. The show as a whole still stinks but your mom was a hoot. We got up early just so we could watch her do her thang. Tell her we still have her back…we have all ya’lls backs for that matter. God Bless…

      Shoot!!…Romney just won another state….we so wish The Momma Grizzly was in the race for the White House. The field we have running is such a sorry bunch.

      • blackbird

        you’re welcome and thank you Andrea. Yes indeed the Governor rocked the house!

  • Kathy Sleen

    I thought she did well. Would have been better if the cameras would have shown her face on when she was speaking. I am always so nervous when she does appearances, because of past lame stream.

  • Barb

    If I hadn’t had to work…I would of definitely watched your mom on the Today Show. She has my support all the way. She’s beautiful & spunky! You’re a doll too Bristol !

    • Jan

      Barb, Her segments on The Today Show are all over the web. Find a good website and enjoy. She was awesome.

  • Denice Hocott

    I really enjoyed her this am she did a great job she needs her own show for all the “real americans”!

  • Jan

    Your mom ROCKED!! I do think Tori would be up to enjoying a party with the Palin family.

  • Hilary

    She rocked it! I’m so glad she showed that she’s a sport. She definitely seemed like a natural.

  • Cathy Maxwell

    I NEVER watch the Today show, but did today…she did a great job! I cant help notice how obvious it was the Sherry Shepard dislikes your mom….she should go back to the View, another show I refuse to watch!

  • Lisa

    I never watch the Today show, but did this morning to see your mom. She is always great. I could never sit there wth Matt asking me stupid questions and answering them himself. Way to go Sarah!

  • Jan

    I see that Levi’s manager got busy selling the story about Levi’s girlfriend being pregnant as soon as he found out Sarah would be on The Today Show. I am guessing TMZ and US Weekly paid a higher premium for the news last night and today. Levi is a TOOL.

  • Weldon Jackson

    Hi Bristol!
    It was great seeing your mom on the Today show. It was like Daniel walking into the lion’s den! But she was brave enough to do it, and ended up charming most everyone there just like I knew she would. Win! I just love her, and will defend her from the scum everywhere eager to tarnish her image and reputation, and most importantly to counter every phony meme they and their lamestream media enablers can concoct and try desperately to make “stick”. After all these past three years, I still do not understand the meanness and ‘hatred’ those liberal idiots have for this good woman. It’s irrational. But then most things liberal are irrational, so long as they “feel” good about their intentions. Being a liberal is all about “feelings”, and very little about “rationality”. It’s why this country is in such a freaking mess these days, made MUCH worse since slick-talking Obama tricked the gullible voters into voting for him. “Hopey-Changey” is NOT working out for him! He’s a failure!

    I also post on Tammy Bruce’s site and on TeamSarah.

    Keep your chin up, we’re behind you Bristol!

  • Hey there Britsol… Saw your mom on the Today show…. Positively Awesome! ….(*_*)


  • janice gundersen

    Sarah was awesome today. she s howed the liberals she is more talented. They still think that attacking sarah will damage the gop. They are a bunch of losers. They are afraid of concervatives so they are always attacking republicans.

  • Kaye Gilfoy

    Good Morning America is having Katie this week. There lies why Sarah was asked, perhaps, Bristol you can tell us! I watched and agree with Bristol, she was real and absolutely grounded and down to earth, and hope they ask her again. I bet that they thought she would fall on her face. When she is standing a little apart in the street scene, I bet they had her stand there, and there was Matt to pull her into the group, like she didn’t know where to stand. Bristol I admire your support of your mom, and for letting us know she was asked to help NBC compete against ABC. I really wonder what the ratings were.

  • Nicole

    Your mom was amazing this morning on “Today Show”!!!! I was so proud of her.

  • Millie


    I watched your mom this morning and she was awsome. I really enjoy
    hearing her. She is such a smart lady. I know you and the whole family

    • Millie

      oops, posted before I finished. I know you and your whole
      family are really proud of her.

  • Millie


    I watched your mom this morning and she was awsome. I really enjoy
    hearing her. She is such a smart lady.

  • Rockn350L

    Dear Bristol: Your mom was fantastic on the “Today” show. I always enjoy seeing and listening to what she has to say when she is with “Hannity”. I do wish she was running for President though. She would make a great President and we know that what she says she would do for our country, she would do. She isn’t afraid to stand up to the “good old boys.”

  • Joseph

    Hey there, Bristol! Yeah, I got a kick out of your mom reading all those newspapers, LOL! I watched the first hour of the Today show. But I didn’t get to watch much of the second hour, because I had to head to work. But from what I saw of your mom, she did great!

  • Dennis McHale

    Bristol, your Mom is one of a kind. America was blessed when John McCain brought her to the lower 48. She has the energy and spirit of a young woman your age, and the wisdom and beauty of someone MY age :)!! I have no doubt we will continue to enjoy you, your mom, and your whole family being present in our lives.

  • Thomas O’Connor

    Your mother was a breath of fresh air in the stale atmosphere of the leftist morning media programs.

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, During the interview with Matt, I laughed when your Mom made that comment about the Lame Stream Media to his face on National TV. I don’t think he expected that. ha

  • Tom Williams

    Hi Bristol,
    Love your Mom, she is just “The BEST”!!!!

    • Mariah

      Yes you are right!!!!

  • sue freivald

    Loved watching your Mom yesterday! She is a woman of courage and honesty and a great role model. As are you.

    As a grandmother and now great grandmother, I am heartened to see faithfilled courageous women speak out! Gives me hope for my children and their children. And America.

    Having just a wonderful sense of humor and perspective doesn’t hurt either!

  • Just wanted to drop a quick note, Luved your Mom mixing it up once again ,ironing out Wrinkles she would say… LOL Playing her cards close to the vest as she ought to,as we all have too… I enjoy greatly your posts, please continue… You know that we all look up to your family now , they are America’s Treasure, Our Royalty… See Ya on the page,you betcha…

  • Frederick Lang

    Your mom is proof that conservatives can laugh at themselves, where liberals continue to be contemptuous and hateful for the most part. She’s a real class act Bristol and we are all proud of her!

  • Mariah

    Hey Bristol!! I watched your mom, she was the best!!!!!! I hope I get to work for her in the future when I start my political career!! 🙂

  • blackbird

    I am usually hard on comments that are angry and begrudging but yesterday I got a link to an article “A Letter to Bristol Palin” from one of the bloggers here at pathoes and they were two comments that left me with, all I could thing of was this song and I am still singing it:

    All you need is love, rrrum-pum-pumpum-pum
    All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
    Love is all you need.

  • Shelley

    Please talk your Mom into running for President. This country really needs her.

  • Bristol,
    Your Mom and Dad did a good job raising you. You are awesome! We are very proud of you and your sisters and brothers. God Bless You ALL!!

  • Hey, Bristol! Your mom was GREAT yesterday (as usual)! I watched it live first for the whole experience, and then I went online to watch it several times again, just to see the looks on Lauer and Curry’s faces when your mom zinged them! MADE …. MY …. DAY!

    Still smiling over her story about the woman who thought she was Tina Fey! Now, THAT’S how you handle the lamestreamers! “Today” got SCHOOLED! 🙂

    Please tell her to keep up the great work … your mom is an American treasure (and so are you)!

  • Jose

    Truth, you are very kind… but maybe you have a headache!
    You speak like a prophet of domb.

  • Douglas Bates

    Bristol you and your family are great !!!!!! Your Mom
    put matt down he is a jerk . keep up the good work!!!!!

  • KB

    Bristol, you’re an inspiration. Thanks.

  • Leona

    You are so right Bristol, your mom was great as always. I enjoyed the show and was fun watching her having a blast of her own. She sure knows how to brighten a dim room. However, we are all waiting for the THE DAY when she decided to run for the POTUS. God bless the Palin clan.

  • Dittobugs

    I agree, Ratings Change it was! Good for her! Glad to see Gov on the Today show!

  • Jean Carter

    Sarah was a WOW on Today show! And always GORGEOUS!! She had poor ole Matt on the ropes from the gitgo. We’re all really proud of her.

  • Marilyn Loscombe

    Bristol, Your Mom did great on the Good Morning show.I’m a big fan of you and your family.I sure wish your Mom would get involved in what is happening with our country. I’m on Facebook and belong to a lot of Tea Party groups.There is a lot of discussion about how we are losing are freedoms and many other things, which you know what I mean.There is soo much hate in our Country now.Your Mom is a threat to the devil is why she is talked about and hated by the haters.I’m very proud of you and your sweet little baby and all your family.I will not stay on this blog for awhile after I send this message lol God bless you and your family.It’s wonderful to have our freedom and I intend to keep it.

  • I thought your Mom did a great job! I thoroughly enjoyed watching her on the show and I thought she had great chemistry with Matt and brought out a fun side in Ann we don’t get to see every day. I hope they invite her back one day! And the best part… the Today Show beat the show that KC was on… we all knew it would!

  • Sandpoint Idaho

    Always a pleasure to hear Sarah Palin speak! Direct truth mixed with wit and style is something everyone can appreciate.
    I really enjoy your new blog Bristol, you also have your mother’s gift of inspiration.

  • Curt Wilson

    I enjoyed watching Sarah Palin on the TODAY show. It was the first time I’ve watched TODAY in over a year.

  • Bonny Batman

    Got the biggest kick out of your Mom on the Today show. She looked like the cat that ate the canary. I think she was really having fun with those people. After meeting her, and seeing that clear sincere expression in her eyes, I defy people to meet her, talk with her, then say I hate her. If you have different opinions, different politican views- that’s one thing. To hate is another. Enjoying your Bristol Bay. Thank You

  • Mariah

    You amaze me. I couldnt go through half of what you went through. More power to you and your mom!!!! I just wanna know how did you do it??

  • PoppySock

    I loved the segment with your mom dealing with teenage children and their body images…. sooooo funny, considering chins and things. She also tried to promote your reality show, shacking up with Gino. WOW.

    • Canadian Observer

      The folks at C4P are saying that the reality show with Gino is just a rumor published in the NE and until they hear it directly from the Palins, themselves, they are not going to believe it. They don’t think Bristol would do something like this as it goes against her values.

  • Diana Barresi

    Hi Bri! Your mom did a Fabulous job as always! She is so fun, yet classy and full of integrity! A true Christian! Read all the Palin books and got the Rogue movie, and Alaska dvd set…you’ve got big fans over here in MA! Wish we could go snowmachining with you sometime in Wasilla! Hugs! And “thanks Lord” for allowing Sarah to beat katie in the ratings!” woo hoo! The favor of the Lord!

  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    I didn’t see the cooking part but there are a lot of health advantages to a whole-food plant-based nutrition program. See the website of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

  • Mariah

    Bristol, I wish you and your mom a Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a vary blessed one!!!!!

  • Pete

    Sarah Palin’s appearance on The Today Show was only up 23,000 viewers on Tuesday, from the previous day. Not much of a ratings boost. On Wednesday “GMA” drew 5.236 million total viewers, while “Today” was watched by 5.149 million viewers. That’s a gap of 87,000 viewers. Ultimately the casting stunt back fired because more people started watching Couric, for the first time, the following day. Perhaps viewers realized they were actually better off with Katie.

  • Frank Daniels

    She was obviously in her element and having fun, and yes, the program did very well in the ratings. Loved it.

  • blueniner

    Truth?You come here and bash Sarah Palin, if she is so irrevelevent to you, then why respond? Sarah Palin looks at the big picture. This is a woman that has a positive message, unlike all the people you must follow with doom and gloom messages.
    Like Sarah likes to say, “Keep It Classy”.

  • David

    Sarah shined on the Today show, kept Matt in his biased place. Thankyou Sarah for making Alaskans proud!!!!!

  • Bevy

    Your Mom is a classy act. She is in the world – but not OF it … 🙂 Just like Jesus said. 😉 God bless you all! 🙂

  • Iva Russell

    Love your momma!

  • Kimberly

    Your mom did a great job co-hosting the Today Show. We DVR’ed it. And another bonus, she beat Katie Curic at her own game – as a TV Host. I found that incredibly satisfying. 🙂

  • Bennie Collins

    love seeing pictures of your famly and of Alaska