Mike Huckabee, the Scold

Mike Huckabee, the Scold June 19, 2012

Yesterday, I was at Track’s house for his last night in town before he deploys back to Afghanistan. That’s where I got an e-mail explaining that Mike Huckabee had just told his radio audience that he was very disappointed in me. Here’s what he said:

We had earlier in the hour that Bristol Palin would be joining us about a new reality t.v. show that she’s going to be doing.

And apparently, she just didn’t show up.

So guess what?  I don’t guess we’ll be watching tomorrow when her new show lines up.

Too bad.

He goes on to say that he doesn’t believe children of politicians deserve to be criticized for their parents’ decisions.  He regrets his own children have suffered for his own choices as a politician.

There’s a different story once the child decides, “Hey, I like this spotlight. I like the limelight. I want to have more of it,” then, you know, they become fair game.

Then they are there by their own choice and their own volition. So if you go on Dancing with the Stars, or go on a lecture tour, or do a reality show, then, all bets are off…

He continues by saying he didn’t think David Letterman was fair to me during the 2008 campaign.  However:

I hope she’s ready for it, because now it’ll come not because of what her mother chose to do but because she’s said, “Hey, I want to be in the spotlight.

I understand Gov. Huckabee has a huge challenge creating a radio show he wants as the alternative to Rush Limbaugh. I understand he wants to fill his show with a little controversy – and what better way than to create headlines telling the world he now considers me “fair game.”

However, does he really believe I don’t understand what it’s like to be “fair game?”  Anyone who’s seen this blog – or the newspapers or the television – knows I’ve been through quite a bit of media speculation, ridicule, scorn. I’ve been writing about my own political ideas and have been “fair game” in my comments sections.  I’ve also defended myself from vile comments from leftists like Bill Maher.  Is Mike Huckabee joining into that scorn supposed to intimidate me?

You’ve got to actually listen to it, to get the full effect of his scolding tone.

(Warning: it might make you feel like you’ve been caught smoking in the high school bathroom!)




I would’ve considered it an honor to talk to his viewers about my show, my experience of single motherhood, and what a wonderful little boy Tripp is.

But the fact is, his people didn’t schedule my appearance. I’d said I’d do the show, I sent them my phone number, and they apparently neglected to schedule a time. Of course, mix-ups do occur in life.  Schedules aren’t communicated, errors are made.

But this isn’t the first mistake on his show.  Maybe instead of lecturing me on being irresponsible, he should get his own team in line.

Then, maybe, we could talk.

But I probably would just call Rush instead.


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  • Jellybean

    It’s called being an adult, Ms Palin. If you can’t make a scheduled appointment, YOU CALL TO CANCEL OR RE-SCHEDULE. Now you want a pity party for your bad behaviour. YOU and only YOU put yourself in the spotlight. YOU decided to do tv shows, YOU decided to do a reality show. Now, once again, you whine and cry about the negative attention you brought on yourself. At least you and your mother can’t blame the “lamestream media ” for this blunder. Grow Up and except responsibility for your decisions. With fame comes positive and negative attention. If you don’t like it, don’t put yourself out there little girl.

    • Beentheredonethat

      Jellybean, Did you read what she wrote? No one from Huckabee’s show ‘bothered’ to ‘schedule’ a time.

    • Brenda

      I believe Bristol answered the accusations by stating they did not contact her…and I didn’t read any whining from her. Maybe you need to re-read her blog.

    • Dan

      You obviously did not even read her post.

      “But the fact is, his people didn’t schedule my appearance.”


    • Tracy Clark

      Jellybean, I don’t think you even read the article??? Your comment is has nothing to do with what was written in the article ….. Really!?! Read the article and then get your facts together and write a comment.

    • cara

      Hey Jellybean – read the entire piece instead of just quitting where it is convenient for you to quit. She states that they never scheduled her, and thus she had no appointment to blow off. Translation for you Palin impaired people out there: she got hammered for something she did not do. Instead of clearing it up and providing the courtesy of speaking with her first, Huckabee decides a public smackdown is a better way to handle this? Seems like he is the one acting like a little girl.

      Try reading the whole thing next time.

    • Greg

      Apparently Jellybean didn’t read all of Bristol’s blog. SHE NEVER GOT A PHONE CALL BACK TO BE SCHEDULED FOR THE INTERVIEW!!! There, is that clear enough for you?

    • CalebWade

      “except responsibility” lol

      You automatically assume that this was Bristol’s fault and that the blame doesn’t in fact lie with Huckabee and his group. Bristol keep up the fight and I can’t wait to hear you on Rush. His program is a million times better than anything Huckabee could ever produce.

    • Kimberlie Morris

      Why would Bristol call to cancel or re-schedule a interview that HADN’T been scheduled with HER in the first place?Bristol said; “I would’ve considered it an honor to talk to his viewers about my show, my experience of single motherhood, and what a wonderful little boy Tripp is.
      But the fact is, his people didn’t schedule my appearance. I’d said I’d do the show, I sent them my phone number, and they apparently neglected to schedule a time. Of course, mix-ups do occur in life. Schedules aren’t communicated, errors are made.”
      Bristol does an amazing job of handeling rude people and comments.

    • Bless your heart Jellybean, why don’t we re-read this post together… out loud and very slowly. Perhaps then you will want to edit or delete your comment so you don’t continue to embarrass yourself.

    • GetA2J

      Mr. Jellybean,
      Is it really called being an adult if some idiot chides a writer for something she clearly stated was out of her control?
      Really Mr. Jellybean you might want to read the article before you post such a negative comment.

    • N4CER (@n4cerinc)

      Folks, Jellybean here IS the Hucksterbee. This is the same guy who had a staged call in to his radio show. Notice “jelly”? come on.

  • Patricia Barker

    I guess she didn’t read the whole thing…

  • Rick Patel

    Yuckabee is another decrepit old relic seeking relevancy. Forget him. He only plays to the Betty White canasta club.

  • CherieAmour

    Jellybean, did you read the entire article? It doesn’t sound like she stood them up. According to her, the appearance was never scheduled with her. That may or may not be true, but until there is evidence to dispute what she says, we have to assume she is telling the truth.

  • Samuel Clay

    Jelly, grow up! this goof was on The Huckster not Miss Palin. She has every right to defend her self on HER BLOG. Nicw way to run a radio show, Huck, it’s no wonder you’ll be the next to go off the air while Rush is kicking your tail!

  • Jellybean obviously didn’t read the full article before he or she decided to spout off.

  • conservativemama

    Bristol, continue to stand your ground and speak for yourself. I have a daughter about your age and she is also very strong in her convictions. She has no problem expressing her beliefs and standing her ground even when it’s not the popular or easy or cool choice to make. I am very proud of her as your parents are of you.

    The best to you any your lovely little Tripp.

    I will be watching tonight.

  • Florence Kirkpatrick

    Your family and Huck are two of the few people in the spotlight that I actually respect…so I hate to see ya’ll go at it. I think we all have the same goals in life and want to see the same wonderful future for our country..so I think it’s silly to argue over such petty things like this. I think it was unnecessary for Huck to degrade you on his show..but how should we respond as Christians??? Let’s put it in the past,dust off our feet and press on! You are both fantastic individuals!

  • John Wiggill

    Bristol… I have to admit that I wondered how you would respond to an attack like that, but I’m very proud of you for putting out the facts and allowing “The Huck” to be the idiot he is.

  • Patsy Carlisle

    I love you Bristol and hope you succeed in everything you do. However, I think you were a little harsh on Huckabee. What he said was out of concern for what may come your way. As for the scheduling mix-up, I am sure he will get to the bottom of that. Can’t wait to see your show.

  • Howard

    This is like siblings having a fight, come on people, knock it off, get after the Obamas, not members of our own family.

  • MIchelle

    Jellybean, Maybe you should read before you comment.

  • Jason

    If there was no appointment, nothing scheduled, then Bristol had committed to nothing and therefore did nothing wrong. Mike Huckabee is just being a crybaby. He needs to get over himself.

  • YES! YOU TELL THAT PHONY Hucksterbee! This is a man who in 2008 told Republicans to not go after Hillary Clinton hard and show her respect and here he is declaring a holy war on a young mother who chose to be with her brother before deployment. -Mr.L

    • K

      Holy war? Where?

  • vincent s

    dont worry about huck hes an idiot, he a bill maher in disquise. love you bristol!

  • Michelle McManus

    Touche’…Love your comeback Bristol!

  • blueniner

    Huckabee is a second rate bass player, a second rate radio talker, and a third rate TVshow host, and he is even worse as a human being that masks himself in his Christianity. He was classless and was trying to throw gas on a fire, with his coded diss of Bristol Palin. He threw red meat out to all the Palin derangement haters, they ate it up clogged the blogs with more hate. So bottom line the Huckster got the publicity he was seeking.

  • Kendra

    Hucksterbee is a phony…he always has been….

  • Sue Lynn

    Huckabee should look in the mirror and do some mirror thearapy!..hmmm over weight…thinks he is holier than thou….I will never listen to his stipid dull show… Bristol I will be watching!!!

  • Laurie

    Huck showed his lack of class. That’s he does.

  • Bill Steward

    If Huck’s team dropped the ball on this interview, he owes Bristol an apology, in my opinion… When you publicly scold someone, friend or foe, and you’ve done so wrongly and in ignorance of the facts, you need to man-up…

  • He definitely owes Bristol an apology!
    And I would have thought better of him than to say something like that in the first place. But at the same time let’s not lose sight of what’s really important here, and at the end of the day Huckabee really isn’t the enemy. We need to stick together and do what’s best for this country and not spend our time fighting with each other.

  • LuvGuvSP

    Awesome post! You are truly a class act!

  • Colton

    Hey Bristol. I read it and I think it comes off more as a warning. You don’t know what you’re messing with here and the spotlight eventually gets to everyone, so while I like both you and your mother, I think you should maybe just take a break from trying to get so much attention.

    • scottwforwi

      i love both of them also. but i dont think shes asking for attention. she was clearing things up. it cant be easy to do after he made those comments on a public radio show. for all he knew she couldve been killed and he was saying he was “disappointed” in her…

  • Oh Stop whining. Mr Huckabee makes very valid points. Well I guess you are just young and dumb in a few years maybe you will get it

    • otlset

      Huckabee whined first here.

  • Jellybean

    I call bullcrap on the no appoitment. It’s just a whiny Palin trying to safe face by shifting the blame. I highly doubt Huckabee would have said this stuff if there wasn’t a scheduled appointment. But you Palin worshipers will excuse any bad behaviour by your idols.

    • scottwforwi

      what kind of fight are you trying to start? she missed the appointment to see her brother before he was deployed. sure, she couldve called but i know i wouldve missed it to see my own brother before he went back to his base. youve got a lot a nerve picking a fight with all these people now…

    • scottwforwi

      youve got alot of nerve picking a big fight like this. she was being an outstanding american by spending time with her brother before his deployment. do you think she WANTED to miss this? im sure she knows she has ATON of eyes on her. picking on her before knowing the facts then picking on the good people who understand her good choice in priorities is a stupid move.

  • ordinary mom

    Who cares?
    You are both flaming this.

  • Ian

    Well said Bristol! We’re behind you!

    It reminds me of Dan Rather and making comments without having the facts.

  • susie

    Bristol, raise your son.
    live your life. Have fun. Enjoy.
    Stay out of the spotlight sweetie.
    We certainly dont need another Meghan.

  • Andrea Broussard

    You go girl…stand your ground!! Huckabee, the so called preacher man is nothing but a fraud. Why would a former preacher have all of his computer hard drives he used diring his Governorship cleansed and destroyed? Did he have something to hide? Your mom didn’t hide anything as the whole world dug through her administrations emails. Huckabee thought he was being funny while taking shots at you mom on Red Eye a while back. He may not remember it but many of us do. I’dlike to tell him to go pound sand or go piss up a rope. Lol Here’s an old clip from Meidiaite. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/mike-huckabee-jokes-about-sarah-palin-snorting-a-gram-of-coke/
    P.S. Sending rayers for Track as he heads back to Afghanistan, Bristol. My brother just came back last weekend so we now how you feel wanting to spend every last minute with him before he goes back over.

  • 56Survivor

    The Huckster knows there is power in the Palin name. Just look at all the free publicity he got with this cheap stunt.

    Man up, Huckster. You owe Bristol an apology. Waiting………waiting……..waiting………

    • Kathy Smith

      He dont owe her an apology, its a free country and he can say what he wants…….Bristol does , so why shouldnt he………….

      • RefudiateObama2012

        Maybe it’s because he was wrong. Most people apologize when they make a mistake.

        • scottwforwi

          sure, there is most definately allowed to be freedom of speech in america. but is it really mature for him to go and make assuptions on PUBLIC radio and say “oh,freedom of speech.” thats not how our forefathers expected freedom of speech to go. and if i do say, she was being a better american by not going and seeing her brother before he was going to be DEPLOYED. and i dont know the circumstances so im not judging, but maybe bristol couldve called and apologized for the misunderstanding. but after what he said, maybe she shouldnt.

  • Jeff_r0x

    Good job, Bristol. You handled it well. It was cheap that he not only wanted to scold you for a mistake without even giving you a chance to be heard, he then uses it as an excuse to blast your mom for being a public servant. Unfortunately, both his radio and TV show are lame. I am still surprised that FOX airs it.

    Authoritarians are all the same, whether or not they use God to justify their controlling psychosis. You don’t need him, but he needs help.

  • Joseph

    Bristol – Huckabee will be gone soon. There is no way he has any opportunity to compete with Rush. He’s also just really boring to listen to. He’s fair game in my book too.

  • Gloria Rigsby

    Huck’s a hack – Check his political history…I think you’ll find a democrat in republican clothing! And, it appears he needs a “fact checker”.
    “She didn’t show up, we won’t watch her show, she’s fair game now because she didn’t do my show” Boo who…cry me a river…He should be very embarrassed by that little speech!

  • Asian Gal

    Huckabee owes you an apology, Bristol. If he is a man of principle and integrity he should admit he made a mistake and MUST apologize publicly.

  • Kathy Smith

    Bristol, should consider the fact that keeping a low profile with her mouth and her kid is
    for her best interest..if Levi gets a lawyer, from what the judges are seeing on tv like we are with Bristol she is in the hot seat……she needs to apologize and redeem herself while she has the chance…….
    …She responds on things she is not seasoned too, and flies off the handle when shes approached about anything…….I still hadnt forgot her ……Self Righteous …. pre Madonna event in the bar with the Gays blasting on every channel we turned too was quite disappointing also, …if she wants us to believe she is All That , then why does she hang out in the bars
    ….I didnt know if that was Miley Syrus or Bristol….one thing I can say about Lindsay Lohan she never gets in the camera or on the internet and rants away at respectable adults like Mike Huckabee about her late night brawls regardless of how wrong she is
    ………I dont think I want to see Bristols show……….Her mouth has diarrhea these days and think she is getting too much attention and reward for her bad behavior……..sorry Bristol but I call it like I see and hear it these days…….
    ..where I come from…….IF YOU DONT WANT PEOLE TALKING ABOUT YOU, THEN DONT GIVE THEM A REASON TOO………..I saw her on Hannity and was shocked at her demeanor,…….I hope FOX just ignores her and lets her go…………she obviously wants to go rogue……..OPPS……….she already has……..Sad, Sad , Sad………..

    • Bree

      Try being in her shoes first before you start talking about her. You dont know what all she has to go through. Yeah she got pregnant and has her own show but that doesnt make her a bad person.

    • Kat

      Really sad that it seems like you are the one who is spewing things now. I would say she is very seasoned after being treated the way she was when she was a pregnant teen and then later by Bill Maher (I have a special name for that person but can’t use it here). She has been called all kinds of names without earning them. She has a right to go on any show she wants to make a living for her and her child. Maybe her show about being a single mom will make some young girls think before they end up in the position. Remember most girls in teen years don’t have the support that Bristol had and could not make much of their life after giving birth at that young an age. Maybe Huckabees show did make a mistake or Bristol’s people made the mistake. Still gives him no right to just her just because she did not show up for his taping of his show.

    • Pat

      I saw that too Kathy. I was shocked at how Bristol is so excited for America to see her trash her alleged baby-daddy Levi – AGAIN. Sad thing is Tripp is going to grow up and read & see all the awful things his Mommy has said about Levi and his side of the family. Terrible to use an innocent kid as a weapon. It will come back to bite 10 fold. It just seems to be that Tripp Johnston is to Bristol as a pet chihuahua is to Paris Hilton (sorry Paris). This show and all the fake publicity Bristol is drumming up for it is all being done for ALL the wrong reasons.

      • myj

        So true, Pat and Kathy… She need to stop lying on Levi, he really want to see his son… He should get a good lawyer and pull Tripp from the show…

      • otlset

        Huckabee started the drumming up of “all the fake publicity” in this case Pat.

  • Phillip Jarrett

    Huckabee’s show has already done a phony phone call. One of the people affiliated with his show was his first phone call, posing as “a regular caller.” So, I would not put it past his team of saying Bristol was a no-show, when they just didn’t call her.

  • Bree

    Hey girl,
    Keep your head up high. Dont let what he said bring you down. You are a strong girl with a wonderful family. He is just saying that to get attention. Your much better than that. 🙂

  • M Baker

    Jumping down on Huckabee and saying it was his fault for no scheduling the interview is not going to get Bristol off the hook. It makes her appear to be trying to pass the blame to Huckabee when she should have known immediately after Huckabee said what he did on the air about her being a no show. I’m sure she was notified of the problem through friends, her management, or others very shortly after Huckabee made the announcement. At that point she should have notified Huckabee immediately, and even if he had already said what he said, he could have apologized yesterday, or do so today. Unless I hear Huckabee apologize for what he said yesterday, this is going to reflect even more poorly on Bristol than before. What I do know of Huckabee is that he’s a man of honor and integrity, and he will not come back and again criticize Bristol anymore, but if he was wrong, he’ll apologize to Bristol. Huckabee will let us know who was wrong in this matter.

    • pjs

      I am so proud of Bristol and think there is nothing wrong with her addressing the situation on her blog. After all, Huckabee did it on radio before he asked her for an explanation. I love the woman Bristol has grown up to be…. Keep up the great work!

    • Sue

      Oh whatever .You are a known Palin basher that runs to every Palin story that you can find.

  • Peggy

    This has been very enlightening. I respect the Palin family very much and up until now I respected Huckabee too. Now I have to do some more research… although I do remember some misappropriate things happening while he was governor… Hang in their Bristol the truth always comes out. All the best to you and your family.

  • Denise

    As an American woman, you have the right to make your own choices under the constitution, you don’t have to explain them to anyone if you don’t want to, you just have to live with what ever choices you make. Newsmen (these days), tv and radio commentators now think that they can make the news, not just report it. They all have an agenda or slant. Stand your ground. We’ll see who is still standing when it is over. You go girlfriend!

  • Melva

    Well, I hear NOTHING WRONG with what Mike Huckabee said. He’s right once a person, in this case Bristol, makes a choice (Of Her Own), rather than being included in a parents chosen path, then she (or he) has to “stand up” for themselves. Mom (or parent) needs to stand back – let go – & let the Grown UP “off-spring” travel their own path (of their choosing). Rather than flaring up & continue “guarding” their “baby” as was done when a child. I see that Bristol fell short by not excusing herself or calling in to Huckabee’s show rather than just leave the opening “hanging”. Show no respect or etiquette in proper conduct.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      You seem to have a reading comprehension problem, or did you even bother to read what Bristol wrote?

    • carm

      Huckabees people should have called her, to find out if there was a problem, they had her phone number. Why didnt he ask them to call her? Thistells me he has people who are not competent and his comments don’t speak well for him. If they were my employees they would have been fired for not doing their job.

  • Laura S., San Antonio

    Way to go, Bristol. Well said.

  • Mark Marsh

    You make Fathers and parents proud everywhere. It saddens me there are such hateful people in the world.

  • miris

    Well Bristol guess its against the law to spend time with your brother that is his last night before being deployed. Don’t sweat it you did what any of us would have done. Hate to admit it Huckabee can be a dingbat sometimes. So Bristol you didn’t show up for a radio show. Well guess what Huckabee the world does not revolve around you.. Pray for Tracks safe return.

  • Dan DaMann

    Yet another example… Those who can, do… those who cannot, flap their gums about those who can. Huckabee’s a has been and a hack. Bristol, you go girl!

  • Misty

    I wish you did get to talk with Rush! LOL That would be fun to listen to. Too bad he doesn’t do very many interviews. I may not have a radio show, but I am going to watch your show tonight.

  • CR

    Seems to me a radio “pro” would have excused the mix-up (even if he thought he was being “dissed”) by saying there was a “scheduling conflict” and expressing a little disappointment, then moving on. In this case, it sounds more like an old fart who had his feelings hurt after being stood up on a date. Whether Bristol is a dolt or a dove, who wants to listen to some old man whine about “responsibilities” and whether is guests are “asking for the spot light”?

  • ooooh! Do call Rush!

  • Jack Russell

    I haven’t heard Huckabee apologize to families of murder victims for his pardons of convicted felons. Just because a governor has the power to pardon or commute sentences doesn’t mean they should pardon at the rate Obama plays golf OR WORSE. http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/election2008/2007-12-10-huckabee-pardons_N.htm

  • Suzanne Taffe

    I hope that you called him personally and worked this out. Obviously a misunderstanding, looks like he let his pride get hurt and that is exactly what you sound like you are doing. Both of you need to show a little humility and work this out between one another first before you take it to the public. He probably would have apologized for his behavior. Now you both need to.

  • me

    you are an idiot

  • Wade W.

    After listening to the audio clip, i hear nothing out of line Huckabee said. In fact, he was defending you to some degree. You sound like a spoiled little girl who is digging for something to make controversial. It’s sad that you are using your son as a spring board to money and fame. There is no other way to look at your reality show as exploitation of your son in order to gain financially. Hope you can sleep at night. Why not get a normal job and rasie your son like most people do? But it’s all about Bristol isn’t it?

    • Wade, thank you for doing us all the favor of sane analysis. We are agreed.

    • Sue

      Last i knew Bristol had a job, i think two of them.

  • Joni

    IF Bristol was a no show she is most definitely owed an apology, if the mix up was on Bristol’s end then she owes him an apology. that said “CAN’T every one just get along?”

    In the real world Mike H. should have never aired that dialogue. It should have been announced that Bristol was not on the show and left at that. When Bristol heard about the show she should have called immediately and explained the details, INSTEAD of blogging about it., but then none of us seem to live in the real world anymore.

    Another note…wtg Bristol on doing whatever it takes to raise your son! God’s Blessings to you!

  • Kameron Swithin

    Wow– I won’t be watching Huckabee’s program for a while after that. Nice rebuttal, Bristol!!!!! 🙂

  • Charli Chad

    Love Rush! Definitely call him 😉 can’t wait to see your show tonight! Huckabee needs to stop acting like a little girl.

  • Kat

    BTW. Seeing her brother off before his deployment would trump most anything in life…including an interview with Mike Huckabee. Praying a safe journey for Track.

  • Doug

    Love that last line Bristol. I think you’re on your “game”. 🙂

  • Josie

    You go girl! Tell it like it is! Oh and by the way I’ll definitely be watching 2nite! Got my DVR set and everything! Wooot woot!

  • Charles

    So, why didnt you actually acknowledge the point he made about how you are now wanting the limelight, and therefore scrutiny from others is to be expected?

    I do agree that, prior to your pursual of the limelight, for the media to attack you was not fair.

    But that argument goes out the window when you seek the limelight. He has a point- and rather than address his point, you decided to just attack him. Ad hominem will not win you any debates.

  • Deliver Me

    I got the post from Sarah Palin so I guess the “parent” is still involved. Huckabee has a point; slanted perhaps, but he wasn’t vicious. If Bristol wants to put this rebuttal up on her blog she has every right to do it. When mom reposts it on my facebook that’s asking for another venue for response; and so, the cycle goes on.

    • sharinlite

      The only way Deliver Me it could be on your FP page is because you “follow” Sarah…she doesn’t appear on FB 100%…can you imagine what the progs would say about that. Bristol has every right to gain whatever publicity she is willing to take. She is single mom that works. Wonder how many “moms” on entitlements from the government even read FB.

  • Bristol and her mother no longer have any right to talk about President Obama as a polarizing figure, without being hypocritical. Mike Huckabee is an ally of the American Right. This is not something we need, more divisive rhetoric. Not to mention, Bristol is not an authority on anything; it was a mistake to want her on the show at all.

    • sharinlite

      A.J., Obama and his minions did the polarizing thingy to Sarah, her children and grandchildren. Mike may be an “ally”, but at least on the right there are dissenting points of view…which, BTW if normal, and what are you an authority on?

  • Maybe this is true maybe it’s not. I am not a single mother but my mom was and you know what she grew up, took me to story hour, play group, and things Moms should do. Just because you are a single mom doesn’t mean who have to go out and party and the saddest thing is your little boy will remember this time and will it be good kid memories or my Mom is out agian??? That is the real issue.

    Reminder when you are in the public view it’s a lot of pressure but all the more reason to do what is right. Imagine one day your little boy saying my mom was a single mom but she choose me over men and parties.

    • sharinlite

      Sorry Whitney, but your point? Couples hire babysitters and go and party, but single moms shouldn’t? I a single mom of three, but I hired a babysitter and went out to have a bit of fun? Wrong? Don’t think so!

  • otlset

    How does one huck a bee anyway?

  • Kim Harris

    Life is tough and not everyone will like you or listen to what you say. I was a single mother, there’s nothing unique about your experience, except that you were blessed to have money and all that comes with it. What makes your story sadder than me working 2 jobs and attending school at the same time so my daughter could have a better life? Bill Maher is a jerk, but is his opinion the one that matters?

    • sharinlite

      Kim, who had money? Sarah did, I know and helped her kids. Bristol earned what she has…Maher is more than a jerk, he is an extremist leftwing hatemonger…but he gets away with his filth and I don’t see anyone here telling him he shouldn’t have a show.

  • This is the sort of stuff that Paul sternly tells us NOT to do. The quarrels and fights amongst the flock are not good – they’re not of God. There is a lack of forgiveness and respect on both sides of this – politics is getting in the way as well as fame and ratings, and I for one am tired of this sort of stuff especially since both of you represent the Church (unless Bristol or Mike has recanted his/her beliefs and bought into lies instead). If you ask me both of you need to confess and repent.

  • Wow, how embracing for Mike H.
    Bristol so love, love, love they way you have handled this and yourself, it is awesome so see strong young women around!

  • karen

    Grow up, Bristol. Mature, professional people apologize when miscommunications happen (if indeed it was a miscommunication) regardless of the original source. You are just like your mother–you double down on your mistakes rather than own up to them and try and make amends. Keep up this kind of behaviour and you will very soon find that you have no allies and get no respect.

  • Mark

    Taking a cheap shot at Bristol without getting her side of the story was petty.
    Huckabee’s people didn’t schedule Bristol’s appearance. He is wrong and should apologize.

  • Kay

    I know Huckabee personally and from watching the clip and his show, I really do not feel that any of his statements were ill mannered. I am in support of the Palin crew and always have been but you really need to pick and chose your fights and squabbles. Being a political family, I am sure that you realize this, but its nice to have some people on your side at times instead staying pissed off a the whole world constantly.. You cannot spend your entire life with a chip on your shoulder and feeling like the world is out to get you. Huckabee has had his share of problems and disapointments just as Miss Bristol has and he has still remained strong in his faith. He is not a man that would purposely “pick” on someone such as Bristol. I think Bristol is a wonderful young lady and would like to see her try and build some bridges rather than burn them all from the start…

    • Brian

      1. Hers is not a “Political” family. Her MOTHER is a politician, and nobody else in the family.
      2. Show me where she has a “chip on her shoulder.” I haven’t seen it.
      3. She has plenty of friends an allies, so I doubt she feels “like the world is out to get her.”
      4. If, by your “burning bridges” remark you mean she has been burning them, you aren’t paying attention. The media burned them along time ago. I doubt she could do anything to win them over because of her political views. The media burned them before she ever got started. You play to those who love you, not to those who don’t. She will still have a large audience even if CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Bill Maher, and anyone else doesn’t get on board.
      I have not heard her complain of the media treatment of her. On the contrary, I’ve heard her give back as good as she gets.
      So, while you and Huck may be old chums, he should still not take cheap shots at young girls starting out. She is doing what she wants to do, and she knows what she is doing.

    • Sue

      Huckabee has made cheap shots about Sarah before also – he has a problem with them, maybe jealousy?

  • Kims4Him

    Just want to tell you how proud I am of the strength you have shown in the midst of the storms that have come your way. I too was a single mom and understand the struggles…emotionally and otherwise. Your past does not dictate your future. You were born for a time such as this. If I were your mom I would be very, very proud of you…and I know she is! GOd Bless YOU!


    MR HUCKABEE,SHAME ON YOU.you are trying to discredit BRISTAL without checking to find why she didnt show!..so I will click you off until you make things right, this young lady is choosing to earn enough money to be self supporting and not go on the welfare roll as so many unwed mothers do…I take my hat off to her..I an very diapointed you, Rev Huckabee..

    • scottwforwi

      well said! 😀

  • Yawn

    You know I used to stick up for the Palins, but like everyone else in my circle we are getting tired of them and their antics. Bristol get out of the spotlight and go raise your son.

    • Truth101

      Go away you liar.

      • scottwforwi

        ^^thumbs up


    CORRECTIONS I am very dissapointed in you!..

  • Brian

    Huckabee is a moron. Bristol has been picked on more than any candidates’ child of ANY presidential candiate in history. So now Huck thinks she want to avoid the limelight by doing these things? Bristol gives as well as she gets, and I don’t think Huckabee’s condescending comments are going to change anything. I don’t watch Huckabee, and I don’t listen to Huckabee, but I WILL watch Bristol on her new show.

    You go, Bristol. Don’t suffer the fools. They can suffer on their own.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Oh so other candidates children found themselves pregnant as a teenager and initially tried to hide it? If Sarah Palin was a good mother she wouldn’t have accepted McCain’s offer because of the damage and embarrassment her children would suffer.

      And she continues to get “picked” on because she CHOOSES to remain in the spotlight and draw attention to herself. You reap what you sow!

      • otlset

        Blog hits = $. Thank you for your participation. Y’all come back now, hear?

        • Patriot

          And worth every penny otlset. This is more fun than watching the real housewives of nj!

          • otlset

            Watching the what?

      • Sue

        So of course they all should bury their heads and walk in shame. Oh and everyone has every right to say all kinds of lies, filth and bulllying because they are in the spotlight? That is a great excuse.

  • You go, girl!

    btw, Loved your book 😉

  • NEO

    Look at the Hucklebuck jumping the gun. Why do people run their mouths before finding out the answers?

  • bellagrazi

    Dang, you really ripped Huckabee a new one, Bristol! Hahaha Awesome! He’s such a sanctimonious SOB. I hope you call Rush, Bristol. Better yet, I hope he calls you. He’s a great admirer of your mom’s. And he would treat you with the utmost respect. Did you know that he actually voted for you when you were competing on DWTS? True story. Huckabee is small-time, Bristol. Rush is the Big Dog. Call him. : ) God bless Track. I’ll keep him in my prayers, Bristol. Super excited about the debut of Life’s a Tripp! I’ll definitely be tuning in!

  • Joseppi

    I guess now the ball is in Huckabee’s court to prove the confirmation. If there is proof I wonder if Bristol will retract?

    • GrizzlyMom

      And what excuses will Bristol’s fans come up with if he proves she just didn’t show up. “Oh its hard being a single mom…oh I remember what it was like in my early 20’s…Oh Bristol don’t let them shut you up..keep you head raised high girl!” Delusional.

  • One would think that Huck would at least have the courtesy to check to make sure that there wasn’t some honest mix-up before engaging in an on-air scolding. Doesn’t look good for him. I like his radio show, and I would hope that he would do what he usually does honorably in these situations: apologize tomorrow for jumping to conclusions.

  • bsfurg

    I think all of the attention Huck is gett tting has gone to his head… why cant Bristal do her job as a job and why did he have to prove hes not as smart as he thinks he is in going against Rush.
    YOu should be helping her Huck not acint like you know it all..

  • John

    Dear Bristol

    If it was Mr Huckabee’s team that messed up, then he had no business saying any of the things he said.
    For someone like me who does not know what the background is between the Palins and the Huckabees, it sounds like Mr Huckabee has some issues with your family and used this opportunity to put you down.

    That was mean.
    He was wrong.

  • GrizzlyMom

    This is hilarious. I am astounded by the fact that Sarah Palin is managing her children like this. Clearly she has NO interest in a political career in the future or she wouldn’t let her children embarrass her in this way. But that is probably giving her too much credit. These people are so full of themselves they don’t even realize how much they are shooting themselves in the foot. I look forward to many more months of Bristol pitching a hissy-fit everytime someone criticizes her and generally acting like the spoiled little brat her mother raised.

    • Truth101

      Let me get this right. A grown man who calls himself a preacher tell his audience that a 21 year old young woman is “Fair Game” because she didn’t appear on his show for whatever reason. Come again and tell me who the brat is here and it ain’t Bristol?

      I can see you for the jealous.

      Come on cubMom, get with the program.

      • GrizzlyMom

        I couldn’t care less what Huckabee said. What I find hilarious is how EASY it is to bait the Palins. By constantly attacking anyone that criticizes them they lose credibility and show themselves to be the thin-skinned shams they are. If they had an ounce of integrity they wouldn’t dignify any “perceived” attacks with a reply. That’s why I call them professional victims. And trust me people will eventually start to see through it or at least get tired of it.

        • Mark

          Huckabee criticized Bristol that she didn’t show up for an interview, but the truth is, Huckabee’s people neglected to schedule Bristol’s appearance. He was wrong and should apologize.

          • Fred

            How do you know what the truth is? Do you do Bristol’s scheduling for her?

        • rbroughton66

          What I find “hilarious” is how nervous Sarah Palin makes some political party’s.

          • Patriot

            Puhleez. Are you kidding? No one is nervous about Sarah Palin except the 15 minutes that are quickly running out for her. That you think democrats are threatened by her is cute.

    • Dennis

      GrizzlyMom, you got your mouth (ok,your fingers) in gear before you got your brains loaded. What is your logic? Bristol doesn’t seem to me to be being “managed” by Sarah Palin. No, I’m not naive; I am realistic. Bristol hasn’t commented in this about her mom one bit. Mike Huckabee did and you did. Seems to put you and him in the same bullpen. He is about as liberal as most of the democrats in our government today. I get the idea you lean that way also. That Mike Huckabee did not properly plan his show is a problem for him. I am sure that if he can show he had a confirmed appointment, he will do so. If he can’t, he won’t want to bring it up again. He probably won’t be man enough to admit a mistake if he or his minions didn’t do their show prep properly. Mike Huckabee works very hard to make conservatives think he’s conservative and liberals think he is liberal. What comes out is a hypocrite that sounds like a whiny little boy. As for you, GrizzlyMom, why not find something substantive regarding Sarah Palin to comment on? You look pretty stupid doing it here.

      • Patriot

        Exactly Dennis…Sarah Palin isn’t “managing” Bristol at all or she wouldn’t let her keep making a fool out of herself and damaging whats left of the Palin brand. If Sarah were going to run for office in the future she would have her daughter enroll in community college and keep her mouth shut. She would start CONTROLLING her image and possibly earning some respect. But clearly all the Palins want to do is make money and foolish republicans like those here are happy to help them.

        • Huxsux

          Gee you find enough time to unhinge your mouth from your hero community organizer’s rear?

          Oh and that “15 minutes” is going on four years, and since SP’s been in politics a helluva lot longer than your precious CO, she ain’t goin nowhere. How ya like that?

    • Shawn

      Clearly you’re a liberal troll..

    • StompNLibs

      Wow GrisslyMom you need to stay on your medication longer. I know the demons r ragin in your head….how beautiful conservative women make your inward and outward ugliness stand out….but you need to give it a rest. Get a job, bitch, and leave the Palins alone.

      • KellyinAlaska

        Nice comment, you are a true conservative.

        • Patriot

          Agreed Kelly. And she’s probably a devout Christian also.

          • LMA

            Come on, now guys! Credit where credit’s due! He/she’s probably prayed for the soul of every Lib he’s/she’s “Stomped”!

  • AC

    I don’t see the scold…. He’s not attacking her, calling her names, or degrading her. He IS telling the truth regarding the spotlight. As to the situation regarding whether she was actually scheduled to be on his show or not, we don’t know all the facts. Obviously a misunderstanding of some sort. I don’t think Mr. Huckabee needed to respond that he wouldn’t be watching her because of it. That was a bit unprofessional. But, isn’t this blog posting sort of doing the same thing Bristol?

    • Mark

      No , he is not telling the truth. Huckabee criticized Bristol that she didn’t show up for an interview, but the truth is, Huckabee’s people neglected to schedule Bristol’s appearance. He was wrong and should apologize. Taking a cheap shot without getting her side of the story was petty.

  • I’m going to be succinct in my assessment of Huckabee, which remains unchanged since 2007. He is a self-righteous, sanctimonious, clown of a failed governor who completely and utterly lacks class. He couldn’t get more than six states in ’08. Then, he held out like a petulant little child and wouldn’t concede his loss for over a month while the Democrats picked up steam. He tried to make Romney’s Mormonism an issue in ’08 then played cute and said Romney started it. Huckabee’s cronies then get involved with the Miller campaign in AK in ’10 and after your mom brought him ahead of Murkowski, the Huckabee people in his campaign decided he “had to be his own man” and be divorced of all things Palin. Without your mom, Miller was nothing. He was something like 30 points behind Murkowski before she propelled him ahead. We know how that election ended. Were the Huckabee people to blame entirely? Of course not. But, they did him no service.
    My opinion for the 1/2 penny it’s worth (the value of opinions has declined – it’s a bad economy out there): Your going on Rush’s show would be orders of magnitude more productive for you and your cause than giving Huckabee the time of day.

    • Richard Nixon

      Mike Huckabee has more intellect in his big toe than Sarah Palin does in her head. I guarantee you Palin would get about six states less in a primary than Huckabee got.

      • Surly Curmudgen

        Sarah Palin will loose more intellect in dead skin cells while showering than Huckabee will ever accumulate in his life. Palin would beat Obama by at least ten points and her coat tails would swamp the socialist party.

    • Patriot

      Aren’t you afraid Rush might call her a slut?

      • otlset

        No, that’s only for women who think others should pay for their birth control.

        • Patriot

          Good one outlet!

          • otlset

            Thank you Fakeriot!

    • Pete

      Miller lost the general election because Palin had endorsed him and Alaskan’s were sick of Sarah Palin’s brand of politics. They turned out in droves for the general election to support Murkowski, who wasn’t even on the ballot. It was the first time in history a “write in” candidate won the general election. This was a major embarrassment for Sarah Palin.

      • Sue

        Actually Democrats crossed over and voted for Murkowski, she knows how to promise just the right things just like a democrat.

  • JohnnyBoy

    I don’t know, but it seems to me Huckabee was not attacking her. He seemed to be saying what he wanted to tell her had he gotten to talk to her. A little advice maybe, that doing things like a reality show is going to continue the ridicule from people in the media. I really don’t think Huckabee is the type of guy to go around threatening girls because they didn’t come on his show, and I am sure by now he knows if it was his people that messed up.

    • Mark

      Huckabee criticized Bristol that she didn’t show up for an interview, but the truth is, Huckabee’s people neglected to schedule Bristol’s appearance. He was wrong and should apologize.

  • Shawn

    I’ve met Mike Huckabee…he comes across as quite pretentious. If his people screwed up, then he should just admit it and fire the people. Instead he publicly makes makes an issue of it by ranting. That’s the problem with this country..everyone wants to rant. I lost any respect for Huckabee when he endorsed Romney. He fell into the GOP estab camp. As far as the Rush-Huckabee battle…I’d rather listen to Rush anyday over fake piety of Huckabee. This is all to solidify his spot as Romney’s VP selection. Shut up Mike!

  • otlset

    Meanwhile the undercover Obama operative in Huckabee’s staff who ‘forgot’ to confirm Bristol for the scheduled show segment high-fives his fellow moles in the DNC debriefing room.

    • Patriot

      Um. I’m pretty sure Obama is the anti Christ and used his supernatural powers to erase the booking.

      • otlset

        Well, he IS pretty good at erasing much of his past, that’s for sure. Dang, now that I think about it he’s even good at erasing his present!

        • Patriot


  • Sande

    Sarah, if it makes any difference, I haven’t watched David Letterman since that night you were on, and I never will again.
    You go girl, I’ll vote for you on whatever you do.

    • K

      You’re writing to Sarah here why?

  • Arlene Wanser

    Dear Bristol:
    I appreciate that you have brought to light the details of this issue. It helps me understand what goes on. You demonstrated taking responsibility for your participation and in a sense are asking the Gov. to do the same. This is GREAT! I’m so glad technology provides the forum where you can be heard by many. Also, I believe that great leaders posses and exercise resolution skills. Maybe not innate, but certainly learned and acquired skills. The more skills, the better the outcome. Wouldn’t it be great if we could know who is faking at keeping the peace and who is not? I have found a GREAT resource for this that might be of value if you have not already discovered it. Because of the powerful tools presented, I LOVE, LOVE, did I say LOVE the book, by Ken Sande called “The Peacemaker”, a Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict. There’s a website too, for those who wish to be certified negotiators: http://www.peacemaker.net. One of my most precious teachers used to ask “Would you rather be right…. or loving?” In the political arena I would say that most people would answer that they’d rather be right. And sometimes I would answer the same way forgetting how powerful it is to be loving instead. Anyway, just FYI

  • Cynthia

    The Palins have not mismanaged their daughter. What is this? Since when has beating up on children of politicians been this ridiculous…doesn’t anybody have a life out there. With all the problems in this world men like Huckabee need to pick on a young mother to get some attention from the masses. Let Bristol do her thing like other children and quite focusing so much attention on her in such a negative way. There are so many other people out there working to get ahead. Bristol has done what anyone would do–she has taken advantage of a bad situation and turned it around to her betterment. Leave her alone, get a life—else someone may figure out who your children are and air their dirty laundry. Grow up audiences, force these nimcompoop talk people to talk about important issues of our times. Leave the Palins alone for “goodness sakes.”

    • KellyinAlaska

      She’s not the daughter of a politician anymore, dearie. She is an adult who has a reality show for which she was paid.

      P.S. Sarah Palin is a Fox News pundit. Also, Bristol went after Obama’s kids. So why don’t you scold her, hmmm?

      • Ginger

        To: KellinAlaska

        Why don’t you take it up with Mike Huckabee since he is the one that screwed up and couldn’t wait to throw Bristol under the bus.

        • KellyinAlaska

          How do you know Huckabee screwed up? You are taking Bristol’s word for it. You don’t know the facts no matter what Bristol says.

    • R S Beaverbiscuits

      How can we leave Bristol alone when she won’t go away?

      • otlset

        Yet here you are! It’ll sink in…

  • RB

    I never voted for Huckabee. He should talk about what he has done that is scornful which would keep him busy for a while. I did vote for John McCain in part due to Sarah Palin as his VP choice. As far as Bristol is concerned If I had a daughter she could use Bristol as a role model anytime.

  • Sheena

    I find it incredibly interesting while reading some of the comments on here just how odd people really are. In your every day life, when you aren’t a celebrity or someone in the spotlight people still pick on you & attack you. What do you do? You defend yourself. Someone tells your best friend you said something nasty about them when you really didn’t. Someone calls you a bad name & you wonder why. Someone starts rumors of any kind about you that aren’t true. It happens to every one, all day, every day. People in the spotlight are no different, we just have the pleasure of hearing about. It disappoints me that ANYONE would criticize someone for sticking up for themselves. When you get bullied, you stick up for yourself. When you know the truth & you want other people to believe you, you stick up for yourself. Why is that a bad thing?
    I like Mike Huckabee most of the time, but I’ve always liked Bristol. You weren’t there, so unless you were & you know exactly the whole truth to every side of every story, then shut up.

  • Terri

    Sorry Bristol, I’m with Mike

  • KellyinAlaska

    And of course bristol goes for sympathy in her first line> “Yesterday, I was at Track’s house for his last night in town before he deploys back to Afghanistan.”

    That says it all. An excuse, one that ensures her rabid fans will give her sympathy. Even if she did have an interview scheduled.

    • Rhonda

      I am sorry but I believe the term schedule was used in your comment. According to Ms. Palin, there was NO scheduling made, thus she cannot be accused of missing something that was yet to happen. I also hope that you NEVER have to see a loved one, friend or family member leave to serve this wonderful country. Your comments about her excuse being one to get sympathy was not only low but truly out of order but Track is going out to defend your right to spew such falsehoods. God bless you, anyway!

      • KellyinAlaska

        Yes according to Ms. Palin. If she wasn’t trying to gain sympathy she would not have made that the first line. There was no need to divulge that information.

        • Sue

          Or maybe she was explaining that she was busy and didn’t know about the whole Huckabee kerfuffel.

  • The Invisible Woman

    When I heard Huckabee defend himself on the radio today, my first thought was, “What if Bristol had an accident or another emergency that prevented her from calling in?” Had he thought of that? Nope. He just went into his treatise . . . and it wasn’t even her fault that she didn’t call in. I’ve always liked Huckabee, and anyone can make a mistake, but this time he’s in the hot seat for not investigating before opening his mouth. I never would have done that to a guest who didn’t show up — I would have given the person the benefit of the doubt, wished them well wherever they were and moved on to another topic.

  • Paul


    You are a rock.
    Be who you are and what you are about. If people think they can make you, then they think that you owe them something and will always attempt to manipulate you.

    No one controls the person who controls his /her self!

    As for Huckabee:

    I have heard Huckabee, and I have heard Rush.
    Huckabee is no Rush.

    He isn’t even Huckabee.
    He is irrelevant.

  • Raffaela V. DiBella

    It is ironic that You, Bristol, showed more maturity than Gov. Huckabee. He, being a Minister as well, should never, never have come off as being so judgmental and intolerant! There’s something here for even the Governor to learn!

  • Ben

    Best word I have to describe Huckabee’s tv show – “goofy” especially the music – reminds me of the amateur musicians that used to play on TV Sunday mornings here in our local market in the 1950s !

  • Patricia Guinn

    I agree with Mike, and wanting to be in the spotlight shows me your not
    very mature and wont be for a very long time.

  • Steve Smith

    Shut up Mike and be more mature about business. Your words never indicated you had a scheduled commitment , “apparently you didn’t. If you think she is fair game because she has entered the public arena, why did you feel the need to use an audio clip of her mother referencing hunting? You are just like the leftists: while you are too timid to use their language, your intent is the same. Gosh, will you people grow up already!

  • Missy

    What is with Huckabee this week? First he backs up Obama’s move on illegal immigration and now this? He is not who I thought he was.
    Bristol, I hope you have some back up for this. I would guess his staff will not want to admit to a scheduling snafu.

  • Joyce Chestang

    Bristol, my concern for you and your child in regards to a future, is when are you going to continue your education and learn a skill that can provide you income and security…..reality shows don’t last forever, and I know one day some fine man will want to marry you….but til then, is this the direction you need to be in right now?

    • Emma Lora

      Joyce, she is doing well with the situation dealt her. I have a feeling she is making more money than most people her age w/out the challenges. I know of young people w/ higher education who is not doing as well. many people do well w/out the education.. so I think she can make the decisions she needs to. Keep on keeping on Bristol.

      • otlset

        This is my take on her situation too. She had fame “thrust” on her, and now she’s using it, trying to turn it to her advantage as best she can. She doesn’t have quite the star quality that her mom does, she’s just an average young women at heart as anyone could see from the two shows last night. Besides, she can always go to school later if she wants.

  • Kat

    Well said, young lady. Huckabee needs to check the skeletons in his closet – his actions as Gov in Arkansas allowed a parolee out of jail. This same parolee Maurice Clemmons then killed four Lakewood, Washington police officers. He has forever lost my support of anything he says. He also paroled a rapist, Wayne Dumond, who later raped and murdered Carol Shields. His own decision making has affected at LEAST three lives, not counting the lives of the families left behind.
    You Mr Huckabee, have absolutely ZERO room to be critical of ANYONE so shut your pie hole

  • lgccac

    Mike Huckabee is responsible for the murder of four police officers. While governor of Arkansas, he pardoned a criminal who later murdered four police officers. To this day Huckabee refuses to take responsibility.

  • Ginger

    Hey, you know what Reverend Huckabee, you’ll never be a Rush Limbaugh. Shame on you for criticizing and scolding Bristol Palin when your own staff couldn’t get it together. Since there seemed to be some lack of communication, you should have talked to her privately before taking your irritation to the air waves just for ratings. I’m sure you have preached forgivness from the pulpit many times, so maybe you should ask Bristol to forgive you, which I’m sure she would.

  • Gov Huckabee ran for the presidency and hung in there to the bitter end. Not only did he loose but he wasn’t chosen for the VP spot either. Senator McCain chose Gov Palin over him, get out the tissues!! Gov Palin has appeared on many of the other Fox shows but to my knowledge never on Huckabees. He has been mad at her ever since she got “picked” over him and has never forgotten it so no surprise that he lashed out at Bristol and then Sarah. He can now boast that they are even and “his” justice has been served.
    Let’s not forget to pray for Track and shame on the poster who said Bristol was using that as a sympathy getter. Anyone who has followed the Palins knows how much they love one another.

    • KellyinAlaska

      And there it is. Thanks for proving my point eileen.

      • Patriot

        Yep! You are right Kelly. From Bristols very first sentence the tone is “feel sorry for me :(“. Her brother has absolutely nothing to do with this but clearly the Palin’s have no shame and will use anything they can to garner sympathy and get attention.

        • NorCon

          Please Kelly, Patriot et.al. trig-truther loonies. Do us all a favor, you got your hate-blogs you frequent, where you can spin anything said or written negatively.

          Those blogs work just fine for you, you can post and get “shout-outs” from other conspiracy/loony/basement-lifers/walkonmoon -deniers all day long. Can’t you just give us normal logic, decent people some leave on this place?

          I know its a rhetorical question, but come on, its boring to have to scroll past your inane comments all the time as just so much spam in our email-inbox.

          Just saying, think about it..

          • KellyinAlaska

            Where is the REAL birth certificate?

        • danny williams

          it is people like you that are ruining this country cant wait till we have another civil war to rid idiots like you just saying

          • Patriot

            Ooh your a tough guy.

        • danny williams

          patriot you are an idiot

          • Patriot

            Are you flirting with me?

  • Hey Bristol,
    Stick with Rush. Huckabee should change his name to Huckster.
    def: a person who employs showy methods to effect a sale, win votes, etc.

    He’s not worth worrying about, and I suspect that his radio ratings bear this out. Sad to say, but it looks like you’re being more adult about this than he is.

  • geez Mike, if this is how you act w/o even having her on, I can only imagine the really rude things you might have asked her. I believe Palin on this one.
    It is really unprofessional for him to go on a rant about her like this. Imagine if one of Letterman’s guests didn’t show up (reasons he didn’t know) and he rudely went on a big rant about them!
    come on Mike, there’s a billion liberals to be annoyed with, stop going after a gal on our team!

  • Gil

    Im still waiting for Mr. Palin to punch Bill Maher in the mouth for what he said about his wife. I will contribute to his defense, and make it count!

    • otlset

      I’d like to get a few punches in myself to that miserable hate-filled spud-nosed ugly goblin.

      • Patriot

        And after scolding countless posts in this blog for their mean tone otlset advocates violence, tsk tsk indeed.

        • otlset

          And you’re next…………..lol! Just kidding. But that toad Bill Maher has it coming…somehow….someway…someday….

          • Patriot

            :). I’d watch my back with maher if I were you. He held his on with Mann coulter for many years. He must be tougher than he looks.

  • StompNLibs

    KellyisAlaskunk is in a real dither about all of Bristol’s fans and supporters. How pathetic a life it must be for Kelly…in her angry liberal heart all she can do is go to Bristol or Sarah Palin’s blog and cast aspersions and hateful comments about these wonderful and decent women. If Kelly were to do a reality show of her life…..all you’d get is a blank screen and static.

    • KellyinAlaska

      Such a brave man you are stump. Protecting your idols. You are a heroe!

      • teflon warrior

        British are we??? “Heroe” and all?

    • Patriot

      No Stompy you are pathetic for constantly defending Bristol no matter what she does. I can only assume that it will take her getting caught aborting a black baby while making out with a lesbian for the tide to turn. Bristol…the roads wide open…full throttle sister…these people are so brainwashed you could put out a book with nothing but posts from your blog and call it ” Why Me” and they will gobble it up. You know if people are going to be this stupid I may switch and start supporting Bristol. Take em for all they got girl.

      • teflon warrior

        Now, now Patriot, go dry those tears, we all know you get wee-wee’d up about your grown up diction and using much bigger word and ideas than your Maher’s Academy class trust you with. Heads up little buckaroo!

        • Patriot

          Hey you stole my gold star!

      • LMA

        A book called “Why me”! OMG, too funny, Patriot!

        • Patriot


  • Jared

    I cannot believe the double standerd the media has. My wife and I look up to you and your family for sticking together during hard times. Times of total unfairness. There are those of us out here who have half a brain and can see through the lies. Hang in there!

    • Patriot

      Jared. How is mike huckabees radio talk show considered “media”? And even if it were please explain the medias double standard in this case.

      • teflon warrior

        Patriot, your so cerebral! I’m sure you watched plenty of Fraiser to be able to carry on with such wit and pith. Tell me more..

        • Patriot

          Well tw it all started about 2000 years ago in a small stable.

          • teflon warrior

            HOH! BOY! Tell me a story Uncle Barack, uhh Patriot!! Your the best!

  • Megan

    Mike Huckabee is actually a good guy. Personally, Rush Limbaugh is the exact opposite. He made a fair comment. You do want the spotlight and this is why you had TV cameras follow you around. Single motherhood I’m sure is hard, but to complain about Huckabee is like complaining about someone telling you no. It’s childish and irresponsible. I think you have a lot of growing up to do and showing your life on a TV show exemplifies your immaturity.

    • Emma Lora

      Megan that is an interesting comment… you are expecting more maturity from Bristol than Mike Huckabee. Bristol had this media challenge thrust on her and is making lemonade out of lemons. Mike Huckabee started this in ear shot of thousands of people, instead of privately finding out what the problem was. It was immature of him.

      • Patriot

        Emma the media was “thrusted” on her for maybe 3 months, almost 4 years ago. Bristol went on a “lecture” circuit to talk about “abstinence” of all things. Then she moved to Hollywood and joined a dance contest. Then she wrote a book. Then she took a camera crew with her to a bar to film herself for her reality show. Yet you blame the media for interfering in her life? Come on.

        • NEO

          Yea imagine that…a single mom talking about abstinence. What next? Ex drug addicts lecturing about not using drugs? How silly is THAT! …SHEEESH!

          You liberals with your war on single moms is just shameful. What ever happened to the “open mined liberal”? …yea, right.

          • Patriot

            Neo you failed to comment on any of the other things Bristol did? Why is that?

        • Emma Lora

          Patriot … here you are .. on her blog. I’m here because I like to know what she is saying and doing.. and I am proud of her. Why are you here?? Do you like to be negative towards others? Wonder why that is.

          • Patriot

            Emma I noticed u had no response for the arguments i laid out. I wonder why that is?

        • otlset

          Say, now that you mention it that IS a pretty cool resume for her young age so far! And now this blog that is just generating *all kinds* of publicity and hits, which helps sell her book, publicize her show, all of which brings in pretty good money to support herself and Tripp (whose cuteness of course one of the big draws) and the dog and well, oh yeah, she supports the system by paying taxes! Win win win!

          • Patriot

            Well I have to agree that Tripp is extremely cute.

      • Mark

        I have to agree with you Emma Lara..I like Mike Huckabee and will chalk this up to him just making unfortunate comments. He really should check with his staff to find out what happened before making accusations. I have no reason to believe that Bristol would lie about the scheduling mishap.

    • sandy

      Hey Megan….Rush is a better man than Huckabee. Remember he’s the Gov who gives ammensty to several pedophiles.. He will never get the audience Rush gets. You like him because he’s a Rino.

      • KellyinAlaska

        You are right sandy, it is better to be a pedophile (oxyrush) than to release a pedophile (huckabee).

        • otlset

          Inferring Rush is a pedophile requires some evidence, or at least some indication that would trip the wires of accusation in your head and your mouth to foam.

    • Sharon

      TOTALLY AGREE ! I am just a little sick of the Bristol life over and over and over (how did she ever get so famous?)…Mike Huckabee is right. Some of this Bristol stuff is just too much. Good grief..lots of growing up needed here. So much for humbleness and respect. What a brat. Blood is thicker than water as you can see….

    • Mike R

      Megan did you read the whole story.
      What she wrote was “But the fact is, his people(Huckabee’s) didn’t schedule my appearance. I’d said I’d do the show, I sent them my phone number, and they apparently neglected to schedule a time. Of course, mix-ups do occur in life. Schedules aren’t communicated, errors are made.
      Maybe instead of lecturing me on being irresponsible, he should get his own team in line.
      I like Huckabee. But I have to agree with her !

      • Megan

        I did read the whole blog. Did you read his response? In the end, it doesn’t matter. This is a huge story over absolutly nothing. Bristol has received harder scrutiny then this. I’m sure there was probably a miss communication, but Huckabee was just making a fair comment and not a scolding. She took it to the extreme. This is why I believe she is immature.

  • KellyinAlaska

    Have you read the reviews of your love’s reality show, stump? Blank screen and static are good descriptions for it. But, I understand you must protect the women in your fantasy love life ,stump. You are a true protector of conservative women, stump.

    • otlset

      Lol! Back on the bath salts again eh?

  • rrw

    No, Miss Palin is a *STAR*, one of the “beautiful people.” Perhaps a little better behaved than some of the others we see in the news.

    I don’t wish her ill, but she seems to have a few friends and options that the folks on the other side of town don’t have. My guess is that none of the people I’ve worked with for the last 20 years would be likely candidates for Mr. Limbaugh’s show or know any Senators. Several single moms come to mind, some of which I’m inclined to respect more than others.

  • Don

    Lots of folks refer to mike as huckaphonie

  • Keith

    Hang in there kid and good luck with your show.

    • joe

      Bristol ,you are hot! Like mother ,like daughter!

  • Brea

    I feel bad that you actually feel this was a good responce or something to be PROUD of..Having sons and daughters myself ..my husband and I have taught them to speak well to and about your elders..If this WAS indeed THE CASE…She should of just made that statement of it not being true..She does not need to disparage Gov.Huckabee!! Maturity is as maturity does..Show some respect…Do unto others as you would HAVE them do to you..Life is hard and the best gift we can give our children is no matter what situation you are in… do all for the glory of God and be kind and courteous to others especially older people who are looked down upon in this society..

  • Cindy

    never did think much of “huck”. somehow he always seemed a bit shady, not trustworthy.
    way to set him straight bristol!

  • blackbird

    OUCH! I felt that…

    Love your response Bristol and to think Mr. Huckabee is a Pastor… well, well…

    • Patriot

      Bristols response was very Christ like no?

      • teflon warrior

        I know you are but what am I?

      • blackbird

        Patriot, where are you from?

        • Patriot

          Somewhere close to Uranus.

          • otlset

            You live in a toilet?

          • Patriot

            I don’t get it outtie?

      • otlset

        Well, you know, after the Huckster doth accuseth…

  • Darrin

    Your blog showed up on my facebook so I took a look. I guess my thoughts are “why does Huckabee concern himself with this.” I find his actions to be very immature. He is suppose to be addressing the issues confronting this nation not getting caught up in petty gossip. You are young and I can see my own children making like decisions. I do not know everything to say whether it was a good decision or bad decision but regardless it is no concern of mine. Mr. Huckabee is suppose to be an elder with some wisdom. Why does he play high school commentary? It shows he is not a leader and was never meant to be a president. Here I am a middle class citizen in a law enforcement profession with a family of 6 very concerned about the direction of the country, the future for my children, a middle class/working class being wiped out by the politicians on the left and right and the deterioration of values that our grandparents instilled in this country of God, family and country. Huckabee needs to get out to the backbone of this nation and start truly listening to our concerns rather than stirring up division that has no value to saving this country.

  • Michael

    Bristol gave an awesome reply here. Smart, pithy, respectful, but with a well deserved bite. Way to put Huckabee in his place.

  • Patriot

    Wouldn’t it be funny if mike huckabees daughter started a blog and called out Bristol for being ‘mean’ to her daddy? Thats the level of discourse conservatives deserve.

    • teflon warrior

      It would only be funny if you hadn’t thought so, go back to your mommies basement. …and thats about the level of discourse that you or your ilk deserve

      • Patriot

        Thats your best comeback tw? The oft used “loser in parents basement”? Sad.

        • teflon warrior

          Why yes it is my best come back thank you, …and I’m very proud of it too! So, be honest, I WAS right about mommies basement wasn’t I?! I knew’d it!

          • Patriot

            Guilty (blushes), but hey its cool to have two mommies these days right?

    • otlset

      And yet you feel compelled to come join the discourse! Lol.

      • Patriot

        I can’t quit the palins. I’ve tried outslet.

        • Patriot

          I just read that her father will have a reality show on NBC this fall (hope be doesn’t promote it on that lamestream today show). And momma Palin was at the four season hotel hanging out with skinny girl /reality show maven Bethany frankel. Good luck to all of them on their ventures!

          • otlset

            OMG soon they’ll all be making more money that Fiddy Cent!

  • oh my…2 people i REALLY like…well..we’re all human…when people talk for a living trouble usually isn’t far away unfortuntately. Anywho…we are living in the last days and the enemy loves it when we who are on the same side can’t get along. I think it would have been best to communicate to him privately, but since his mistakes were made publicly i guess you have the right. Well his daughter was vitally involved in helping run his campaign and so maybe all of this will be good experience to help ewith your mothers campaign next time around. And maybe even in running for an office yourself one day. You unwillingness to back down in the face of liberal criticism ( especially the perveted foul mouthed perverted types who use name calling as a way to intimidate people into being silent) Your courage inspires me and MANY others. It is unfotunate that other conservatives who feel the the hate would do this as well.

  • thomasbrown

    Funny how you cry and whine about Huckabee’s “scolding tone” when you just out and out scolded the President and his children a few weeks ago. Funny how in both instances you come off looking like a fool.
    Is anything ever your fault? I knew you were going to post some weak excuse and play victim, that’s all you Palin’s do it seems.
    Why even bring up Huckabee’s ratings in relation to Rush?

    • FantasyWriter

      Here’s the problem, most of you people comment based on feelings rather that fact. It wouldn’t be so bad but you actually believe your feelings are fact not feelings. Now try this on for size. Sarah Palin is far more qualified to be President then Obama will ever be. Your emotional response will be to attack me and her for our common stupidity. You’ll use other words, of course, most unprintable. My response will be to demand that you prove how superior Obama is over Sarah Palin. You have the entire internet to find the facts you need to destroy me with your facts. So, for now, bye, bye.

      • observer2

        All things are relative: when you compare Obama to George W., he is doing quite well:
        1) no attacks on America’s mainland
        2) he killed Osama and many enemies of America
        3) withdrew the troops from Iraq without leaving a mess behind
        4) reformed healthcare
        But in November the state of the economy will decides Obama’s political fate

    • Michelle

      Thomasbrown, did you even read the whole blog?! Actually you come off as looking like the real fool!

  • Jeremy

    Mike Huckabee is a complete duche. He reminds me much of howard stern corny, and yet twisted in nature. Mike you owe bristol an apology. You damn sure dont treat a lady that way, at least if your going to say something bad about someone say it to their face, and stop hiding behind the mic like some kind of coward. Oh and btw i dont think her parents are bad role models. now get off the air with that garbage. March your ass up to alaska, and apoligize. you have a nice day sir. LOL

  • ron holscher

    You go girl… stick to your guns…stand up for what you believe in and do what you think is right, people that aren’t from the NW do not understand that we are VERY independent out here. I’m a conservative from Marysville, WA…..let me tell you I sure keep alot of people in the Liberal Seattle area pissed off at me 95 0/0 of the time. Enjoy all you do and have fun while getting your point across. Later Ron Holscher.

  • LuvGuvSP

    Here’s an article entitled “A Son’s Past Deeds Come Back to Bite Huckabee
    The article is from The Daily Beast, dated 12/15/2007 & written by Michael Isikoff.
    I wonder if Gov. Huckabee would’ve publicly ‘scolded’ his own son on the radio as he felt he needed to do to you?

    • Patriot

      Cat fight!

  • The more the libs attack the Palin family, the more I like the Palin family.

  • Courtney Davis

    You have been an amazing example to women and mother’s everywhere. You chose to keep a baby that many women would have aborted. You have held your head up high despite all of the horrible things that the left (and some right) have said about you. It is so easy to “scold” people and to speak badly of other people, Mr. Huckabee, but is that really what Jesus would want us to do…Mr. High and Mighty. Shame on Mr. Huckabee that a young women comes out looking much more mature than himself!

  • Georgia

    Bristol, Mr. Huckabee owes you a PUBLIC apology. His comments are out of line, have a threatening tone to them and they very unkind. You were attacked for no reason whatsoever. Huckabee has shown his true nature and it is not a pretty picture.

    • Patriot

      You tell them Georgia! Lets start a boycott of his show! I refuse to buy anymore of his peanut butter until he says he’s sorry.

      • otlset

        Don’t forget the famous Huckabee’s Ol’ Fashioned Hair Dye made of lampblack, flapjack grease and possum droppings.

  • Bob Anderson

    My question is, “Was Huckabee judging Bristol Palin or just stating the facts?” I live in Wasilla and I am not against the Plain’s in any way, but the facts are Bristol is irresponsible. She has disappointed me too. …just as any young girl who would sleep with a any man (much less a piece of trash…and that is fact too, not a judgement) who does not love her enough to marry her and who is not man enough to accept his responsibilities of being a father to a child is foolish. If a man loves a woman he will marry her and he will want to take care of her and his child. The key word here being a “MAN” . The only good thing on Bristol side is that her parents have money and she and the child will be well taken care of. I have seen many a young girl who has made the same foolish mistake. Some more than one! The difference is they are out there working two jobs to support their children, with no husband to help and they have to dump the kid/kids on anyone who will take it while they work. I feel very sorry for the children. The girls like Palin are foolish and irresponsible. That is a fact and not a judgement. My oldest girl made the same foolish decision as Bristol did and now she has two children by two different men. Yes, that is very disappointing and irresponsible and that is fact. I love my daughter very much and I have nothing against Bristol Palin, but they both are irresponsible and have made foolish decisions and now my wife and I are paying for our daughters mistakes because we love her just as the Palin’s love Bristol and that a fact.

    • Karla Morris

      I am in total agreement with you! My daugther is also pregnant after sleeping with men not her husband and we will be helping her raise her daughter. Fact is fact, and truth is truth, it is irresponsible and unfair to the children. We still love them and will do anything for them, but it is a foolish choice and yes…..it was a choice because she know right from wrong and she was raised better. Rebellion and independence, what a hard lesson to learn and the child has to pay for it as well as the parents! How selfish!

    • K

      How do you know Levi didn’t want to marry Bristol? Maybe she refused to marry him or let him be a part of his son’s life.

    • otlset

      “(Much less a piece of trash…and that is a fact too, not a judgement.)”

      “The girls like Palin are foolish and irresponsible. That is a fact and not a judgement.”

      “I love my daughter very much and I have nothing against Bristol Palin, but they both are irresponsible and have made foolish opinions and now my wife and I are paying for our daughters mistakes because we love her just as the Palin’s love Bristol and that a fact.”

      This post is full of strange contradictions. And that a fact, is my judgement.

  • Sue Lynn

    Huckabee is a liar. He is trying to get attention not Bristol. I will never ever give him any kind of rating ever but will always tune in any time the Palins are on…I trust the Palin family!!!!

  • teflon warrior

    Ya know Bristol, you’re right I had to listen to it, it was amazing! I could almost see “the Huckster” move his head back and move his glasses down to the tip of his nose, real Charley Gibson like! He gets more pathetic every time he tries to tangle with a Palin.

    • Patriot

      I like your phrase “tangle with a Palin”. Mind if I use it sometime? And you know the huckster was playing “Cat Scratch Fever” in his head…but not in a dirrrty way.

  • Warmongerel

    He has a radio show? Why? I can’t imagine that he has much to say that would interest anyone. He would have been a worse candidate in 2008 than McCain was…and that’s saying something.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Rush Bristol Rush! Who needs Huckabee! Thank you for showing us the real scenario. Maybe he should try a little reality of his own.
    Keep blogging!

  • Tom

    That didn’t sound like he was scolding anyone? Bristol needs to relax a little bit. If that’s what she calls scolding, then i’m worried about her. Drive on Mike!

  • Anthony Murrey

    Good comeback!

  • Chris

    The way that he stated his case, and his rightful anger at having you ignore his show was pretty good I though. He made the correct assumption that if you want to get famous and make money making the stupidest thing an American can make (a reality show) then you should start taking accountability. It seems this case was promptly ignored and you went back to hiding behind your “innocence.” I think his message is more of a warning than a scolding. It would be smart of you to drop the dumb act.

  • Ray Hodge

    I swear Huckabee made a pact with McCain during the last election to stay in and get Romney out of the running , he and McCain worked something out and we ended up with a man child President who is the least experienced on any subject in any room he enters
    I blame Huckabee and McCain both are deceitful their comments are not worth consideration

  • Thomas Hubbard

    The truth is I dislike division and i’ve seen just to much of it lately which tears down our conservative cause. Excuse me had to take a break for couple bites of my triple chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Lets face it we all mistakes and say somethings we should not say, there’s only one who spoke truth without mistake and that was Christ. I can not I agree with everything Mike has said and on the other hand I can not sat I can agree with everything you have said Bristol, and again I’ve said many things in the end I could not say was right. Love ya Bristol, but just this off we’re all weary these days under this oppresive goverment. We need to look up and focus on the Lord and seek his Grace and Mercy. Give your mother and father my love whom I know I will be meeting in the future.

    • Eric Plahn

      Id have to say that I agree with Mike on this one. I do not think that he was trying to scold Bristol or anything in that matter. I think that he was saying that the media was unfair to her and that it was not by her on fame that it came out. However, if she brings the fame upon herself then the media will see her as fair game and attack her. I think Huckabee was trying to help, not stir the pot and that Sarah Palin overreacted a little in this situation especially towards a conservative counterpart.

      • Emma Lora

        M.H. is a nice man but I am dissappointed that a senior citizen like him would have said what he did about a very young lady in front of thousands of strangers. . Her show is a good example of how difficult it is to be a young single mother. A great lesson for other teens. She has the humility and guts to expose this fact in a profound way This is worth more than a thousand words that anyone else can express. Her willingness to put herself on the line like that is really admirable Mr. Huckabee.


    palins will always be attacked. the liberal media will see to that. i am sad sbout huckabee he has no right to judge.i have alot of respect for your family. it would be nice for the critics to debate you and your whole family. i know you all would come out winners. never give up and show the critics they do not even know what they are saying. also levi is one big jerk.

    • KellyinAlaska

      Huckabee is the LIBERAL media? Hahahaha

      • Patriot

        Its the first thing out of their mouths, honey i got fired today…omg was it the liberal media?

        • teflon warrior

          Anyone remember what “assume” gets you? What was stated was that “the liberal media will see to that (sic the palins will be attacked), then that huckabee has no right to judge, no one said the huckster was “The liberal media.” I think I’ve figured out both your mottos, “Ready, Fire, Aim”

  • David.

    Huckabee, you sounded like a cry baby and should be ashamed of yourself. But the truth be told, you are one of the “Palin Haters” that will do what you can to prevent sarah Palin from becoming President, even at the cost of attacking her children.

  • Misty


    I’m watching now and like a billion things have already happened! I guess the show is mostly going to be in Alaska?

  • bamastac

    you go, girl! i think that you’re awesome! and i think the same of your mom! stay strong!

  • Barri

    Excellent . I have never been dissappointed for one second . First thought is anger at the sanctimonious Huckabee or Bob ^^^ up the way who needs to regret his own grandchildren to maintain his aire Everybody knows its as phoney as Huckabee’s base playing and self righteous indignation , Bob . Wooley RINO Huckabee blaming Bristol for his own ineptitude amost makes Obama seem acceptable and that is probably the idea . I expect to see a lot more of such devices if Romney is the nominee . I am a proud inspired fan of Bristol Palin and wish Huckabee and McCain would both shut up and go home , Bob A . life is short , don’t lament your grandchildren over your personal exalted vanity . One don’t have to look very far to find reason to rejoice , give thanks and worship , perhaps a conscious effort a few days and a new habit might take root . I bet those grandchildren are a blessing beyond measure and you would realize it at some moment in life . The sooner the better IMO .

    • eddie333

      What is it with Huckabee and that bass playing of his? Worst part of the show! Playing bass in a suit – Oooo! the irony! (Yawn) The only thing I want to see him do on his show with that bass is set it on fire. At least it would be kind of interesting, especially if the sprinkler system went off. Huck, you can use that idea if you want. YW!

  • Bonnie Bryan

    I have my doubts about Mike Huckabee. He sounds like a liberal is some ways, but this remark about Bristol is not professional. He needs to apologize. Get a grip, Mike!

  • Huckabee has a reputation for being a nice guy and a conservative but I find him boring. Regardless, in this case, it seems he owes Bristol an apology. Methinks his staff (and quite possibly Huckabee himself) are part and parcel of the GOP elite that has worked feverishly to keep shutting Sarah out. For what it’s worth, my opinion is that the Republican Party needs to be destroyed. I want to see the birth of a new and truly conservative party. Meanwhile, Bristol’s show will be coming on soon here in Phoenix. Looking forward to seeing it despite the lame stream media’s attempts to bash it. You go, girl. And send my love to your mom.

  • JanneMyrdal

    Might as well just keep on dancing Bristol! Blessings.

  • Patriot

    So what did everyone think of her show?

    • Patriot

      I thought it was really good. Maybe a little too much dancing but i did like the scene where she pulls the chain and water comes down on her. And at the end when nick brings her a bouquet of roses and she hands one back to him. My heart melted. My only real criticism is maybe rethink that “maniac” song.

      • LMA


    • teflon warrior

      Patriot…, your mom’s calling you to dinner from upstairs again, (I think it’s mac n’ cheese tonight! again!) You are quite the poo-disturber, I’ll give you that. Now go back to eating from your Obama/Biden 2012 superfan plate, Obamalovesme “kool aid” glass and Biden (BFD) spoon

      • Patriot

        Oh no again with the living in parents basement shtick . Would you like me to write you some better responses Teflon?

        • teflon warrior

          I’m mighty proud of my witty repartee! Thank you! Why didn’t you address my “Obama/Biden 2012 superfan plate, Obamalovesme “kool aid” glass and Biden (BFD) spoon” comment? Definitely some of my finest work ’til now!

          • GrizzlyMom

            You know tef it was kinda good. sorry i didn’t give you props. Any chance I can get out of the basement? Surely my parents have a summer home or something i could crash at.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Bristol, your one good lady. That dweeb had no idea he was running into a buzz saw on your show tonight! LOL My prayers are with you and Tripp always just as they are over your mom & dad & family. you are the Sec. of Defense for your mom! LOL
    Keep blogging.

  • Melissa Ortiz (@DCBelleonWheels)

    GO BRISTOL!!!!! Stand your ground and speak your mind.

  • Michael Matheson

    Bristol I saw that dispute with that HATE MONGERING DRUNKEN 40 something yr. old HOMOSEXUAL-SODOMITE.
    He made a real jerk out of himself.
    He got what he deserved.
    I saw this on YOUTUBE. You handled yourself as a REAL CLASSY LADY with a SPINE, just like your mom. I would expect a Palin to handle that situation with all the CLASS you showed.

    • KellyinAlaska

      And there ya go…..a true con, who is not afraid to say what the rest of the conjob phony christians are all thinking. Congrats michael!

      • otlset

        Why are you generalizing and stereotyping an entire group here?

  • Dennis McHale

    I guess being part of the Cocktail Circuit, that Huckabee has now become, means the tolerant level for the Palins is less, than acting as a Christian.

    Bristol understand as your Mom has, that sometimes these things don’t happen by accident. Huckabee takes his orders fro Roger Ailes. I hope you know who he is and what his agenda is. He is Huckabee’s Boss as well as your Mom’s, but he and the Republican Hierarchy are in the business of destroying your Mom’s political career. The LEFT may Hate, but they have no sway over the American people in how they think about your Mother. Dealing with Huckabee, you just entered the Lion’s Den. Always remember: The Republican Party is your Family’s enemy, and FoxNews doesn’t care.

    With that said, all my prayers will be with Track. I hold dear what happens with your Family, because your Mom is the Conservative voice for this nation. And of course your Dad is one great man: The Rock!

  • Thomas Hansman

    I wrote a little blog myself concerning you and I hope you can take some time and read it. It’s called “In Defense Of Bristol Palin”. Here’s the link


  • Rich Partain

    Great show Bristol !!!

    Always a fan of the Governor but have admired how you handle every thing that is thrown at you. You are growing into a mature and responsible woman. Critics of you and your family are so blinded with dislike and hate they thrive on anything that discredits. “Hate corrodes the vessel that contains it”. So keep on following your heart looking at the positive side of things and your spirit will continue to soar .

  • Mark

    Huckabee’s people didn’t schedule Bristol’s appearance. He is wrong and should apologize. One would think that Huck would at least have the courtesy to check to make sure that there wasn’t some honest mix-up before engaging in an on-air scolding.

    • Canadian Observer

      Mark, here’s what Mr. Huckabee wrote on his FB page. Do you think he is lying?

      “Mike Huckabee
      3 hours ago
      A quick note regarding the Bristol Palin radio interview that didn’t happen and everyone is so intrigued about.

      Contrary to what’s been reported our producer has a long email thread going back months with Ms. Palin’s publicist at Lifetime (including a confirmation email prior to the interview). Our producer thought we were doing her a favor by promoting her show. No good deed goes unpunished!”

      • GrizzlyMom

        The truth finally comes out. Will Bristol acknowledge that she made a mistake and then tried to cover it up by lying?

      • otlset

        I hope the emails are released, Not that anyone is doubting Huck of course, but I’d like to get to the bottom of it.

  • Whatwhywhenwherewho

    Bristol. You either made a definitive commitment to visit Mr Huckabee’s show or you didn’t. Knowing a few producers and researchers in the broadcast media I find it difficult to believe that his ‘people’ did not have explicit confirmation before that announcement went on air. I guess there wasn’t a fee involved. If you were unable to fullfil your commitment to appear then you could have ‘phoned it in’ something you must be used to judging from your performance on your reality show.

  • cathy

    After seeing her show last night, I think the end has arrived for Bristol!

  • Mark

    When Will Mike Huckabee Apologize to Bristol Palin?


  • Jeff Carter

    When will you people go back to Alaska? I used to like your mother…now I am so sick of seeing the PALIN name plastered all over TV and radio. Please do yourselves and us a favor and GO AWAY!

    • Agostine Trevino

      Thank you Jeff. The lack of talent and political savvy scares me almost as much as the fact that they have so many uneducated supporters who have the ability to vote.

    • Bugger off, yourself.

    • Tina

      Jeff I can’t help but wonder the obvious…. if you are SO sick of the Palins why is it that you are bothering to seek out, read…and then take the time to respond to Bristol’s blog…. I am pretty sure she didn’t seek you out and force her opinions or comments on you. And on a personal note, I have no clue why seeing a family so involved in life, their beliefs, and interested in helping Americans better understand the intent of the constitution, would upset you so much. Bristol, I just yesterday came across your blog and subscribed to it… I read may past posts and love them all. Thanks for the info, thoughts, and inspiration.

      • Callie

        Well said Tina, couldn’t agree more!!

    • leanne

      Against freedom of speech, are you, Jeff Carter? Why won’t you go to the middle east since you hate freedom. Good day 🙂

      • KellyinAlaska

        Could same the same for the gay hating so called “christians.” Iran loves gay haters. Maybe Bristol could do a reality show there.

        • otlset

          Naw, it’s same the same for Christian haters over in Iraq too. Exactly same the same.

  • Maureen Saylor


    First of all congratulations on standing up for yourself. Second of all, perhaps Mr. Huckabee should walk a mile in your shoes before he judges you. As the Lord said “Judge not Lest Ye Be Judged! I wonder how Mr. Huckabee would feel if it was one of his family was treated so POORLY in the news as often as you and your family are. Also, I would vote for your mother for President in a minute because she loves, cares for and is always there for her FAMILY first! God Bless your family and YOU Don’t let them get you down.

    • Agostine Trevino

      His kids aren’t throwing themselves in the media spotlight for fame and money. If they did, they would receive the same scorn she does. She wasn’t forced onto DWTS or BPLAT.

      • otlset

        Why does she deserve scorn?

        • KellyinAlaska

          She deserves scorn, because she is following in her mothers footsteps. Her mother is divisive, obnoxious and hateful. Thanks to her and people like sean hannity, rush limbaugh, glen beck etc with their hateful rhetoric, this country is terribly divided. And for what. MONEY! All of them spew their hate for MONEY, creating tensions that might never be resolved. Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Fox and Friends, Donald Trump, 24 hour hatred for MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. And bristol palin has joined the pack, with her snarky jabs and her put downs. She does nothing to advance civil discorse and ease tensions. But, that wouldn’t make her any MONEY would it.

          I believe you far right nutjobs would love to go back to a time when gay people had to hide and blacks were still the maids and the janitors. Where minorities were just here to pick your fruits and vegetables and women had no rights.

          • otlset

            “Hatred” is a very strong word, meaning “n. Passionate dislike; detestation” (my handy Webster’s paperback dictionary). Can you give examples of anything Sarah or Bristol Palin “spewed” that meet that definition (other than directed at the forces that threaten America’s liberty and exceptionalism)?

  • Byo

    Are you kidding? You are fair game, and you edit unfavorable comments on your blog?

    • RefudiateObama2012

      You really need to pay closer attention. There are a lot of negative comments on her blog that aren’t edited. I suspect that those containing obscenities are zapped. Considering how you haters tend to use many vulgarities, she may zap a bunch of them. Besides, this is Bristol’s house. You’ve been invited in, so behave yourself.

  • Agostine Trevino

    I am in the minority here obviously, but an article popped up on my twitter feed and intrigued me. I didn’t really understand where you were going with your comments because he was mad that you didn’t up hold your end of the bargain. This isn’t about intimidation so I was kind of lost when I saw your comment. This is about fulfilling obligations as an adult. If you say you are going to be on someone’s show, then be there. This isn’t a political move on his part. This is an attempt for him to tell you to grow up. Regardless of the people who feel that you are unqualified to be on tv, are boring, don’t have any political savvy, and that you sold the rights to your kid’s childhood to the highest bidder is irrelevant in this instance. I understand that your immaturity level has a lot to do with it but if you are going to play ball, you have to play by the rules and actually go up to bat. You can’t ride the bench when convenient because you have a headache.

    • Colleen

      What are you talking about?! Did you not read the blog entry to the end? Huckabee’s people called Bristol but then never scheduled a date or time. I get so tired of people mouthing off when they don’t even bother to get their information straight. You must be part of Mike Huckabee’s team, you idiot! Oh well, I was never a Huckabee fan anyway.
      Bristol, I wouldn’t give Huck the time of day if I were you. On the other hand, I can tell that Rush and Hannity respect and admire your mom and your family. You and Tripp have plenty of friends and supporters, incuding myself and my entire extended family, some of whom still reside in the great state of Alaska. Keep up the good work, Bristol!

    • PrettyPeoni

      If you read the entire article, you would see that it wasn’t her fault she didn’t show. There was a schedule error, in which Huckabee’s people didn’t get to Bristol, obviously.

  • CrustyB

    He needed to find out what happened before chewing you out about not showing up, especially on the air like that. What a mushbrain. He owes you an apology.

    Any chance we’ll hear you on the Limbaugh show sometime?

  • Rosina G.

    Bristol…saw your show last night. I am such a great fan of your mom and her whole family. YOU ROCKED!!! You handle yourself with such grace and inner strength. What strength and self control you showed when confronting that bully! You did not touch him, call him names, etc….you just kept focused and made him accountable for his remarks. He proved to be quite the low class jerk, and you walked away with your dignity. Also, I can believe Huckabee’s people never contacted you. When his show went on Fox he would give a number to call for tickets, that number would have a message that had nothing to do with the show. I sent several emails requesting tickets to no avail. Doesn’t seem to be surrounded by competent people on his staff and doesn’t check his facts. By the way, the ONLY time I watched DWTS was when you were on. I am a faithful friend (although we’ve never met) to your mom and her family. By the way, my sister met your mom when she visited Gettysburg outside her hotel. She was so very nice and friendly.

    Hang in there. Your fans will be watching your new show faithfully.


  • jeff

    BRISTOL: Your awesome!!!!!! Great Job!!!!!! We’ve got your back.

  • leanne

    Keep up the great blog posts, Bristol! Thank God for the Internet so the Left can’t run wild, unchecked any longer 🙂

  • Callie

    I don’t understand why there are people that read this blog and then just comment hateful comments. Seriously, we are supporters of Bristol and her mission! Why do you come on here to just talk trash, with no actual facts or real reasons behind what you are saying? Bristol I agree and support you in your mission, and your stance on faith and family. Good luck and God bless in all of your future endeavors.

  • Philip Alu

    Huckabee he is not to be trusted, just look at his political statements at what he claims are his accomplishments and what was actually accomplished, like most politicians he is a liar.
    Regarding your show, I like it . Congratulations.
    If you are ever in Arizona and need a babysitter, my wife and I would be honored.

  • KellyinAlaska
    • GrizzlyMom

      That was great!

  • I’m sorry there was a mix-up about your appearance on Huckabee’s show. On a personal level, I like him a lot better than Rush Limbaugh, even though Huckabee hasn’t been completely candid about how he lost so much weight (*cough* bariatric surgery *cough*).

  • Curt Wilson

    I’m sorry Mr. Huckabee talked about you in such a negative way. He probably didn’t check with his staff before his show which in itself says something about Mr Huckabee. Bristol, you must be doing something right because so many people are responding to you, either in a positive way or a negative way. Keep up your good work and I wish I had half the courage you have.

  • Mark

    When Will Mike Huckabee Apologize to Bristol Palin?


  • observer2

    You can better have someone criricizing you than all those people flattering you and continuously telling you that you are so good….

  • Sarah

    Lol! Good for you keeping your sense of humor and not letting it get to you! I’m constantly impressed by how you remain in control of yourself and at peace despite everything that’s thrown at you. Let’s just say that I didn’t “grow up” until I was about 23 (when I became a mother) and have learned since that motherhood does not, unfortunately, affect all women for the better.

  • Sandra Ort

    Sometimes Mikw talks like a little kid. Bristol has done a great job with her life. Mike is in tv, radio, why cite Dancing with the stars as a bad thing for Bristol to do. It took courage. She has a chance to make money and she should take advantage of it. If Mike is not interested in making money maybe he should start preaching again. Mike will never come close to Rush. I like Mike but Rush has a quick wit, great sense of humor, and an intellect way above the average person. If Mike had Bristol booked why would his staff not confirm it to make sure she was coming, the time etc. If Bristol had been scheduled she would have not missed opportunity to promote her show

  • kate

    Ms Bristol, you go girl! Good writing. We are not disappointed in you. You have spunk and gutz.

  • Lynn





  • blackbird

    Please, to all the haters Life is too short to be bitter for other peoples success, your hatred is eating away at you from the inside, you cannot see it but it will destroy you and your family and please, please do not get caught up in the division sown by the elite media and the entrenched and corrupt political hacks in both parties. I am not your enemy.

  • Diggertoo

    Bristol, it is obvious that you are just trying to deflect attention away from your failed “reality” show. Take responsibility for your mistakes. It will make you appear to be the bigger person. This is sound advise you would never get from your mother.

    • H&P

      Diggertoo, sounds like an idiots delight with scomment about a show,producers, the station, and advertizer feel will be a gret succes. I possibleinthe futer please try to ground our rhetoric in facts , Like your stupid, amoron and you lack good judgment…as@#$hole!!!!

  • Juan Motime

    Hey Briskit – You wanna be a wannabe celeb? You’re fair game. Period. Stop crying and get used to it or move your no talent behind back to Wasilla.

    • teflon warrior

      Oooouu, some real advice for Tequila Tim, I can just hear it, “y’all be shur to put ou tha dog fer he wees on the carpet. ” …pathetic…

  • cathy

    I thought Bristol would blog about how well her show was received!

    • She probably would have, but it hadn’t aired yet when she wrote this….

    • Patriot

      Well Cathy that would be a very short post for Bristol. From the scathing reviews to the dismal ratings clearly its a bomb.

  • GiveMCountryBack

    OMG Huckabee was HORRIBLE TO BRISTOL WHAT A HATEFUL BULLY!!!!And all of you haterZ don’t you get it really??BRISTOL is SOOOO BRAVE AND STRONG TO PUT HERSELF OUT THERE!!!She just wanted to help teen mothers with her show leave her alone already you jealous liberals OMG I COULD CRY ALL DAY AND NIGHT AFTER LISTENING TO THAT AWFUL MAN BERATING THE BRAVEST SINGLE MOTHER IN AMERICA!! It’s all the SOCIALIST KENYAN’S FAULT!!IMPEACH!!IMPEACH AND PUT THE MOST BRILLIANT POLITICIAN IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND IN THE WHITE HOUSE ALREADY!!Madame President Sarah Palin because SHE CHOSE LIFE and all of you hateful liberals ABORT YOUR BABIES daily!! No Republican or Conservative woman HAS EVER ABORTED!!!Bristol, Real America Stands With You, oh you blessed saintly child GOD STANDS BY YOUR SIDE TOO!My heart is broken thanks a lot Huckabee, NOW APOLOGIZE YOU MONSTER!!!!!

    • KellyinAlaska


      • GiveMCountryBack


  • Sam Adams

    Surprising Grandpa Huckabee (Gov. who freed death row inmates while Gov. and raised taxes in Ar. despite being Republican) would do a Palin dig. My suggestion would be to ignore it. Or go on Rush who would be very gracious. Rush still supports your mother and is no longer stomaching RINOs. I believe Mr. Huckabee is a RINO and quite tiresome.

  • Pamela

    Bristol, if you are an adult you show up for appointments, or have the common courtesy to call and say you are not coming. From what YOU have written, you knew well in advance you were not going. It’s just rude…

  • Bristol,
    I watched your new show and I love it! I watched your families reality show that was on TLC too! Piper kept me laughing. I am appalled by the way others treat you just because you are a Palin. No one deserves to be treated that way weather they agree with your mom or not. They aren’t treated poorly for their political choice. It makes me sad that you have to deal with the scrutiny. Those people that say hurtful things should be ashamed of themselves.

    I could relate so much to your situation in LA. I live away from my family too and am a young mom with young children and I wish I had them there to lean on. It is so hard when you feel alone. I will keep watching and I look forward to more episodes and more blog posts!

    Don’t listen to those jerks out there. Just stay true to yourself!


  • cathy

    It just keeps getting better! Todd now has a reality show! You know the end is near!

  • cathy

    Levi behind on child support, take it to the court. You take it to anyone you will listen to make a dollar off his son. You should pay Levi because without him you would a nothing. Hope Willow stays away from you.

  • kathy

    You are screwing up your son for money. What a sick person you must be to do that.

  • Hux sux

    Where’s Huckster’s apology to the familes of Mark Renninger, Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold, and Greg Richards? Even if Bristol did stiff him, so what? Huckster’s a sorry liberal “conservative” anyway. If he were the GOP nominee, Obama would win all 57 states.

  • Ray


    What a pathetic, bitter old man, gloating over what he thinks is the end of a young woman and her family. The article you linked.

    Good heavens, that is sad! What is wrong with you people, get a life or something! So you don’t have to watch Bristol’s show or read her blog!

    • H&P

      True Mike Huckabee is pathetic for his comments about Bristol, but I think peoples time would be better spent watching Bristols show than alot of the worthless programs that I actually have to pay for.

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, if Huckabee is going to act like a Liberal, just ignore him and (like you said) call Rush. —
    Maybe you should read just enough of each of these Comments to determine if it is Positive or Negative — if it is Negative, don’t read the rest of the Comment — because these Haters are just trying to Mess with your Head. — Just Concentrate on doing your Show and Enjoy yourself.

    • akgrizz

      Huckabee, is a joke and always has been. mr goody tooshoes i call him. i don’t watch his show on fox and never will. it has no substance. instead of attacking issues he rather sing and play his gitar and have music guests. We’ve all heard the music our entire lives. Do something constructive huckabee, like go into hiding in a jungle somewhere

  • Caroline Werth

    Huckabee. I always switch stations and listen to Laura Ingraham when he comes on anyway. Good luck to him. You don’t need approval from someone who can’t get his facts straight!

  • Born in America

    It seems to me that most people are jumping the gun here. Bristol, his people made a mistake, and he was not aware of it, but once he is made aware of it, I am sure that he will fully apologize to you.
    Huckabee has a sincere heart, and he wouldn’t hurt you for a million dollars. Bristol, you should have reached out to him… called him and told him you were never contacted by his people. If you had done that, I can picture him getting red in the face and absolutely apologizing to you. Please don’t make this a “Merry-go-round” where someone else’s mistake causes a drift between you and Huckabee. Instead of posting your thoughts/anger??? here in a blog, wouldn’t the hurt have gone away if only you had just picked up the phone and called Huckabee? Blessings to you, your son, and your entire family!

    • hrh

      Does a sincere heart lead a pastor to delete his sermons before running for political office?

      Does a sincere heart lead a governor to delete government records when he leaves office?

      Does a sincere heart take furniture from the governor’s mansion when he leaves office?

      Does a sincere heart go on a public rant about a guest before knowing the whole story?

      These aren’t rhetorical questions.

      • Elaine Donoghue

        The public rant says it all. He needed to check his facts before bemoaning, but he wanted to get his soundbite in while it was timely. Kudos to Bristol, Kudos to you!

  • james crawford

    i am on FB as james crawford. i am a 67 year old conservative, hard core bow hunter, from rural alabama, republican witha BA in English, History, an Philosophy. hello world ! wake up! the russians, chinese, and iranians have surrounded Israel and have pledged to put 1,000 tanks and 90,000 troops into the field by juli and august. i support Sarah and her positions, should big Huck and the rest of us worry about Bristol, her book, and her juvenile meanderings. at this moment, some where some lone idiot could be pushing the “button” that starts the death of 1/3 of the world’s people. it does not matter anyway!! THE BOOK has been written long ago and cannot be changed. if Huck and Sarah are Christians, they need to sit little BP down and put her on message. likewise the two of them should follow suit!!!

    • wallow

      thank god that “lone idiot” wasn’t elected VP in 08

      • H&P

        the “lone idiot”” was elected by a nation that was only to happy to vote without proper examination and evaluation wich I have to say speaks more to “wallows” ideas and goals than Sarah Palin’s qualifications as a VP Bristl has a pritty good head on her shoulders and Sarah as elected govoner, before that she was elected mayor ………………….Governor Palin challenged a corrupt Alaskin political system, passing a landmark ethics reform bill. and has actually used her veto and cut budgetary spending. In signing the AGIA legislation and the progress that continues to this day, she brought a transcontinental pipeline project from Alaska to the Lower 48 further than 30 years of previous administrations. AGIA is the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history. She knows how to budget. She actually has private sector experience that enabled her to understand what it takes to make payroll and budget within one’s means,( unlike the Obama administration). She understands the difference between separation of church and state and separation of God and state.I all Sarah Palins Accomplishments Puts Obamas to Shame . Iguess by now you knowI like Ms. Palin

        God continue to guide you in your role in leading us out of the darkness that the current administration has led us Sarah

    • Patrick

      No they haven’t!
      A BA in English, History and philosophy isn’t something to brag about either.

      Also you might want to take it again judging by your failure to capitalise almost ever letter that required it in your post. You sir, are an imbecile!

  • MrJBond

    First, I wish Bristol Palin and her son the best and much success with her new television program. I like Bristol and her family. They are fine people and people who are great Americans because they treasure the USA.

    Regarding Mike Huchabee’s temper tantrum, just because Bristol Palin is in the limelight does not give anybody the right to defame her, to pester her, or to belittle her. Enough is enough of this moral relativism. As a disgraceful example, comedians, especially, Bill Maher, are given a pass because of the de facto sacred edict that comedians are exempt from decency, which rationalizes Maher’s sophistic hate speech. Comedians, as all people, are not eligible to employ the shield of moral relativism to harm others with words and or deeds. This also includes Mike Huckabee who should know better.

    Mike Huckabee should have kept the issue private. All he had to do was contact Bristol Palin later to find out what happened that she did not appear on his radio program. Huckabee could have also queried her mother, Sarah Palin, as to what may have happened. In all cases the matter should have remained private.

    There are plenty of hacks that could have replaced Bristol Palin. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and other stations, have their respective stables of political commentator hacks who are available at at moment’s notice to be in the limelight to comment upon every issue including what color the paper towels should be in order not to upset some interest group lest Obama or Romney lose votes in November 2012.

    What could be the real issue is that Bristol Palin is being used by Huckabee as the excuse to denigrate her mother Sarah Palin simply because Huckabee is jealous of her mother–a superstar, a woman of integrity, competence, and principle.

  • Hey Bristol,

    Watching your show, so far it’s good. I will never know how it is to be a daughter of famous politician. I am sorry that guy called your mother a whore. He didn’t even have a reason.

    I hear about stories like this from my friend who is really into politics. I will never understand how people make statements without facts to back them up? It’s a problem that I feel that our generation will solve.

    You handled the scene in the restaurant well. Looking forward to watching more of your show. I am going to be farther soon so I would like to see more child raising things. I hope all is well.

    ! Guntitan

    P.S. CA is a very nice place to visit. I have spent 3 vacations there and even considered moving there from HI. Over here on Oahu the Northshore is the place I go to destress. If I lived in CA, my annual pass would be in my back pocket for Disneyland.

  • Bevy

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, (sent to his website contact form on http://www.mikehuckabee.com)
    I would think that as a CHRISTIAN – a follower of Christ – you would NOT speak in a BITTER tone to one of Christ’s disciples – that’s right Bristol Palin. I don’t understand your taking headlines and NOT protecting her from FURTHER criticism.
    You have NO HEART for this young woman and I think that your beef would be with whoever was SCHEDULING her time on your show and NOT Bristol.
    I am VERY disappointed in your comments in this matter which should’ve been kept SECRET and not DUMPED on the public.
    Jesus said to guard from a root of bitterness – I think you need to UPROOT it.
    I hope I hear/read SOON that you apologize to this young woman who by the way has NO man that can speak up for and defend her.
    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in your actions.
    I find your radio show to just upset me – and I’M conservative … maybe you are too middle of the road for me.
    Sign me – never listening to you again,
    oh – and I was born and raised in Alaska!!!!
    Sincerely and with much offense,

  • TaterSalad

    Huckabee wil NEVER take over as the #1 spot over Rush. I have listened to Rush every day for years. Huckabee is closer to a RINO and will never get the audience.

    Got to go now, I’d like to leave another message but Rush is coming on!

  • Holly

    Let me start by saying, that as soon as I am done posting this I am defriending Mike Huckabee. A better topic for debate? Well, once again my only choice in this election is a “good old boy”. I want a third choice, and then I want every frustrated voter to take a leap of faith.

    • i agree with you. a third choice would be wonderful. obama makes you sick at your stomach and then there’s mitt romney who is just as bad. puke, puke! I wish Sara Palin would run for president. Even if her name was not on the ballot because of timming I would WRITE SARAH PAPIN’S NAME ON MY BALLOT !!! I THINK ABOUT TWO THIRDS OF AMERICA WOULD DO THE SAME. HISTORY IN THE MAKING. A WELL QUALAFIED WOMAN !!!!! WOULDN’T A WRITE IN CANDIDATE WHO WON BE SOME MORE HISTORY MADE THIS YEAR!!! IMAGINE 100Yrs. AND HISTORY BOOKS TEACHING THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE WHAT’S BEST FOR OUR NATION. “THE DELEGATES”, HAD BETTER VOTE HOW WE THE PEOPLE VOTE THIS TIME. PERIOD ! P IN Ga.

  • how did these trashy palins get so much attention.? i think the people in this country are a bunch of low life r’s like these palins. their claim to being good christians is bull shit. they take from the poor and get rich off stupid people in this country that worship them and they live a life of luxury. am i jealous ,maybe ,as i am old now and my beauty and the money i had is gone. dead is better then to live in this cesspool,perverted copycat greedy, america. all you that are under 50 will soon get old fast,rotten ugly just like i am now but wiser. youth is a passing shadow. i had it all once and now i have only the love odf death to look forward too. good luk palins and make sure you don’t go to hell for your evil ways. see you there.

    • Linda

      You sound very depressed about life, I am sorry for your out look, I am born and raised Alaskan, and have been down and out, and poor, and very depressed at times, in my life, like when my youngest son died, but have never judged another soul, or condemned them to hell, for being whom they are.
      I think you may need some counseling. no judgment! Sarah is well meaning, her family is not trashy, as per Alaskan living, we meet our needs, and do what has to be done, to get by. When someone makes good we celebrate with and for them, not criticize, and draw a sad picture. Sarah is who she is. Thank you for being in the world, makes life much more interesting with no peace in your soul, and no positive in your words. I will pray for you, I believe in the Lord, and know you need some support. IN love with life, Linda from Alaska

    • Andy

      A typical self hating liberal. They go straight to calling people names. I feel sorry for you “helene”. Why must you blame your miserable life on everyone else? The poor miserable liberals in this country are so downtrodden. They were all born under the eight ball. Truth is, they never learned to take responsibility for themselves and want to blame their miserable, wretched life on everyone else. I truly feel sorry for these people… I just wish they wouldn’t vote!!!!!

    • Charles

      I feel really sorry for Helene. What a pitiful soul. She shouldn’t make such judgements about Sarah Palin or anyone else who is a christian. Just because someone is a christian does not make them perfect beings. It just means that we try harder and are more aware when we do wrong and try to do better. Anyone who reads Helene’s post and is a christian, should pray for Helene.

  • Kim P.

    Bristol – in fairness to Mr. Huckabee – it sounds like he is sometimes at the mercy of his producers who may not have fully informed him of the actual reason for you not appearing on the show. Yes, he’s a big boy, and his name is on the label – so he should own up to mistakes, but why not let him offer an explanation?

    I think that most women, and young women/young moms your age, understand your hardship, your choice to ride this wave in the media & on television while it lasts so that you can provide for your son (it’s not easy being a single mom). That said, there is a palpable confrontation that is becoming more evident between the Palin’s and Fox News (and other conservatives who are well known/in the news). It’s disheartening to see this “in fighting”. It’s like watching a family fight break out around Thanksgiving Dinner. :o( It’s divisive, and it weakens the conservative “group” (A House Divided Cannot Stand, and all that). I think we’ve grown weary of confrontation – regardless of who started it. It’s exhausting even reading about it, let alone watching it on t.v.

    I once posted a politely articulated, opposing opinion on your mom’s FB page – only having dialogue with other supporters. I was immediately “banned” from posting on the page. I was shocked. I was a supporter, and genuinely interested in her appeal to women, moms, and women like me – Army wives, who cared about her perspective & support of the military. Dissent is one of the foundations of our freedom in this country, yet I was being penalized for expressing an opinion. :o(

    Knowing and coming to peace with people who disagree or are critical of you, and leaning instead towards friendly, peaceful discussion can be liberating. There’s an old saying, “He who angers you, owns you.” Bristol, you have this chance in your capable hands of being a healer of sorts, showing how differences can be handled, and mistakes overcome. Why not try this angle in situations like this?

    Wishing you the best on your new endeavors, and I hope you can make peace with the Gov. – something tells me he is a forgiving man, and would probably humbly admit fault if it’s in order. Maybe give him a chance, and lead the way about how to handle misunderstandings, rather than creating a p***ing contest (as Grandpa used to say). 🙂 Blessings.

    • Kim P.

      Ahh… who knew my sad faces would morph into happy faces because I didn’t have the lingo right. 🙁 LOL

  • Huckabee is a joke, why couldn’t he find out the facts before he went into a rage on a young woman that didn’t deserve his ugliness. Bristol’s show will outshine his show and let Bristol be happy and her enemies know that she is happy.

  • The Huckabee show is not doing so well…..I don’t think laughing at him is a good thing. However, I fell in the floor I laughed so hard:


    God Bless Bristol Palin!!!

  • Nick Arden

    I don’t like Huckabee at all! I did not like him from the start, when I heard that he was a former pastor. You see, I don’t like pastors and chruched either because I had so many bad experiences with them in the past, they show us so many unethical traits of character and bad judjements, that, I, as a free thinker and a free spirit cannot give them any respect.
    However, I like and admire Sarah Palin and the entire Palin family. The more the Liberals hate them, the more I love them. The more Liberals attack them, the more I think of supporting them. Now, the more they try to destroy Bristol, the more I want her to be victorious and succesfull.

  • Linda

    God Bless the Palins, and thank you for being Alaskan through and through, Bristal needs help not criticized

  • Ken

    Bristol, I don’t know why you’d want to go on Mike Huckabee’s show anyway. If you want 26 people to hear you on the radio, you go on Mike Huckabee’s show. If you want 26 million people to hear you, you go on Rush Limbaugh’s show. Yeah, I know, he doesn’t have many guests. But there are plenty of other choices, with much bigger audiences (than the Huckster), who would love to have you on their shows.

    By the way, I really liked the first episode of your show.

  • Yoba DIALLO

    The only thing that I want is to help poor and penniless people here in Senegal, in Bambey. I issue to anyone who want to help to finance several projects to handicapped, widows, orphans. I can send more information about projects to one who is interesting to support these people.
    Thanks, it is a s.o.s to every one

  • I disagree with the comment that “The Palins have a good name in Alaska, that’s enough”… I think that the people of Alaska got ripped off for their votes by electing someone who put her own personal well being and financial situation far above their responsibilities to the people who elected her. Bristol is as full of garbage as her mother. They both live in glass houses and therefore should never throw stones. Just Bristol saying she’d do Rush Limburgers show shows she has no concept of basic human decency either as “he is a hater, a divider, and an example of the worst kind of republican there is” (quoted from a hard core conservative).

  • Becky Boyer

    Just for the record…and you CAN quote me on this…..I’m VERY disappointed in Mike Huckabee!! (BTW, the first choice my spell check gave me for “Huckabee” was “Hucksterism”, defined as ” person who uses aggressive or questionable methods of selling”….) Coincidence? Hmmmmmmmm………
    You go Bristol. If you weren’t doing something right, Satan would leave you alone! You are an amazing role model for young women everywhere. God bless!!

  • Horace

    Bristol, you hang in there and keep up the good work. God richly bless you and Tripp.

  • Beverly Weber

    Mr. Huckabee, next time you want to “scold” someone for not showing up on your show, you might want to try and schedule them first. Maybe you should also “scold” your employees who failed to schedule her in the first place. Obviously they didn’t “show-up” for work either.

  • Charline Haynes

    I want you to know I read your book. I could not stop till I was finished. What a brave girl you are. I am 71 years old and your book cracked me up. You put it all out there and despite your mistakes you end up a winner. You and your son will be just fine. You are too much like your Mom to settle for anything less than a life well lived.
    Forgive Mike Huckabee, he made a mistake like we all have, especially me. Besides you’re prettier, and girl you can dance!

  • Rick Stryker

    Huckabee is a chucklehead. You’re right on target. Keep doing what you’re doing and he’ll blow away like the dusty old loser he is.

  • Mark Temporis

    Ya’ know, Huck’s kids didn’t need the media to make ’em look bad. This is just sick: