On Second Thought: Episode 3

On Second Thought: Episode 3 June 27, 2012

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

In case you missed them, here are my first two “On Second Thoughts!”

Episode One

Episode Two

On Second Thought: Episode 3

“I’ve failed as a mother,” I said to Willow in front of Tripp.  Why did I say that?  Because as much as I try, I’m only one person trying to create a family without a father.  I’ve brought a son into the world who won’t know his dad.

This is why we really should trust God to know what’s best for our lives.  In high school, I knew I shouldn’t have been with Levi.  Had I followed God’s laws about having sex within the context of marriage-only, I would’ve prevented a great deal of heartache and pain.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: Tripp was not the mistake.  Tripp is a gift from God.  But there’s no denying it: I’ve put him in a less than ideal family situation.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have said I’ve failed as a mom.  After all, I’m going to be a mom for the rest of my life, and every day is new!  Though I didn’t start this process out in the right way, God is forgiving and wonderful to me.  He helps me through each day!

When I found out Levi was writing a book, I was sure it’d be classified as fiction.  However, when his book came out, it was as bad as I’d feared.  Friends texted me gross snippets.  I read details in the newspapers.  It’s crazy to get used to the idea that there is someone out there who is determined on misrepresenting my life and our relationship.  But, after our debut on the national scene in 2008, I guess I’ve gotten a little more used to it.

I won’t lie.  When we were to the range to shoot trap, I was excited about the possibility of using his “memoir” as a target.  My only fear is that I’d miss it! Shooting at the little clay disks was fun, but I considered that mere practice for when I could get his book out.  (Did you see what a great shot my friend Marissa is? Do not mess with her!)

We had an awesome instructor, who helped us a great deal…  As you can see, we tore that book up.  My frustration over his “tell all” was blown away with every round.

Oh yeah.  And there was that scene with the paparazzi.  In Alaska, people are used to seeing us, because everyone knows everyone in Wasilla.  Yes, there are some reporters who will make the trek from other places in order to dig up dirt, but the most we get is usually some waves from people at restaurants or on the road.  When I lived in Arizona, people saw the Alaska plates on my truck and would speed up to see if it was possibly a Palin vehicle.  Most people are friendly and considerate of our family, and simply want to say hello.

But you can’t find a more celebrity-focused area than Los Angeles.  Reporters are everywhere trying to get photos of stars, who apparently are everywhere.  Since I definitely don’t consider myself a celebrity, it’s always funny to see them trying to snap a photo of me, Tripp, and Willow.

When we were eating outside, I saw them gathering on the other side of the road.  On second thought, should I have asked him to stick his tongue out at the media?

Definitely! I’ve got to raise the boy with some values, after all!
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  • kelli

    Although tripp may not have his biolagical father around…you are more than strong enough to raise him to be the person he can be. You are strong and beautiful. You have a great heart and strong morals. Tripp will defiantly get that from you…just keep being who you are!! 🙂

  • Bristol, tell the haters hi……hi haters!!! Loved the show, can’t wait until next week.

  • Heather Laurin

    Bristol you are an amazing young woman and you are doing a great job with Tripp. If Levi chooses not to be in his son’s life, then it is his loss and one that he will come to regret. The best thing you can do for Tripp right now is to give him good and CONSISTENT male role models to look up to. Your son will only benefit from that kind of positive influence in his life. As for sticking his tongue out at the paps-I love it. Kids do that kind of thing, and the paps deserve it so richly. LOL at the shooting of Levi’s book. You should have mailed it to him afterward!

  • Grammy8

    You and Tripp are so cute together. I think Andy gave you some good advice. Geno is very cute and he loves Tripp. You have a lot of good in your life. No dad is better than a bad one.

  • Bevy

    Hey Bristol, LOVE the show … you are SUCH an Alaskan. I was born and raised up in Fbks and it took me 35 years to figure out WHERE to settle. But I think where you live in the winter – you get MORE sun than Fbks … LOL!
    Great show – really enjoying it and happy to see you back in Ak where it’s slower lifestyle and you have your WHOLE fam to help you.
    God bless and although you made a mistake – he’s AWFULLY cute! And a gift from God – for sure!
    Keep truckin’

  • Garrett

    Ms. Bristol, I grew up without a father and was raised by mother my entire life, so you have my utmost respect. My mother taught me to fear God, she taught me to read, and she shielded me from the world until I was ready and it looks like your doing the same. However, and I’m not trying to put you on the spot, but Mr. Tripp will need a father figure and I say that as a boy growing up. Lord bless you and all your family.

  • Kristen Chambers

    YES…you definitely did the right thing by having Tripp stick his tongue out at the stupid reporters!! I literally laughed out loud when I saw that part of last nights episode! haha. You are such a strong woman and it is so awesome to hear you talk about your faith in the one true GOD! As long as you keep HIM as your focus you will continue to have the strength you do to get thru life. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a single mom and on top of that dealing with a “man” who can’t even step up and be the father he should be. That makes me so mad and sad that he doesn’t realize the blessing he is missing out on. But it’s his loss!!! I have loved watching your show and love seeing how strong, confident, and mature you are! Keep it up and don’t let anyone tear you down…you have GOD on your side!!
    Kristen Chambers
    Orange County, CA

  • anonymous

    These comments must be heavily monitored to only let the dimwits through. Bristol is a lying skank and the truth is fixing to come out!

    • Truth101

      And what fixing is that? That the dumb deadbeat dad has knocked up another girl. Maybe he can dump that girl and get somebody to write a bunch of lies about her for a paycheck. Oh wait! No money for the lying scumbag in getting somebody to write a book about that girl.

      Bristol, Be careful. The deadbeat dad has run out of scams and is desperate.
      The deadbeat dad doesn’t like living in his mom’s basement. Remember you have been his meal ticket.

      Be careful!

    • Sue

      Oh you palin-haters and your icebergs. Remember everyone the ruin of the palins is just around the corner , so send in your money to your favorite Palin-hating website today. HaHa.

  • anonymous

    Really? God? Would Jesus behave like this? You know nothing about being a true Christian.

    • Truth101

      And you do!

  • Joseph

    When I saw the preview of episode 3 where you were shooting at Levi Johnston’s book, I was like, “AWESOME!!!”. I’m not saying that in a hateful way towards Levi; I don’t hate him at all, I just hate the way he has treated you and your family. But I pray for God’s grace and mercy over Levi, and that God would give him a second chance to be in his son’s life. Bristol, you haven’t failed as a mother; as long as you keep God first place in your life, you will never fail! You are an awesome mother to Tripp! Lookin’ forward to next week’s episodes! 🙂

  • Emma Lora

    Great show last night. Sad, humorous, and joy to see the maturity you have. Tripp has good role models in your family. He is surrounded by love. Gino seems to be a great guy. Looking forward to next week’s show.

  • Paulette

    Bristol, we didn’t get to see the latest episode because we are on vacation, but ya better believe we are taping it at home! I agree with the comments above except for ‘anonymous’. His name says it all! Ha, ha! He has nothing better to do in his life than to read your blogs & comment on them! You would think he would spend his timing doing something better according to his attitude! He just needs Jesus!

  • Sue Lynn

    Love how you read the book with lead!!! Looking forward to next week….Like your new boyfriend!!!

  • Taylor Kula

    I agree completely with the comments saying to keep a strong male role model in Tripp’s life and that no father is better than a bad one. My parents split when I was just a baby and my mom was always sure that I had my uncle and grandpa around. To this day my grandpa gets more on fathers day from me than my actual father who didn’t speak to me for over 10 years. He’s a stranger to me but now that I’m 20 years old it’s more my choice not to talk to him. Keep your strong bond with your family and as long as Tripp has your father and brother, etc he will turn out just fine. There are worse ways to grow up and you all are strong and can make it through. 🙂

  • robert rappaport

    Huffington Post is reporting that on the latest episode, Tripp asked if you would “buy him a dad”. What is it about the Palin clan that it believes all the answers to life’s dilemmas can be had after a shopping spree? What kind of environment leads a child to believe people can be bought & sold? Perhaps an environment where a mother (Sarah) pimps out her daughter and would-be son-in-law, trying to pass them off as an all-American couple, when Levi was nothing but a rutting buck, getting ready to flee?

    What say you, Bristol?

  • BK

    Hi Bristol–I love watching your show and Tripp is so cute! We all make mistakes, some more dramatic than others, but God forgives us when we ask Him to. I just wanted to say that you can’t make Levi be a dad if he doesn’t want to even though you want it for Tripp. There seems to be some wonderful male role figures in your family/friends who can and will be great role models for Tripp and that is what you should focus on. I think when Tripp becomes a teenager/young adult he will find Levi and ask those questions as to why he wasn’t in Tripp’s life. I would tell you to focus on your own life with Tripp and be the best mom you can be to him and as your friend Andy said about his mom, she was everything to him. Your doing a great job with Tripp, so keep on keeping on!

  • Kirstin

    LOVED watching you shoot the book and your comment about “this is for all the single moms!” (since I’m a single mom!)
    Can’t wait till the next one! 🙂

    • Piscean Gal

      I’m a single mom and just LAUGHED at her immaturity. Her shooting the book like that did NOTHING, NOT A THING, for this single parent. What I did, single and married, was deal with the Biological father explicitly. If HIS wife wrote me or responded to anything he received from my daughters medical providers, I responded to HIM. I documented EVERYTHING. When his wife wrote me and said they had another child and “they” couldn’t afford to pay the child support I was seeking, she didn’t know he had already told me it was HER granddaughter she was trying to pass off as theirs. When his wife wrote me and told me that “they” can’t pay his share of the uncovered medical expenses that were incurred on my daughter’s behalf because they pay $700 per month in insurance costs, I had already spoken to the Fringe Benefits dept of his job, who had documentation that HE pays NOTHING towards his insurance. I told BOTH he and his wife that if he allows her to continue to involve herself in our situation, I will use anything and everything she says against him. I did just that. When he took me to court and tried to claim this information, I provided proof to the judge it was all a lie.

      BRISTOL, on the other hand, thinks she needs to speak to Sunny and be CONDESCENDING on the phone to her. WHAT BS that is. ALL she had to do, IF she really cared, was tell Willow NOT to answer the phone when she saw it was Sunny, and NOT take the phone from Willow to speak to her. Of COURSE Sunny hung up on Bristol, who wouldn’t? I also don’t believe the story that Tripp came home from a visit with Levi and Sunny and told Bristol that Sunny told him to call her “mom. ” I believe kids that little and in those kinds of situations, do things like that and I REALLY believe that maybe perhaps, Tripp did call Sunny “mom” but the issue Bristol made of it, just continued to show her immaturity in all of it.

  • craig

    Pathetic is what Bristol is & shame on her.

    • Piscean Gal

      I agree, Craig…

  • so i just watched all 4episodes & i have to say i grew up without my Dad i have a few happy moments i remember but other wise my Mother Was everything to us… i Makes a kid strong if he see’s his dad & it’s not on good terms that will hurt more.. You have a strong Family that will pull you through just trust that God is doing the best for you…. Can’t wait to see more

    • “It” Makes a kid strong. If he see’s his dad— that did not look good the way i typed it……

  • ResponsibleHardworking REALSingleMom

    This is your quote from your synopsis above:

    [When we were eating outside, I saw them gathering on the other side of the road. On second thought, should I have asked him to stick his tongue out at the media?
    Definitely! I’ve got to raise the boy with some values, after all!]

    Unless this is a typo and should have read “Definitely NOT!”, then you may need to re-think exactly what the definition of “Values” is.

    • Jinky

      when bristol talks values, she must mean entertainment value as i didnt see many “family” values last night. no wonder the ratings are way down from even last weeks pitiful ratings….

      • GrizzlyMom

        Agreed Jinky… they keep dropping and dropping week after week. People know a sham when they see one.

        • Sue

          And yet here you are… week after week.

  • Jocelyn

    Love your show Bristol. Gino seems like a good guy, hope he is a keeper.

  • LMA

    Amazing that you still insist you’re not a celebrity. You have achieved celebrity status (albeit to a lesser degree than, say, entertainers or actors or famous athletes) because of your name. You’ve been on “Dancing with the Stars” and now have your own reality show. You’ve lived in a mansion in L.A. You’ve published a book. Who else does all that without the connections offered by having a famous name? Get real, Bristol. You come off as completely disingenuous when you choose not to own your status.

    • Tim

      LMA, you sound green with envy.

      • LMA

        No, Tim. Definitely not green with envy. I’m very proud of having made my way in the world. Just offering a word of advice. I think Bristol will earn a lot more empathy if she stops trying to deny what she is — a celebrity.

        • ResponsibleHardworking REALSingleMom

          What is to be ENVIOUS of? LOL. Not THAT’S funny Tim.

          • ResponsibleHardworking REALSingleMom

            meant to say NOW that’s funny….:)

        • Emma Lora

          Sooo… she doesn’t feel like a celebrity!!

          • LMA

            Well maybe she should start feeling like one! There are few things more annoying than celebrities who enjoy the perks of their celebrity status while struggling to convince everyone that they’re not celebrities. Bristol, unlike MANY unwed teen moms, is blessed to have a family of means, a support system, and at least some access to large amounts of cash by being on TV and exploiting her name. I call that a pretty nice hand she’s been dealt. Maybe she’s ungrateful. And maybe the American public agrees with me, because no one is watching her show.

      • kblah

        Tim, following your logic would mean that anybody who says anything unflattering or not wholly complimentary about, oh, say, Snookie, is “green with envy” over her life? Or does jealousy only afflict those who don’t agree with your worldview? Just curious to know how that works.

    • Piscean Gal

      LMA, and ALL before she is 21! AMAZING, isn’t it!?

  • Tim

    We liked watching your show…how real & down to earth your family is.
    Rock-On Bristol!

  • AJ

    Dear Bristol,
    Since you asked for your viewers thoughts…I appreciated the wisdom of Andy and Gino in these episodes. If you do marry Gino my counsel is that you let him be Tripp’s father and let the sperm donor fade into the past. You are bravely exposing yourself to the public in this show, I pray there will be many who will be encouraged and challenged by your life.


    • Georgia

      Excellent advice, AJ. Levi is still controlling Bristol’s life and she is giving him permission to do so by contacting him and his girlfriend. She’s has a good guy who actually loves her and her son and appears to be devoted to both. Bristol ought to forget that Levi exists. Tripp is far better off without Levi’s foul influence in his precious and very malleable life. Get on with YOUR life Bristol. Your fans love you and want the best for you. Levi is toxic to both you and little Tripp.

  • ManxMamma

    Bristol, if God is guiding you why does He allow you to wallow in self-pity, teach your child such horrible behavior, and have such disrespect for the world around you. Shame on you.

  • Fred


    I’m sorry. I’m sympathetic to your plight but it’s simply wrong of you to publicly air your differences with Levi in front of Tripp. Any family counselor will tell you that this is really bad for the child. However bad Levi is, you should NOT talk negatively about him in front of Tripp. Like it or not, he IS Tripp’s father.

    The guy in the bar put your mom down in front of you. Now you’re putting Tripp’s father down in front of him. I’m sure that made you feel very angry. Since Tripp is only a child, he will carry emotional baggage from this for a long time.


    • Fred

      See what Dr. Phil has to say about this. There are many other sites that say emphatically that you do NOT disparage the other parent in front of the child. What you’re doing is very bad for Tripp.


    • Paul

      I definitely disagree. Levi is Tripp’s 23 chromosomes. He’s not his father. Just find yourself a loving father for Tripp, and say whatever the heck you want to about the sperm donor.

    • LMA

      Fred, you’re correct. Having been raised for part of my life by a loving mom who nevertheless couldn’t stand my father and was very vocal about it, I came to internalize her anger and despair. It wasn’t helpful, to say the least. Bristol sure has reason to dislike Levi, but Tripp, simply because Levi is his biological father, cannot deny a connection with Levi. Children want nothing more than to think the best of their parents, and children will forgive. Reconciliation is always best for the child, unless the absentee parent is a dangerous person. Thankfully, my father and I have a great relationship today, but I had to take a stand and tell my mother not to speak ill of him in my presence. Bristol and Levi brought Tripp into this world, and they need to now put their personal feelings aside and always do what’s best for him. Tripp seems happy, but I feel for him. The books, the reality show, the fractured family dynamics on public display…it WILL all affect him.

      • Allison

        I hope she listens to you. No matter what, it’s the right thing to do for the child. He is lovely.

      • ResponsibleHardworking REALSingleMom

        Exactly! Good post. Hopefully she will listen and how can anyone disagree with it? I too was raised by a Mother who carried a lot of hatred towards my Father. (he was a good man) She kept me away from him as much as she could out of spite. He passed away when I was 14. 50 years later I still struggle with her choices that affected ME due to her immaturity and disgust she felt towards her ex-husband. Unfortunately, I was also divorced at a young age when one son was only 3. (his Dad DID truly have issues) I NEVER once uttered a negative comment in the presence of my child. EVER. Now that my son is in his mid-thirties he knows the truth through relatives, other close friends and his Dad himself, who he re-connected with in later years. My son loves and respects me for not bashing his Dad. He did not grow up “hating” his Father for anything I could have said…he appreciates that. Remember, Tripp WILL get older & wiser. No matter what you say or do it WILL be remembered, filed away and come back to bite you in your a$$ in later years. Too bad that you do have a book & now a TV show, items forever preserved, not to mention the INTERNET, for this young man of yours to refer back to. And trust me, he WILL go back to research what you have said about his Dad. What a shame.

        • Fred

          This is so true. You must act for the good of the child. That comes first over everything else.

          Even if Levi has no interest in seeing Tripp now (which may or may not be true), the best thing Bristol should do is leave the door open to them having a relationship later on. If Levi does get more involved at a later date, that would only be good for Tripp. Bristol’s current actions are making it hard for the two of them to ever work together to co-parent Tripp. Of course, having both parents in their life is the best thing for Tripp.

    • Piscean Gal

      Thank you, Fred! Very wise! I really believe in the “parental alienation” aspect of this. I saw it first hand with my husband and his ex, in regards to their two kids. How can we REALLY know how Levi really is with Tripp? Or the contacts he’s tried to make with Bristol? I don’t blame him ONE bit for not answering his phone every time she called him during the show. Nice try Bristol in attempting to make him out to be the bad guy. There are 3 sides to a story, her’s, his and the truth. I’m leaning to his and the truth in what I believe.

  • Mariah

    Bristol, I love your show!! Every tuesday now my cusin comes over so we could watch it together!! It is a great show. And don’t worry about Tripp not having a good dad. In time God will bring that special someone in your life. Just pray and things will come together. I promise. But it will take time.

  • Cheryl

    Has anyone thought maybe there is some bitterness behind the Levi bashing that this show has turned into ? Maybe Levi doesn’t want to air their dirty laundry on TV. Maybe he didn’t answer the phone for that reason. Does anyone really know for sure Levi hasn’t tried for visitation with Tripp ? Bristol said Well he can’t just call up 8 hours in advance and expect to see his son.She says she wants Tripp to have someone he can call Dad then tells him we might see Levi. She always refers to him as Levi , not your Dad. How many of you would like to go up against the power of the Palin’s and not feel the urge to bolt ?
    I am willing to bet Levi has had his head handed to him more than once.And I bet he does want to see his son. He might just think the drama caused by his appearance is wrong for his son..I can’t believe how easy it is for every one to forget if you knew him you might just think Levi is a nice kid.And no I do not know him.

    • myj

      Levi has been begging Bristol to let him spend time with Tripp… He was warned by his advisor not to answer the phone, cause it was a trap to tear him down on the show. The last time he saw Tripp was a few days ago in Bristol’s car with the window up…. Tripp waved at him when he approching the car and Bristol drove off before he came close. Bristol building a case against herself…

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Briston above all continue with your honsety. Why? honesty is the best policy. I’ve read some of these other comments and it seems to me there’s those who seem to think their spotless, what a joke.

  • Christy Ridenour

    Hi Bristol,

    I watch and enjoy your show, but it makes me sad to see people still refuse to leave your family alone. I understand what you are saying when you say “I’ve put him in a less than ideal family situation”, but I couldn’t think of a better family to handle the situation. I have been blessed to meet several of your family members. You have a great family that supports you. Your family is awesome. When I am vacationing in Alaska I always love visiting with your grandma and grandpa. They are great people! So just remember when things get tough, you have a gorgeous little boy, a wonderful family, and that’s really all that matters! Take care and I will be watching next Tuesday.

    • Piscean Gal

      Christy, if they would stop prostituting themselves, putting themselves out there in the “limelight” for that almighty dollar, then people probably WOULD leave them alone. There would be NOTHING to say, everyone could “speculate” of course, but since there would be “nothing out there” who cares. Why complain about wanting to be left alone, and why why why, yet continue to put yourself out there, on display!? Makes no sense, not even COMMON sense! If she is so concerned about her son’s well being, she should really think about that. Get out of the lime light, and get a REAL JOB. If she REALLY wanted to know what it’s like to be an “unwed (teen) mom”, stop complaining about how “hard” her life is, and pay attention to those mom’s who actually talk the talk and walk the walk, who are actually living in the trenches of single parenting, who DO NOT have the financial backing and support of their family as she apparently seems to have, although Willow seems to take issue with her at times, or is that just for show? Things that make you go HMMMM…

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, you have not failed as a mother to Tripp. Levi has failed as a father. His failure is not yours. You’re an exceptional mom. The proof is in your son. He’s smart, well-adjusted, well-rounded and loves his mommy with all his heart. Not to mention, gorgeous with tons of personality. My favorite scene in Episode 3 was Tripp mugging for the cameras. That boy is a star! I also loved watching you shoot Levi’s book to shreds. That’s about what it’s worth. Bristol, keep walking on God’s path and you will do just fine.

  • wendy

    Imagine that someone says bad things about your parent in public and you fly to you fly to your parent’s defense. Didn’t that feel good? Now imagine that someone says bad things about your son’s parent in public and, oops, it’s you yourself doing it. Is that at all consistent? What part of the Golden Rule have you been practicing?
    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Exactly Wendy! All the people who are applauding Bristol defending her Mother from the jerk at the bar aren’t saying a word about her demeaning her son’s father. It either works all the time or it doesn’t.

      • Emma Lora

        I think you are confused… What I heard that was negative was about the negative lies Levi told in his book Also I saw an effort on her part to give him a chance at seeing their son. Her maturity in dealing with these negatives he put out there is impressive.

        • Fred

          Bristol wrote a book too. In fact she did it first. It was VERY harsh against Levi. It basically said he date-raped her on a camping trip. It’s a little hypocritical to blast him for writing a “memoir” when she also wrote a “memoir” before he did.

          Some day Tripp is going to grow up and read his mom’s book. How’s he going to like reading that he’s the result of a camping trip where his mom got drunk? Whether this is true or not, it is simply NOT good to bring all of this dirty laundry up in front of the child. That is the first rule any counselor will tell parents after a couple separates from one another.

          • Emma Lora

            Fred, I read her book too and she did not accuse him of date rape. In fact she went on the view and said she was not accusing him of that.
            Take note.. He does not pay child support … He does not use visitation time. He has fathered another child. And he lied in his book. Her negatives about Levi as you call it does not compare to “Your mom is a wh..re” or his nasty comment about Bristol in public. Your perspective says more about you than you know.

          • Lisa G

            Actually, she tried defending why she was dating Levi, despite the fact that he wasn’t a great catch, by his own admission. I read no harshness. It was more honest than his. He fabricated his entire dating past to appear like a respectable boyfriend, when he already came clean about cheating.

            NO girl I knew in high school wouldve dated Levi. Must be an Alaskan, outdoorsy thing.

        • GrizzlyMom

          Who cares what you think Emma Lora!

          • Ray

            I care, GrizzlyMom. I care because Emma Lora is right. I will defend Bristol ALWAYS. And I will ALWAYS defend anyone who defends Bristol.

          • Fred

            She had to deny she said he date raped her on The View because her book basically says that.

            Whatever faults Levi has, it’s COMMON SENSE that you don’t disparage the other parent. It’s standard language in shared custody agreements for a good reason. And it’s in their custody agreement! Bristol is violating that agreement on her show! You must put the child first even if it really feels good for Bristol and Willow to put down Levi. It’s immature and unnecessary.

            BTW, Levi did not call his mom a whore. That was some guy in a bar that has nothing to do with this. Except that Bristol decided it made good TV to show that incident.

          • Patriot

            Ray you sound unstable.

          • Emma Lora

            Some care… some don’t… that is Ok with me. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Perhaps you can find a show that suits your personality, Grissley.

    • Piscean Gal

      Exactly, Wendy, I just read something TWICE today that fits in here fairly well. I read, ” Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” Granted, Bristol is not a “father” but I think the phrase fits.

  • Jose

    I really liked what you wrote! You are a good mom!

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Hey Bristol, here are some farmers going to Fox News in NYC, watch their video—-http://t.co/c9zOjX6n they are getting many reviews!

  • David Dempsey

    This is a really good post, Bristol. Tripp’s Dad is probably doing everything that he does just for the money. — The Palin Haters are probably paying him to say and write things to make you and your Mother look bad. They probably started talking to Tripp’s Dad not long after they had decided to try to ruin your Mother’s life with their lies and fabrications. That is just the way Left-Wing Politics works. But now you have more than one place where you can respond to things that are said about you that you do not like. That’s Good.

    • Fred

      Yes, Levi is just into it for the money. The Palins are much bigger than that. Sarah could have had a book deal and a TV show which would have made her millions. Did she take those offers? NO! She had a duty to serve out her term as the governor of Alaska and she did so. I’ve heard that she donates all of her profits from her FOX News interviews to charity and that she doesn’t take a dime of her SarahPAC money for any personal uses such as travel or hotel stays.

      Bristol has the same integrity. She’s donated the money from her book sales and her Dancing With the Stars showing to charity. She works hard in the day, every day at the doctor’s office. On top of that she goes all the way to California to help the poor people of South Central. You can see from the show that she has worked her butt off at that charity. I’m sure she only keeps what she makes from Life’s a Tripp to make sure that Tripp is taken care of.

      Levi is off living in mansions and building homes for himself in Wasilla. He’s jet setting back and forth to exotic places while Bristol is just your average Alaska girl that wants nothing to do with the Hollywood life style.

      • Sue

        Is there something wrong with making money? There is however something wrong with making money by selling out and lying about people. (example: see Levi Johnston)

        • Patriot

          Then they should stop wanting the public to feel sorry for them and enjoy their money.

      • Lisa G

        What are you talking about? Bristol’s had a normal job for years. Just because she takes other opportunities doesn’t make her a bad person. Levi ONLY had Hollywood and living off the Palin name as a “career”. He made money from trashy interviews and is not respected because of it.

      • Tim

        Fred is green with envy; like most Palin haters.

    • Piscean Gal

      David writes: “This is a really good post, Bristol. Tripp’s Dad is probably doing everything that he does just for the money. — The Palin Haters are probably paying him to say and write things to make you and your Mother look bad. They probably started talking to Tripp’s Dad not long after they had decided to try to ruin your Mother’s life with their lies and fabrications. That is just the way Left-Wing Politics works. But now you have more than one place where you can respond to things that are said about you that you do not like. That’s Good.”
      OH right, I forgot, Bristol or Sarah don’t do ANYTHING they do for money…SMH, are you KIDDING!? EVERYTHING they do has a PRICE tag on it, David. Bristol complains about the “lame stream media” but she’s right in the middle of it, “prostituting” herself for that ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, just like her mother, and now it seems, like her Father.

  • louiseharas

    Bristol, you are absolutely right. Teaching Tripp to stick his tongue out at strangers really says family values. I guess you will appreciate it when people see you and stick their tongue out at you. Call it the Palin Salute.

    • GrizzlyMom


    • Piscean Gal

      LMAO louiseharas! Funny how that works, huh? Yet she gets mad and confrontational with the man in the bar…Does she not realize, that EVERYTHING she does will at one point in time, be available to Tripp to see when he gets of age to understand, fully? I guess not, it’s all fun and games right now, and making her money, so what the heck…

  • Joy

    What broke my heart was when you actually told Tripp that his dad was coming to see him when you weren’t sure he was. You hadn’t heard back from him, so there was no confirmation he’d be there. The banter in the vehicle on the way there re: who he was going to play with further set him up for disappointment. When Levi didn’t show (big surprise) and you guys were leaving, Tripp said, “I never want to come back here.” The child should be kept out of the parents problems, as they are innocent. Even if he only sees him sporadically, there should be a picture of “daddy,” and only positive things should be spoken about him in front of Tripp.

  • section9

    Bristol, your show is totally awesome! The power of our saviour is working through you, for sure!! I love your family sooooo much. Although, I wish I was in Gino’s spot, hehehe! I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world and I would be so honored to date you. Let me know if it doesn’t work out with Gino! I loved your book so much, I bought 8 copies. One for each of my sisters and one for my mother. I kept 2 for myself. I wish your mother had run this year, she would be so far in the lead over obummer hussein right now. She warned us about death panels and now it looks like they are coming. The kenyan muslim dictator is ruining our country! And he wasn’t even born here and he is President. You know that the reason why is that 95 percent of the blacks voted for him and probably ALL of those homosexuals.

    Anyway, I lovvvvveeeee you Bristol, hopefully someday we’ll meet, and maybe you’ll really like me and we can date. Forever yours, section9. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  • debbbbie

    Trash Levi on national TV & tell America your are a good Mother. You have harmed Tripp for his life. Why?, I guess you want money because being “famous” is going to die very rapidly with the way you treat Tripp. No one, regardless of their point of view, will watch your show & think better of you. Shame on you.


  • Bristol,
    I’m going to share something very personal here: My father abandoned my mother and I when I was five months old. I never saw him. She chased him for a few years to get child support. He did not want anything to do with either of us. I don’t even know if my biological father is dead or alive. I could spend $40 to find out through one of various websites. I also have better things to spend $40 on. My mother’s r ex-husband from her prior marriage became the father figure in my life. He was always there for me and anything I needed – he was there. I never missed a beat. Never. In a few hours, I will be going to his to celebrate my 43rd birthday. The man who was a father to me is a WWII hero (among many other things he did) and turns 90 in December. I call him my “uncle,” but he has been the real father to me. Billy is his name.

    The bottom line is – I did just fine without my biological father – because Billy was there. And, my mother was still there too. In your latest episode, Gino showed great potential to be that father figure to Tripp. He can be to Tripp what Billy was – and is to me – and in many ways – at least from what I saw on these episodes (there have been four 30-minute episodes thus far – at least that’s how Verizon FIOS considers it), I think that means everything in the end.

    Tripp can have a dad other than Levi. Not biologically of course – but if someone – like Gino – proves to be that father figure, Tripp won’t miss a beat. Ever. And…you are a wonderful mother. Let no one tell you otherwise. Yes, you made mistakes. Who among us hasn’t. What matters is that you learned from them, recovered from them – and you have. Hold your head high and walk with a little more swagger, Bristol. You’ve earned that right.

    • Ray

      I agree with Ron. Listen to some of us who have a few years under our belts and have been through similar things. Biology doesn’t matter when you have a heart connection. It will actually be better for Tripp not to have someone who acts like a child and has done some terrible things to his mom around him. Find a good example of a man to show Tripp. Anyone can teach Tripp hockey or to ice skate. But who is going to teach him how to be a man? Levi can’t and won’t. Tripp will only pick up how NOT to be a man from him. Wish Levi well…pray for him, but for God’s sake, keep that bad influence as far away from Tripp as possible.

    • Piscean Gal

      Ron, my daughter and I know this feeling. Her biological father hasn’t seen her since she was 6 months old. MY daughter will be 19 in August. My deceased husband stepped up, for 12 yrs of her life, until his death in late 2005. HE was the only daddy she has known. When she was between 1 and 2 yrs of age, she would call my husband “Daddy” and I would correct her. I too, wanted her “REAL” dad to step up. I would correct her, and say “No, that’s “Keith” and after the first time, my husband said, “Don’t correct her anymore. If she wants to call me Daddy, let her. I will be there for her.” and this was BEFORE we got married! He has never, in life or death, let my daughter down. He continues to “take care” of her. I am now engaged to someone, who, is totally different than my husband in MANY ways, but he too has been there for not only my daughter, but for the son my husband and I had together.

  • K

    An eye for an eye! Good for you for teaching Tripp to stick up for himself! When he starts school his teachers are going to LOVE watching him be a leader to kids whose families were too “PC” to teach them how to respond appropriately when they get disrespected! They will have a sneaky giggle when he’s teaching everyone in his class to stick their tongues out and say, “I hate you!” to their enemies! Because of all the ridiculous new anti-bullying rules that teachers have to enforce, he will probably be scolded at school for this behavior, but you can know that secretly they will be cheering Tripp’s strength and your good sense as a parent!!!

    • Piscean Gal

      K, Tripp wasn’t being harassed. IF Bristol feels HIS privacy was being violated, maybe SHE should have gotten up and gotten out of sight of the lenses snapping pictures of her.

      • K

        What kind of example would that set? She is teaching her son to be “Not Afraid of Life” and to “Stand his Ground”! Our children are the future and the Palins understand that better than anyone!

  • louiseharas

    Some thoughts about Bristol’s hard job of raising Tripp all alone (with the help of a nanny):
    1. Her brother and father could provide male role models for Tripp, but so far, we have not seen them included in his life, at least not on the so-called reality show.
    2.. Including a boy friend, who comes and goes, is not a positive male role model.
    3. Bristol constantly blames Levi , it’s all his fault. In her book, she mentioned forgetting to take her birth control pills, and surprise, she was pregnant. Not taking birth control pills makes Bristol at least 50% responsible for conceiving Tripp. It takes two. If Levi didn’t use protection, neither did Bristol.
    4. Bristol told Greta that it was HER choice to keep Tripp. Once Bristol made that choice, she ceased being a kid and assumed the role of an adult who would have to take care of a child for the next 18 years. Her program shows an immature girl who was not completely ready for that responsibility, leaving Tripp with her sister, riding a bull in a bar, teaching Tripp to stick his tongue out at a photographer, constantly bashing the Tripp’s father in front of him. Yes, I agree, Humpty Dumpty is much too long to read in one sitting. Even if Tripp doesn’t understand all of the words that Bristol uses, he understands that she is angry, and that’s unhealthy for him. The constant Levi bashing is emotional child abuse.
    5. Bristol is not an inspiring role model for other single girls who became pregnant while there were teens. Less than 50% of those girls graduate high school.. Only 2% will finish college. They will not be able to get good jobs because of a lack of education. Real single parents worry about balancing a job, trying to get an education, taking care of their child, while Bristol spends her time bitching with her sister. We will get to see Bristol fly all over the country, sell her investment property, and do a dozen other unrealistic things which real young single parents can’t afford and will never do. She is no inspiration, and she offers no real life solutions to the problems of real single parents.

    • Emma Lora

      Louise, Bristol is doing a wonderful job with the situations she has to deal with. She is going thru doors that have opened to her with courage that most of us lack. She is revealing how hard it is to be a single parent even with the resources she has. She does not claim to have “solutions” to problems. Who claims that? Some of us see the positives and some people want to see negatives. I would encourage her to ignore people who have nothing but negative perspectives when looking at circumstances. Your entire post is completely negative, which is a reflection on you. I do hope you are mostly positive and if this show makes you so negative perhaps you may wish to find another show to watch.

      About the issue of Tripp sticking his tongue out that some are concerned about… lol, that is charming compared to the tongues of adults that spue out self righteousness, snarky comments. negativisms and hatred.

    • Piscean Gal

      RIGHT ON, Louise! I too have Bristol’s book as well as Levi’s. I’ve not finished either, LOL…but truth be known, I actually like Levi more. Bristol has learned the art of manipulation. Notice, how many times did she call Levi on the show in a 30 minute period? She didn’t do it the first time, that I can remember. I also hate the one sided conversations they had allegedly between Willow, Bristol and Sunny, and OMG, how CONDESCENDING can they BE!?

  • Brenda

    I wanted to like your show, I’m a single mother and thought I’d enjoy it. I’m sorry, I will not be watching any more of it. I keep thinking about the most unbelievable thing you said in an interview, these shows are keepsakes for your son. You want your son to watch this when he’s older???? You are not the person I thought you were at all. I doubt you even bother to read your blog and have someone doing that work for you too.

  • Barb

    Bristol – you need to stop bashing Levi. No, he’s not a role model and apparently never will be. But Tripp doesn’t need to hear that constantly. He maybe little, but he’s taking it all in and it will effect him. Hopefully Levi will grow up someday and be a man.

  • Corrie

    I watched the 10 pm episode but changed the channel at the 10:30 episode. Not because I have anything against Bristol, but because it was boring. I don’t think Bristol is trashy enough to succeed in reality tv, and I thought that all along. People who like reality tv want to see drama-fighting, drunken falls down the stairs, arrests, etc. Then there’s people like me who would rather watch Fox News. So Bristol, here’s my honest take: you’re not trashy enough for the reality crowd and not political enough for the news geek crowd.

    I applaud you for the way you handle situations dealing with your son’s father, and Tripp is certainly a beautiful, happy boy. You are clearly an outstanding mom. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: focus on your education. I think you have a lot of potential and I think you should shoot for the moon. Your platform is better communicated through your blog and public speaking appearances than on reality tv.

  • Lisa G

    It’s interesting people condemn Willow and Bristol for their attitude against Sunny and Levi.

    As I just said, Levi has made most of his money from trashy interviews and betrayal. Sunny and Mercede trash Bristol constantly on facebook for superficial reasons. (Hows that boob job Mercede?) They are middle school mean girls. Sunny refuses to see Levi as a former jerkoff who sold himself and lived off hateful interviews. Her “love” for him clouds her judgment.

  • kate

    Well done Miss Bristol. You will do well. Your head is on straight and your boy is going to do great things.

  • BryanA

    Bristol, you cannot be a happy person if you continuosly complain about your perceived grievances. Look around and express appreciation for what you have. An attitude of gratitude will allow more blessings to come into your life.

  • Im not going to go into a long diatribe here, but the comment above by “Fred” was the greatest of all, such fantastic sarcasm. How he wrote of Bristol (where is Myers? Are we gonna see Squibb Palin for Tripp’s sibling? Sheesh.) and her hard work for the California South Centralinos and being a normal Alaska girl was awesome. The reason I am even writing here is because after watching the few minutes of this tripe which afforded me the grace of seeing Bristol in her lake home being built, saying “Building this house is a full-time job.” is once again showing what a spoiled whΦre this labia on legs really is. First of all, the contractor & laborers are building the house, not Miss “I might break a Lee press-on nail” & second, I bet anyone who is REALLY working a full time job would love to have the woes of building a home from the ground up with every detail to their desire courtesy of a TV show throwing wheelbarrows of $$$ at them. This airhead is the epitimy of what is wrong with America. Take some advice Bristol, crawl under that rock across the lake from your parents with Tripp and stay hidden. Focus on him because he’s already screwed now, try to minimize any further damage by not forcing anymore of your mediocre mindless self on America. Enjoy your money and leave the world alone, please. Have some shame or modesty, whatever you can muster. Oops, so much for no long diatribe.

  • Lana

    So I’m a huge liberal and I’ll admit it I enjoy this show and it actually reminds me of Teen Mom. (in a good way) You are a good mom Bristol and Tripp is absolutely adorable. I feel so bad for you that the father of your child is such a waste of life. I don’t think its your fault since your mother is a politician and you are still young but I hope one day you are able to understand that everyone gay or straight deserves the same rights and you don’t have to have the same political views as your mom and dad. I’m not trying to preach to you, its just obvious from the show that you are a sensitive person so I would think that one day your views will change.

  • Michele

    Hello Bristol,
    Love & support you & the family. Amazing to watch you with Tripp-so loving & nurturing.
    Btw, wanted you to know &ask-are you on twitter? @teamBristol? If not-you have quite the fraud on there right now. If that’s not you, what is your twitter name? God bless you & the family.

  • GrizzlyMom

    Bristol’s show has dropped from a little over 700,000 to only 426,000. I give it one more week before Lifetime pulls the plug.

  • Joseppi

    Where’s the On Second Thought for episode 4?

  • Darci

    I cannot believe that Lifetime is allowing this show to be on the air. The insulting of a child’s father directly in front of the child is emotional child abuse. It only shows how immaturely Bristol is handling the situation. That immaturity will end up hurting Tripp in the long run. Lifetime thinks this is good entertainment?!

    For the sake of argument, let’s assume that Levi has shown no interest in Tripp. Do you tell your son he’s going to see his dad as part of a reality show knowing that the father has said he doesn’t want to participate in said reality show, and then let the child feel the disappointment of not seeing his father? No, that’s cruel! To publish such horrible parenting on Lifetime is just plain weird.

    No, what you do if you have a deadbeat parent is to keep open the possibility of successfully co-parenting your child with them. Any child psychologist will tell you that’s the best thing for the child. By airing your differences on national TV and bashing Levi over and over to the nation, you’ve made it incredibly hard for the two of you to work together to raise Tripp in a loving, albeit separate, environment.

    Think about doing what’s best for Tripp for a change and quit whining about how tough you have it. Go back to school or something else that will benefit society. All you’re doing right now is showing the nation that bad parenting habits are acceptable.

    • Joseppi

      The sad part for Tripp is she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing.

    • Jimmie lee

      The only thing hurting Tripp is people like you. You lack knowledge,understanding and compassion. If you had a child at young age and weren’t married to his father maybe you could understand Bristol and her decisions.
      You are probably thinking, Well, I would never find myself in that situation. Well, thats great for you, congrats. Your life will be easy, right?
      As far as I’m concerned Bristol is doing what is best. She could pull the plug on that moron as easy as the snap of her fingers. But she doesn’t. She’s giving him chance after chance after chance. My guess is even if the cameras weren’t at Bouncing Bears that day, said moron would still not show up. And frankly, Tripp deserves more than what he’s getting from that moron.
      You must be some kind of masochist to spend you time reading Bristol’s blog just to degrade her and her family.

  • joe

    You don’t seem to give anything second thoughts Bristol.

  • Jellybean

    Your son will sometime in the future see this drivel you call a reality show and will resent you big time. Your constant trashing of Trip’s father by you and your family is disgusting. You wanted Levi to show up and visit with Trip with reality show cameras rolling. That is sick and you should be ashamed of yourself!

    A good mother who has her child’s best interests at heart, would do everything possible to create a positive relationship with his father. And if that is just not a possibility, she would keep her mouth shut about the father, unless you want your son to grow up being resentful and hateful.

    Kid’s are smarter than you think, Bristol, and everytime you take a jab at Levi in front of Trip, you are harming him.

  • Emma Lora

    Good morning Bristol,
    I have read most of the posts and noticed the negative ones that appear to want to intimidate or accuse you of not being considerate of Tripp’s feeling about your handling of Levi, etc. Here is my take…
    Some day when he is older he will see that you were angry, frustrated and dissappointed at Levi’s lack of involvement… and how much effort you put into wanting Levi to be involved. He will see how hurt you were by Levi’s book. He will see the love and support of family and friends for you and Tripp. That will be lasting and positive for him. If Levi has a change of heart, that too will be nice part of the tapestry of Tripp’s experience.
    He will see records and videos that show some people that were ugly towards your family and how you and your family still held your heads high and kept going strong and enduring the snarky side of society. That will be a great example. He will see that people will write ungracious and critical things just to do so and society has those as well but you will continue to be faithful to God, family and friends, and continue to do the best you can.
    He will see that you are not perfect and make mistakes, but want to be responsible and share with others your honesty, vuneralbility, gutsy perserverance to learn outside of the box. All of these are great examples for him.
    Keep going strong Bristol. Even your mistakes will become a positive record. Ugly and starky critical attitudes will always exist and Tripp will have a good example of ignoring them at times and dealing with them at other times. Your book, appearances, shows etc reveal your love for God and family. and strength to deal with challenges and adversities. Keep on keeping on. Those that love you far outweigh the haters.

  • Sierra

    I think you are doing a wonderful job Bristol, and for all those people who say you insulting Tripps father in front of him is child abuse are stupid. Maybe if he would step up and be a father and stop trying to use Tripp and your family as a money making machine. All he see’s are the dollar signs rather than his son and he deserves to get talked down to. You are not harming Tripp in ANY way. You are trying to protect him rather, and I understand this as many parents do. Be above all the negative comments about you as a mother or your family. You know what you’re doing is right and you are doing nothing wrong. People are just so harsh and try to take out their anger from your moms beliefs on you and your show., which is of course absurd. Stay strong girl, you’re the greatest!

  • Now, let’s be real here. How many of you can remember conversations you overheard as a 4 year old? I can remember some things way back then but mostly,I remember how much I was loved. I’ll bet the farm that Tripp will only remember the love and support he got unless hate- filled people take it upon themselves to spread their venom.

    • K

      Good point! It’s just commn sense that people can’t be harmed by something they can’t even remember from when they were little. That’s why my Mom always told me to spank my kids only when they were babies so that they would learn right from wrong but would not remember me hitting them. She was right they didn’t remember and they turned out just fine! Just like you, they only remember the LOVE!

      • Jellybean

        I hope this is sarcasm

      • ResponsibleHardworking REALSingleMom

        OMG! Did this Mother named “K” just say that outloud? In PRINT? No wonder Bristol’s minions support her, they are all totally whacked in the head. YES! SAY YES TO CHILD ABUSE! But only when they’re under 5 years old!!! They won’t remember!!!! Good Lord…sick people out there.

    • Jellybean

      It’s all been taped, and will be there for him to view in the future. This isn’t 1928, duh.

  • Nathan

    Someone recently posted that Bristol shouldn’t trash talk Levi because Tripp won’t respect him… Hello! Levi isn’t a respectable person! My parents warned me when I was hunger to only hang around people that would help me grow as a good, moral person. In my opinion, Gino would make a better father figure than Levi. So what if he’s not the biological father! And if he wants, Tripp could even call him “dad”, even if he’s the stepdad.

  • Capital G

    LMAO @ the Bristol haters. Jealous much? BTW – Thanks for watching!

    Levi is a punk. People who screen their calls like that and can’t even face the reality of their own lives are pathetic. You drive all that way without so much as a confirmation he would show – and of course he does not. It’s not like Levi has anything else going on. He has nothing but time on his hands and he won’t even give a small amount of it to his own son.

  • leese

    girl we all say things we dont mean or wanna take back but your only human! and we know what you meant when you said you failed as a mom i mean ive said stuff myself and done stuff im not proud of but thats part of our lives we needa move on and get better lol