On Second Thought: Episode 5, Ms. Palin Goes to Washington

On Second Thought: Episode 5, Ms. Palin Goes to Washington July 5, 2012

This was the scene before Mom came out to speak at CPAC.
This was the scene before Mom came out to speak at CPAC.

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Episode Five, Air Date: July 3, 2012

Washington, DC is not my type of place. I don’t love being up to my neck in politics, and it’s hard not to be in the nation’s capital.  However, it was worth flying down to do a book signing and to see Mom speak.

As many of you know, “Not Afraid of Life” came out last year.  (It hit the New York Times best sellers list!!) That meant, I spent much time at book stores around the country signing copies of my books and meeting fans.  I met people who voted for my mom in 2008, who voted for me on Dancing with the Stars, and who generally loved all things Palin.  I don’t thank you guys enough, but I do appreciate all of you who’ve stuck by me throughout all the drama.  You’re the best, and I loved meeting some of you face to face.

The booksigning in Washington was a little more nerve wracking than normal.  As soon as we got into DC, we saw Occupy Wall Street had set up protests outside our hotel.  They were screaming, yelling, and trying to get inside to disrupt the events.  Since the book signing was pretty close to the hotel, would they follow us? Thankfully, we had a wonderful – and gigantic! – security guard and no one caused trouble.  Once again, I was happy to meet so many fans in person.

I’d never attended the American Conservative Union’s CPAC, but it apparently is the most energetic conference of the year.  There were thousands of people there, yelling for their candidates.  This was before the Republicans had selected a nominee, so groups of supporters could be seen at the conference shouting each other down.  “Santorum!” one group would shout, only to be shouted down by another group shouting, “Romney!”  It was really crazy.

Of course, Mom wasn’t running for anything, but excitement seems to follow her. After our book signing, we went back to the hotel and got ready for Mom’s speech.  As you may have noticed during her 2008 Vice Presidential run, she loves to interact with people.  She shakes hands, hugs babies, and talks to everyone.  Willow and I don’t necessarily love this about her, especially when Occupy Wall Street was looming in everyone’s minds.  Would they get inside?  Would the police be able to keep them out?

As we settled into our seats, the room was completely packed, with lines of people snaking around the hallways as they waited to get in.  All of the other candidates had given speeches before Mom, but no one can captivate an audience quite like she can.  It’s hard to tell from the footage that Lifetime captured just how loud the room was.  They must’ve only had a microphone on Mom, but the audience was absolutely deafening as they clapped and yelled for her.  She had more standing ovations than I could count!

Then, an activist for Occupy Wall Street interrupted her speech.  I couldn’t tell what the protester screamed, but I could tell he was not yelling “Amen!” When the activist interrupted her, everyone went crazy, shouting “USA! USA!” They weren’t about to let him be able to steal the spotlight.

Mom handled it with her usual charm, and I was so proud of her.  She really has an amazing gift.  I might not have recognized it as she was nagging me to keep my dirty clothes off the floor of my room when I was a kid, but in a room the size of that auditorium?  It’s undeniable.  She can energize an audience like no one else.

Mainly, of course, she’s just mom to me.

When we got back to the room, Willow and I surprised her with a cake.  We knew we’d celebrate later with our family, but we wanted her to know that we remembered her birthday.  Our time with Mom in the hotel room provided some of the most memorable lines of the show so far:

Willow: I’d never want to live in DC.

Mom: Why?

Willow: Liberals!

And then, when Mom told her that she needed to “give hairdressers a good name,” she said, “I got into one of the top beauty schools!”

I love this episode, because it showed us for really what we are.  A typical American family, which finds itself in the most unique circumstances imaginable.

That’s why it’s always exciting to be a Palin!

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  • Ray

    Bristol, I had no idea you had a book signing CPAC weekend. I would have been there to meet you and get my book signed by you had I known. All I was able to do was get a brief moment to give you a “BELIEVE” button I was wearing while your mom was shaking hands.

  • Loved the show and can’t wait until next week…..don’t make any difference to me that they changed the time.

  • Ruby

    Do you seriously think only liberals live in dc or on the east coast? That shows how you are very misinformed. And occupy wall street is a peaceful, not violent protest group. Your mother fights for freedom for all people, does she not? She spews her verbiage about Obama taking away our freedom.
    protesting is a form of individual freedom, which obviously you do not agree with. And why would Ows care about your book signing. Do you even know what the movement stands for? It’s about the rights of everyday propel, the people that you say you are and uour family us. Seriously, your show getting bumped into oblivion is the best thing that could happen to you. Now you can go study up on what real life us about and not have to hang your head in shame.

    • hrh

      OWS is peaceful? 417+ arrests would say otherwise:


      And these aren’t just “disturbing the peace” arrests. Check out the facts before you lie about OWS.

      And yes, Obama is taking away our freedoms. You’re just not paying attention.

      I live in CT. And yes, there are conservatives on the East Coast. They’re just bullied out of power by the violent OWS types.

      • Patriot

        Should I post a link to all the tea party protests where they brought guns and posters with violent sayings on them?

        • RefudiateObama2012

          Yeah, why don’t you try that. Out of the thousands of Tea Party gatherings, there have been no arrests of any TPers. The only injuries sustained have been of TPers attacked by lefties. Oh, and when the TPers leave an area, they pick up after themselves.

        • otlset

          It would be more exciting to hear about the rapes, murders, assaults, drug-dealing and taking, lice and filth and disease, and of course the empty-headed slogans from people in the OWS encampments who when asked have no real idea specifically what they’re protesting about. They are an embarrassing and ignorant lot, fueled only on misguided ‘feelings’ based on biased and incomplete information about the topics they choose to whine and “protest” about.

        • patriot,
          By all means you do that!! I want to see them. There were some cases where they early on
          had invaders come in and show themselves but that was quickly taken care of by the Tea
          Party organization. They wanted to made the Tea Party look bad and that was talked about
          in the media. And yes you did not see it on the liberal media.

          • Diggertoo

            How many copies of Bristol’s book were actually sold? A brief search tells me 17,000… Wonder what percent of that 17,000 were given out free at her mothers book signing?

    • Truth101

      Give it a rest, Liberal Rudy! Most of the people in Occupt wall street are bums. Go bother Obama and his loons.

    • Rudy,
      Do you really want to say you support OWS!!!! Are you one of them and getting paid for
      protesting???? If they are a peaceful protesting group I would hate to see what you would
      think a unpeaceful protest would be like. They are people who don’t want a job, but want
      a living handed out to them. Living off the taxpayers. They will vote for Obama because
      they want the so call intitlements hand out. They are not smart enough to know that the
      intitlements are Obama trying to get votes and the money that he plans to use for the
      hand out is not there even if he is able to hand out some it want last. Another Obama
      And Bristol being Sarah’s daughter, sure the occupier would go after her if Sarah had not have
      been in town. One of the biggest misconception is when one thinks he is smartier than anyone
      else and will call others dumb just because they don’t agree with you way of thinking.

  • Tracie

    Bristol, just wanted you to know that my kids (2 girls ages 12 and 10 and 1 boy age 7) and I have watched your show from episode 1. We look forward to it each week. Thank you for allowing us to come into your home and sharing your life with us. You are a great example for my girls! Keep up the great work and remember we are all a work in progress molded by the Lord. He isn’t done with any of us yet, praise God!

  • huntingmoose

    “Ms. Palin Goes to Washington”

    a lot of unfinished business there and not just the fact that those suckers overthere do not know how to live and work without electricity anymore.

  • Maggie

    Well, Willow, as a liberal I personally think Santorum is filled with BS and Romney is only a little better. Liberals rule! But Bristol, I think you are doing a wonderful job with Tripp. I read your book and thought it was wonderful. Keep up the good work!

  • Misty

    It was a real cute episode! It was funny what you and your mom have to go through. Sarah has a real good attitude about it, thanfully.

    • Misty

      Oops, I mean thankfully.

  • TeePartyJeezus

    “Thankfully, we had a wonderful – and gigantic! – security guard and no one caused trouble. ”
    “I love this episode, because it showed us for really what we are. A typical American family”

    You cant make this stuff up.

    • otlset

      Unfortunately they now need security to protect themselves from the violence and death threats aimed at them. It’s an increasingly sick and violent world.

  • TeePartyJeezus

    “Willow: I’d never want to live in DC.
    Mom: Why?
    Willow: Liberals!”

    Sweet, irrepressible little Willow. How long until she downs too many wine coolers and squirts out another member of the Palin tribe?

    • Susan

      When women on the Left “drink too many wine coolers” and get pregnant out of wed-lock, they just murder the child via abortion. Doesn’t say much about their character, courage and ability to love, does it?

      • TeePartyJeezus

        You make a good point- they abort the thing, rather than parlaying it into a reality show, and making a nice living off of it. No one knows how to turn a quick buck like a conservative, I grant you that….

        • otlset

          It’s a good use of her adorable Trippy asset there, in taking advantage of the fame they now have to cope with and have obviously decided to turn to their advantage. Too bad you don’t have the double-edged sword of notoriety to craft into a mighty fine living for yourself. Oh and did I mention she pays taxes from it into the system?

      • Jellybean

        What a load of B.S. Liberal women KNOW how to use birth control. They have parents who know that teens might have sex and therefore ensure they have the information they need to protect themselves. The highest teen pregancy rates are in contard RED states. And if you believe all of these stupid girls are giving birth and not aborting, I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska. Contard women pretend they are so pure when in fact they are like rabbits, but because the church and mommy and daddy don’t want them to have any sex education, they pop out kids like candy out of a pez dispenser.

        • jellybean,
          Again, does your mom and dad know you are writing this stuff??? I bet you are only
          about 10 or 11 years old.
          State your source on the Red state teen pregancy!!

          • LMA

            In 2010, the top 5 states with the highest teen pregnancy, in order from highest to lowest: Mississippi, New Mexico, Arkansas, TX, and OK. With the exception of New Mexico, all states went to McCain in 2008. This links shows a longer list, with lots more RED states represented! You must be so proud…


          • LMA

            New England states have the lowest teen-pregnancy rates. And you’ll remember, millie, those states went BLUE in 2008.

          • Jellybean

            Oh, that hurt Millie. I’m crushed.

          • Patriot

            Ha ha ha ha! I love it.. Millie your an idiot. Turn off Fox news and go outside for a change.

          • otlset

            Well see, it’s because the majority of the pregnant teens were busy having babies or getting abortions and couldn’t get to the polls to vote, giving McCain the edge.

          • Diggertoo

            Millie…do facts hurt your head?

        • sodakhic

          Have you been to Chicago, Jellybean?Talking about popping them out left and right and they get $2,000 a child from the taxpayers.

          • Jellybean

            I can see right through your post soda. Innuendo is not your strong suit.

          • otlset

            Naw, Jellybean kills time here on Bristol’s blog to post spiteful and nasty comments he actually seems to think are clever. People do that sometimes, you know, to feel better about their own miserable lives by causing harm and lashing out at others. In this case a young woman and family he’s never met, yet feels compelled to come here frequently to insult and disparage.

          • Jellybean

            Are you the President of the Palin fan club ot? Do you go to bed at night with bristol and sarahs books nestled in your arms? Do you dream of someday sitting around the campfire with the palin family roasting marshmallows after a wonderful day shooting baby moose?

            Seek help ot before it’s too late.

          • otlset

            Jellybean makes my case…again! He can’t seem to help himself.

          • TeaPartyJesus

            “Jellybean makes my case”

            JB cracks me up. Funny, and prescient, all at the same time. A wonderful combination in a troll : )

    • Truth101

      Hi TeeJeezus Loon, Why don’t you worry about the 50 million abortions in his country? You knockin up and then run to the assemble line to abort.

      How does it feel to live in a country where men have given women the right to commit murder so that the men can get rid of their mistakes?

    • TeeJeezus,
      Hey, don’t you have something better to do or are you one of the occupiers out there!!!

  • aaron krohn

    I’ve now seen the first six episodes…..and love them all!!!
    Thanks for the “behind the scenes” at CPAC……and in your hotel room for Sarah’s B-day!!!
    Thanks for the intimate look at your and Gino’s relationship!!
    (It appears marriage is in the picture!!! Good luck!!!!)
    Thanks for that B-day party at your Grandparents place!!!!
    Thanks for showing us how GROWN UP Piper has become!!!!
    So tall now!!!!!
    And thank you for showing us what a great dad you have, and all those moments with Trig and your beautiful son!!!!
    I especially loved the part (in either episode 5 or 6) when you were putting Tripp to bed!!!
    That was so warm and loving!!!!
    You are a FANTASTIC mother!!!!!!!

  • I love seeing your family as you are, I think a lot of people forget that those in the spotlight are still just people. I’ve never understood why people go crazy when they see someone who has been in the media in some way. Quick question I’m hoping you can answer for me, I haven’t found the answer anywhere…..what is the name of the song and singer for the Life’s a Tripp opening?

  • Regarding RUBY: you have obviously not read a newspaper or watched the news. Many women were raped during the OWS haydays by male OWS protestors. Drug use was rampant, they deficated on cars, tinkled on the streets, stole each others electronic devices, made alot of restaurants and stores loose customers and that cost them money, left parks covered in human waste and garbage, cost tax payers millions of dollars in police salaries, cost shop owners tons of money in restoration and clean up, tourism revenues were way down-just to name afew things that went on. granted, there were a hand full of OWS protesters that were clean and well meaning but they were the exception and not the rule. Also, when the Tea Party protesters gathered anywhere, they obtained permits and paid for the use of that area where as the OWS protestors did not pay one cent into the coffers to offset police coverage or the cleanup. The TP protests did not require any cleanup costs as they often left a place cleaner than when they arrived. You need to do your own research on this to become more informed as to what is going on outside the world of your parents basement and their computer. Bless your heart, I hope this advice helps you.

    • Diggertoo

      Sources please. Simply writing this down does not make it true.

    • BlueVA

      Eileen, you’re a dirty nasty liar. The story at Sue’s link says that sexual offenders have taken advantage of well-meaning protestors who have embraced the spirit of Occupy and shared their tents. Also, it says that the Occupy movement has taken steps collectively to prevent further attacks. Eileen, you should be ashamed of your nasty, filthy mind, willing to believe the worst in humanity simply because of political disagreements. You’re disgusting.

  • Michael Mills

    I love watching you guys interact on the show. It’s really you. It’s not scripted. It shows just how much of a normal American family the Palins really are. I hope the show continues because I love watching you, Tripp, and the entire Palin family.

  • Kathy Sleen

    I don’t follow your show but I like to read your blog. I held the banner with Willow in the Chugiak Parade back when your mom was running for Governer. In that parade your Grandpa Chuck Heath was just as popular as your mom, because he was a very popular school teacher in that town. You girls have handled all this fame well .Good wishes from Wasilla.

    • Mariah

      Wow you are lucky!! The closest got to Sarah was in Lemoore. She gave a speech and I got to shake her hand. Then this annoying woman yelled out something like she was going to kill Sarah. I got shocked. The cops dragged the woman out and next thing I know Sarah was gone. My dad said well least you got a hand shake. It didn’t matter. I was just glad I had the money to see her. That was a night I will never forget.

      • TeePartyJeezus

        ” I was just glad I had the money to see her. ”

        “Money” being the operative word there- Sarah dont give it out for free, nosiree….

        • Mariah

          Oh stop. So I have a question. If you hate Bristol and her family so much then why are you even here? Go do something with your life.

          • TeePartyJeezus

            I’m just celebrating my right to free speech. The only people going on and on about “hate” are the sychophantic palinbots here.
            No one should be above criticism- Bristol decided to make herself a public figure, and now the public is weighing in on what they think of her. Please try to not hate freedom so much- it doesnt look good on you.

  • Now on a positive note. Bristol I have also seen all six episodes and loved everyone of them. You and
    Tripp are doing a wonderful job. In fact your whole family is doing a wonderful job. The more I
    see of your family the more respect I have for all of you.
    Enjoyed seeing you and Mark meeting up. You both seem so confortable around each other. You
    look like you both love to laugh. Good for friends to get together.
    I am ho

    • hoping that your reality show will somehow continue. Seems like the decent things on TV are not
      given a chance.

      Note: My post, posted before I was through.

  • truga

    Is it possible for you to get your TV program back to 10 PM as 11 PM is too late for many people. Comcast has stopped doing the podcasts of the show so I can’t watch it the following day. Is somebody trying to shut your program down? It would do great during the “family hours.”

  • Patriot

    There’s enough stupidity in washington with the tea party republicans so please do stay away…we don’t need to add to it.

    • liberty

      Patriot you should leave Washington then that would fix the problem.

    • Mariah

      Why hate so much? Just relax. Your blood pressure will go up. And that is not good. Don’t hate this much. And anyway if you hate Bristol Palin and her family so much, why are you even here?

  • Mariah

    Bristol dear, stay strong!!!! I will tell you my story. This is how I found Christ!!!!!!! I was a freshmen in high school. I had been depresses for as long as I can remember. I had been in chat rooms to make me happy . Then the night before spring brake ends, I had told this guy that I wanted to end my life. He had gave me his number if it didn’t work. I took lots of handfulls of meds. I was sure I wouldn’t make it through the night. The next morning I was so up set. I had called him and left a message sayi.g it would be plan b. I get to school. Then, before I know it, three cops were there. They quickly took me to to the hospital. The doctors thentold me I was lucky. I onky damaged my stomach lineing. I remember one doctor tell me that God loves me. And he is here. He has a plan for me. I am his and only his. After that I quickly went back to my old ways. The drugs. Then, my grandpa gave me a book to read. Guess what that book was? You got it Going Rogue by Sarah Palin. I read the end and thought of the day my life aas saved. I then went to beach camp with the church. It was there I gave my life. So, I wpuld have never made it if it wasn’t for those cops and your mom. And that is my story. God Bless You Bristol!!!!

  • Anastasia

    Bristol, I’m enjoying your show so much! I’ve dvr’d all the episodes but was also wondering if they will be available on DVD later. Normally I don’t watch these types of shows, but I admit that I’m hooked on this. I love getting these behind the scenes peeks into the Palin world. Your family is so dynamic and refreshing. And you, Bristol, have a great heart and a lot of courage. I commend you for engaging with the culture and for honestly sharing your journey!

    P.S. I also thoroughly enjoyed your book and watching you on Dancing with the Stars. All the best to you and Tripp and to all your loved ones in the future.

  • Sue Lynn

    Great stuff Bristol…..

  • Joseph

    Your mom did awesome at CPAC! Still my favorite quote from her on that day she spoke was, “We aren’t red Americans. We aren’t blue Americans. We’re red, white and blue, and President Obama, we are through with you!”. I hope you can come to Oklahoma for a book signing. 🙂

    • Mariah

      You say your from Oklahoma. My dad is from there and so was his dada and so on. I always wanted to go there. I hear it is great there.

  • ashley soto

    love the show! There is always gonna be people out there that are gonna hate. It all depends on how you handle it.. and from what I can tell the palin family does a awesome job.y’all are a wonderful family. LOVE FROM TEXAS!

  • TeePartyJeezus

    “I love getting these behind the scenes peeks into the Palin world. ”

    almost as intriguing as David Koresh land….

    • otlset

      But not as noxious however as drinking the hopenchange koolaid and being made fools of by the con-artist who got into office by pulling the wool over the eyes of gullible low-information star-struck voters. Suckers, but we all have to suffer now as a result.

  • Mariah

    Bristol, let me remind you. I know this my sound crazy. But I can see your true colors. I can tell who you are. I see a great person. I shared that story with you for a reason. When I completly surrendered myself to God I felt a love and understanding I never knew I had. Now I can see people’s true colors. I tell you this for a reason. Never forget what I am going to tell you. God has a plan for you. You are his child. He loves you so much, that you will never know how deep his love is. He will never ever give up on you. In time od will bring that special someone in your life. I can tell that you are a fighter. You fight, not because you are scared of what is in front of you. But because what you love is behind you. I read my Bible everyday. One verse I always read is John 3:16″For God so loved the world he gave his only son, and whoever believes in him shall not parish, but have enternal life

    • Mariah

      I tell you something you won’t believe. You are a wonderful woman. You will do great things. You will lead others to Christ. You will be there for others. You will be that light at the end of a tunnel.

      • TeePartyJeezus

        “I tell you something you won’t believe. You are a wonderful woman.”

        Why wouldnt Bristol believe she is a wonderful woman? She has all you cultists here, sucking on her kneecaps.

        I like you, Mariah- youre a silly billy : )

        • Truth101

          I like you Jeezu so please take your meds.

          • Mariah


  • Emma Lora

    You are doing great Bristol !! The shows are terrific! . There are some people with bitter, jealous, negative attitudes that want to ” trash ” your site. But remember … most of us enjoy seeing you being yourself, & relating to your son and family and friends. We (mostly conservatives + others ) see humor, love, concerns, frustrations, plus fun and family in your show. We find it so relate-able !! .

    The negative ” trashers” do not find the show relate-able. They do not see what we see as … well.. relate-able …. ( conservative individuals within a community of family & friends… learning to deal with mistakes, challenges … and supporting each other) . The ” trashers” want to pick at details so they have something to spark bitterness, delusions of superiority & fantasies of the power of manipulation and faux control within themselves. Because of envy.. “trashers” can’t ignore your blog site or show … enviously watching what your family, friends etc. have and bitter because their liberal mindset won’t produce the same outcome. (If they are happy w/ themselves… why are they so bitter??)

    However, we the positive supporters, find your show enjoyable & relate-able . We appreciate your willingness to share your show with us, for other young people to learn from, and sharing your family that millions of people love. We relate to your show, family & community (other supporters) . The “trashers” relate to each other when trashing the same site .. ! You are in the public eye no matter what you do or don’t do… , but it is so smart of you to take advantage of these opportunities offered to you.. on your terms… . go Bristol !!! … HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLOW!!

    • GrizzlyMom

      We get it Emma…you are RELATE-D to the Palin’s. Trust me none of us are envious in any way. And I’m sure we all live in communities and have families and friends just like you do. Please stop feeding into the victimization of this family. Why do conservatives always feel so sorry for themselves? You have CHOSEN to not be part of the mainstream. You have CHOSEN a set of restrictions to live your life by (which frustrates you because you often can’t live up to them). You have CHOSEN not to RELATE to the rest of the world because you think you are special to your god. That is your problem. And you are not the only ones being “picked on”. I’m sure there is a blog where the Kardashians are ripped to shreds. Paris Hilton has entire websites devoted to making fun of her. Thats like in the public eye. If they Palin’s don’t like it they can go back to a private life and trust me the rest of the country will be happy to forget about them.

      • Grizzleymom.
        You can only speak for yourself instead of the rest of the country. You want be dealing with
        Sarah this election, but in the near future you will so you might as well get use to it. No matter
        how much you bash and holler Sarah is not going anywhere.
        She relates to alot of people and not just in this country. She is popular in some of the other
        country also.
        And btw anyone who is a child of God is special to Him. Even you can be. And notice God is
        spelled with a capital.
        And Grizzlymom don’t fit you!!!!

        • LMA

          Millie, while I find your blind allegiance admirable in a way, Sarah won’t ever be the leader of this country. Americans said no to her ticket in 2008, and they said “Girl, don’t even try it!” in 2012. And with her disdain for liberals on record, how in the world will she ever win the votes of anyone other than her base? According to some polls taken before the campaigning season got underway, women and Independents don’t like her much, because these groups favor a spirit of bipartisanship over retreatin’ and reloadin’ and such. MAYBE she’s liked in other countries (I haven’t seen any reports to support this, but let’s suppose), but people in other countries don’t vote here.

          In short, Palin’s angry and defensive like Ann Coulter, but without the sharp wit and education. Nope. Won’t be prez. Not happenin’. Never will. She’s a paid political commentator, and that’s it.

          • TeaPartyJesus

            “Millie, while I find your blind allegiance admirable in a way”

            Just keep in mind, without “blind allegiance” like that, Adolph Hitler would never have made it past frustrated artist. Just sayin’…….

          • LMA,
            I know you don’t like to hear this but Sarah is smart and will pick the right time to run, and
            after Obama and this mess he has the country in they will need someone tough like Sarah
            to pull it out of the hole he has put us in. That guy doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.
            You might find it helpful to read her record and what she did in a short amount of time
            for Alaska. Getting rid of the good ole boys to start, the Alaskian pipeline, balancing a
            budget, WORKING ACCROSS PARTY LINES!! It is going to take years to dig us out
            from what Obama has done.
            About 2008 they voted against McCain not Sarah, alot thought he was too old. And with
            the questionable voter fraud it is somewhat suspicious with as close as the election ran wheather
            Obama won or did McCain/Palin win. Remember the Black Panthers voter intimidation,
            the boxes of ballots found in back rooms not counted months after the election. Have you
            wondered why Obama is wanting to not have any voter ID required? Backdoor amnesty
            and on, and on, and on.
            We need someone as President that will uphold our constitution, not one who doesn’t.
            Someone who will abide by the laws of our country not someone who feels he is
            above the law.
            Never say never!!!
            You all keep referring to the lack of education with the Palin’s. Sarah has her degree
            in Journalism. Bristol graduated with honors even with raising Tripp. Sarah comes
            from a long line of educators. Both of Sarah’s parents were in the school system.
            Facts are important!

          • LMA

            Millie. Come now. Thousand of uncounted votes? See, this is why you’re dumb. Do you understand that in order to believe your Fox Facts, you’d have to believe that US politics is an institution that is corrupt to the point of no return? What were done with said ballots once they were discovered in the “back room”? Did EVERYONE just decide that it was too late to count them, and they went completely disregarded, thus making Obama the winner by accident? What ARE you talking about? Please add a link to your “facts,” or else you just make very little sense. Your posts read like they’re written by someone who has lost touch with reality. And on second thought, I’m not going to do you the favor of engaging you in conversation and offering facts and figures, because you come right back with fairy tales and utter nonsense. Have a good weekend.

          • LMA

            P.S. Millie,

            The results of the 2008 election was 365 electoral votes for Obama to McCain’s 173. That’s NOT close!

          • liberty

            here is her fantastic recordhttp://conservatives4palin.com/2012/06/governor-palins-executive-accomplishments.html

        • Yes, Sarah’s so popular, she’s like “Lady Gaga” as Bristol compared her to in Episode 5, lol! NOT! Lady Gaga doesn’t have adamant haters! You either like her or she’s nothing to you. But Sarah has blatant haters. So comparing her to “Lady Gaga”….what a funny joke Bristol!

      • Emma Lora

        awee grizzled… let me help you… relateable not related.. I don’t know them or have ever met them. Hope that clears up your confustion with the words.
        As for the liberal communites having family, etc. of course they do. The family/community here all sound alike… jealous, wanting to be destructive and control freakish. The one thing your family/community has in common is to come to a site like this and trash it w/ your likeminded comments. Are yu unable to have your own site? Can you build one with your own foundation that is not negative and rotten? As for a reference to Hitler… he was an evil control freak who wanted to trash another’s territory. You know what I mean?? As for Ann Coulter… yeh I think she learned her style from a liberal friend. No admiraton for her style. Sometimes her content is good… sometimes not. In the conservative community there are differences among people but still respectful. No blind allegience. As for Paris Hilton’s site… moe yur thng, then go there… not me. If can be of any more help with your confusions … let me know.

        • LMA

          OMG, change the record, Emma Lora!

          • Emma Lora

            Trashers….If the record sounds the same… it is because I am responding to the same trashy immature rhetoric from the trashers who can’t do anything except the same-o same-0 jealous, self-righteous liberal trash that you trashers like to loop over and over again. Like I say you all sound alike.. a chorus of envy, selfrighteous, off key. pretentious trash… so my comments are going to sound like a trashy record!!

      • Truth101

        Why are you here?

      • Truth101

        We get it Grizzleytoad…you don’t like the Palin’s but I bet you like dog food?

  • Georgia

    Episode 5 is spectacular, Bristol. Watching you, Willow, Gino and of course little handsome Tripp interacting, was so much fun. You’ve got a wonderful family and a very nice boyfriend there and his love for Tripp is evident. He appears to be a good young man and one who wants to support you, in all things. Be patient and kind and support each other.

    Of course your mother is and always will be a Rock Star. You have tons of fans, too. Keep up the great work you are doing on your new show. Each week gets better and better.

    Your mother was amazing at CPAC. Simply amazing.

  • Bristol, I had hoped to see you mention the BIRTHDAY BANNER!! with tons of signatures, including yours and Willow’s. I hope it is hanging somewhere in Alaska, like in your Grandpa’s Garage.
    O. P. Ditch

  • Tawny Jones

    OWS protesters are the smelly, scurvy, selfish underbelly of American society. A clean, decent Conservative girl like Bristol Palin should not be exposed to them.

  • Patrick

    The daughter of a once upon a time presidential candidate hopeful, upon being asked if (they) had any adivce on Syria, can be quioted as saying “I don’t know what Syria is.”
    That’s an utter disgrace.

    • Jellybean

      But not surprising.

    • TeaPartyJesus

      Not a big deal- Bristol can take a little remedial geography/history/social studies/science/political science and be ready to run for President, just like that.

      Just ask the people who post on this board- they all think she could be President, dont they? Can we have an informal pol, and have people post their opinion here? I’d find it quite entertaining…

    • Truth101

      Dude, Have you ever watcedh man on the street? You have people in elite colleges who don’t have a clue.

      Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    • liberty

      Patrick and Tea Party Jerk She was kidding you IDIOTS. She was laughing when she said that. You both need to take your meds FOR your PDS.

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, I think Episodes 5 & 6 represented the Palin family for who you truly are – A Close-knit, fun family. Without the drama of L.A. and Levi, these episodes were much more lighthearted. I absolutely adored both episodes! I especially loved seeing Gino interact with Tripp. They have such a special bond together, Bristol. It’s so heartwarming. I truly hope Gino is the guy you’re going to marry, Bristol. He’s going to make a wonderful husband and father. I remember watching your mom’s speech on C-Span and the crowd was absolutely ear-splitting. Your mom has a true gift, Bristol. Sarah Palin electrifies a crowd like no other. I’m so glad both you and Willow attended this speech, Bristol. It was one of your mom’s absolute best. I could see the love and admiration for your mom on both your faces. But especially you, Bristol. You were absolutely beaming with pride. One of the highlights during the speech was when the Occupy protester heckled your mom and the crowd turned it back on him chanting, “USA! USA!”. And then your mom joined in. Awesome moment! Makes you doubly proud to be an American.

  • teeparty,
    You know what, you are nothing but a little nuisance.
    Intelligent people know how to state their differences in opinion without distructive critizism.
    However, when people try to destroy the person that he /she hates, shows lack of character and intelligence.

    • Mariah

      My point. Thank you.

    • TeaPartyJesus

      “when people try to destroy the person that he /she hates”

      No one’s better at jumping to insane conclusions than a teabagger. Nothing Ive ever posted indicates even remotely that I “hate” either Bristol or Sarah Palin. I disagree with them politically, and find Sarah’s constant grasping for attention to be embarrassing and crass. Next point: How exactly, does posting comments that are critical of the Palins attempts to “destroy” them? Are they really that delicate? If so, perhaps Sarah should give up that god-awful self-appointed label of “mamma grizzly” because clearly she is more of a hothouse orchid.

      What say you?

      • otlset

        I think you’re ‘grasping for attention’ by coming here and spreading your mental manure around and thinking you’re clever. Sane and reasonable people can easily see you’re just a spiteful fool with a chip on his shoulder who mistakenly thinks he’s better than others here.

        • TeaPartyJesus

          If that is true, then the easiest and most effective response is to ignore me- I am just here to register my opinion like anyone else- nothing more, nothing less. Just scroll past my comments and it will be best for all parties. Thank you.

          • Truth101

            We are here because of liars like you.

            You created us.

          • liberty

            Check out this sign I happen to agree. http://articles.ktuu.com/2012-07-05/signs_32555718

          • Mariah

            If you want us to ignore you, then don’t post here. Leave troll.

          • otlset

            Oh no, I love poking trolls. Especially dimwitted foulmouthed ones that see only through liberal prisms and willingly expose their malicious ignorance here for all to see. And pity.

      • liberty

        TeaParty Jesus is really Patriots father SATAN in disguise.

  • Ray

    It is so very sad the people who come here to ooze out their hatred they cannot seem to contain because they are filled with it. Light attracts dark and it is apparent there is some dark here attracted to the good Palin family. Not one person here or anywhere who has hatred towards the Palins can ever give any good reasons for it. It is just their natural state to hate and be negative, just like it is for them to breathe. Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.

    • TeaPartyJesus

      “Light attracts dark”? That makes no sense whatsoever. I’m guessing you didnt even take highschool physics, much less pass it.

      Please dont try to pass yourself off as intelligent, or “deep”, because with examples like the one I just pointed out, you only end up embarrassing yourself and us, as well. Have a nice day, dear.

      • otlset

        You’re kinda thick aren’t you? Even a simpleton could discern that Ray meant “light attracts dark” not in the physical sense, but in symbolic or spiritual terms. Light being ‘good’ or positive, and dark being ‘bad’ or negative. And with your posts representing the negative ‘dark’, you illustrate his point well.

        • TeaPartyJesus

          Wouldnt a more apt metaphor be, “light obscures dark”?Or, how about “light destroys the dark”? Doesnt that make slightly more sense to you?
          I just think its funny when somebody tries to come across as profound, but theyre obviously doing it with a sixth grade intellect.

          • Truth101

            You lost. Bye.

  • Barbara Landi

    If you & Willow think there are too many liberals in DC, who do you think lives in LA??? I lived in Western WA for a couple of years and escaped back to Alaska because it was just hell being suffocated by liberals!

    • Exactly Barbara, It’s been 31 years since Washington State elected a republican governor. That state, especially Western WA, is so full of liberals it’s sickening. Willow is shallow-minded to actually think that liberals are mainly on the East Coast. She doesn’t have a clue, probably because her only aspiration after just completely high school is to become a beautician. They mentioned something in this episode about having a normal life. Perhaps Willow will some day, but if Bristol wants one, she’ll have to stop doing the celebrity thing and go to work full-time like most single-moms do. Face it, she’s not the typical single-mom, therefore, she cannot be a role model for struggling single moms.

  • Hum, I find it interesting that your reflection regarding Episode 5 doesn’t mention Tripp or Gino. It appears to be all about your mom, Sarah. So let’s talk about how you feel about your mom. In Episode 5, you went into defense mode…”Don’t touch my mom, don’t mess with her or I’ll beat your a-s-s.” It’s clear you don’t like people bad-mouthing or threatening your mom. So my question to you is, why is it ok for you to bad-mouth Tripp’s dad? Is he supposed to feel differently about his dad than you do about your mom?

    You said you wrote your book “so other young girls can see the decisions you made and try to avoid them”. Hum, I wonder what decisions that would be? Because you went on further to say, “If I can tell one girl if she gets pregnant by her JERK boyfriend, he’s not going to be there”. So does that mean that all guys are jerks? And just because things didn’t work out for you and Levi (the guy you almost married twice), does that mean all guys are jerks? The truth of the matter is that there are both “jerk” guys and “jerk” girls. It’s the content of character in the person. Just because a young girl may get pregnant by her boyfriend doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not going to be there for her. I know couples who are been married years and years whose relationship began with an unplanned pregnancy before marriage.
    It’s admirable that you do have a desire to try and teach other young women to learn from your mistakes though. That’s why I’m trying so hard to get you to see that you are abusing Tripp emotionally and mentally by turning him against his father with your constant bad-mouthing and teaching him that his dad is a bad guy. You have to love your child more than you hate your ex. It’s not okay for you to spew despicable words about your child’s other parent in front of him. You’ve made it clear you don’t want people talking about your mom and attacking your mom, so why the double standard?
    Furthermore, you make no mention of Gino’s comment that he wasn’t going to tell Tripp to call him dad. But did Gino correct Tripp when he said, “Can I ride with you Daddy? I wanna ride with you daddy.” The show even typed a caption at the bottom in case people couldn’t understand what Tripp was saying. So here this kid is calling your boyfriend Daddy and what if something happens and you and Gino break-up? Well there goes another Daddy for Tripp. You continue to set Tripp up to be hurt. You need to be clear with Tripp that Gino is not his Daddy. And if you’re actually thinking about marrying Gino, which you kinda indicate towards the end of your show, you really need to seriously re-think that. Because what I’ve seen of him through the show is not someone who you will be content with for years on end. You’re very young and have plenty of time to be choosy, so please take your time because this is not just a decision you will be making for yourself, it’s also one that will affect your son.
    So here’s my next question, are you going to factor into your show that Tripp has a sister on the way who will be coming into this world in a couple of months? I mean it is a reality show and the reality is that Tripp’s sister will a factor soon. Are you going to allow Tripp to have a relationship with his sister? Can you love Tripp more than you hate and want to hurt Levi? How do you feel about Levi moving on with another woman and having another child on the way? Sometimes it seems like you live in an unrealistic world, and definitely not in the norm, where most single-mother’s have a full-time job whose children are in daycare.
    You also failed to mention in your Episode 5 reflection, your lack of being able to discipline your son. One lesson you need to start with is that the word “hate” is not an acceptable word to ever be used in your home. I’ve heard Tripp use the word “hate” entirely too many times. I always told my children, you can not like someone, but it’s not okay to hate them and the “hate” word was not allowed in my home! You have 3 yr. old who sticks his tongue out at his mother and is already disrespectful to his elders. You’re heading for trouble with that boy if you don’t get him under control at this age. You have to follow through with your threats of punishment. If you don’t, they know you want and your threatning words are useless and meaningless.
    Okay all you Palin commenters who feel compelled to defend them no matter what….fire back….hit me with your best shot!

    • TeaPartyJesus

      I can almost guarantee Bristol will never read this, although it IS an excellent post. This blog is one more way of the Palins(tm) extending their “brand” and trying to keep their name recognition high. Bristol is just one more unfortunate foot-soldier in the relentless Palin(tm) publicity machine.

      • Thanks TeaPartyJesus for the compliment. Ok so there’s a few errors in what I wrote…they’re typos, I do know how to spell but didn’t go back and proof before hitting send.
        I don’t think people realize that this kid, Levi (as he was at the time the news of Bristol’s pregnancy broke news into the national media) may not have been adapt to handle all the scrutiny and his private life going totally to being scutinized by millions of people. That’s a lot for any kid to have to digest. I mean yes, there are thousands of teenagers gettting pregnant everyday, but it’s usually dealt with in a private manner. While Bristol was a Governor’s daughter, she was somewhat accustom to a certain amount of media attention, but Levi was like a fish out of water. I’m sure he loved Bristol but all this publicity probably put a toll on him and their relationship. His family was cast into the limelight and scrutinized. He appears he now just wants to lead a normal life and still Bristol is trying to get him to be on her reality show after he said he wasn’t going to be.
        The Palin’s have a history of interferring with custody. Troopergate is a perfect example. While Sarah was Governor, she didn’t see anything wrong with making disparaging remarks about her sister’s husband. And she went further to use has status as Governor to fire Alaska’s safety commissioner because he refused to fire Sarah’s sister’s ex-husband. Are we supposed to believe that she hasn’t done the same thing where Levi is concerned.
        I wish people would just consider that he’s a kid who was thrust into the public eye who suddenly became a father. I have to wonder if things may not have worked out between he and Bristol if they had been able to be normal kids? This isn’t a typical situation and people shouldn’t treat it as one.

        • Truth101

          You have got to be freckin kidding me. What planet have you been living on?. Where do you people come up with this stuff?

          The stupid boy trashed and lied about the Palins for money. The only time he saw his kid was when he needed to take some pics of him. He doesn’t pay child support and Bristol could throw his butt in jail if she wanted to. At one point he wanted to be called Ricky Hollywood. The left used him and now he is broke and living in his drug addict mother’s basement with another baby on the way that he can’t afford.

          Gov. Palin fired the Safety commissioner because he went behind her back and did things she asked him not to do. In other words, he was not doing his job. The Saftey commissioner said that Gov. Palin didn’t asked him to fire anybody. Nobody in her admin did. One more thing, the Saftey commissioner worked for the governor. The governor can fire anybody at any time without cause. That is the law.

          It was not the Palins that did this kid in. It was the liberals, Hollywood, the corrupt MSM, and his greed. No, it is a good thing that Bristol was able to see exactly what kind of person Ricky Hollywood is.

          No mother would want their daughter with such scum.

        • liberty

          RIGHT ON TRUTH101 Roberta just has that desease called PDS SHE NEEDS TO SEE A PHYCHIATRIST BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. She also sounds like a Levi groupie. Hey Roberta why don’t you start a telethon for Levi to help him pay his child support.

    • otlset

      I’ll make it simple, Bristol learned the hard way it’s better to resist the temptation to have sex before marriage, and she’s using her experience to warn others to resist it also (despite the liberal’s usual refrain of resigned capitulation “they’re going to do it anyway, so let’s give ’em condoms and stuff” admitting defeat of any moral sense they may have tried to instill in their young).

      And what’s this about Tripp’s sister? Bizarre and scurrilous. How would you know? How would you even know the sex? I think you’ve gone off the deep end with this insinuation and should stay off the bath salts.

      The rest is just baseless nit-picking, second-guessing, and self-righteous put-downs that don’t amount to a hill of beans.

      • Gee otlset, One would think you’d at least research before you started spouting off half-cocked with distastful insults! If you come down off your bath salts and hill of beans and read this exclusive interview from the new little mother yourself, you’d know it’s not “just baseless nit-picking, second-guessing, self-righteious putdowns”!

        • otlset

          Ah, looks like Levi knocked up his new girlfriend already, I wasn’t aware. And thus it would be Tripp’s half-sister, not sister as you seemed to be indicating in your screed in a deceptive way, as if Bristol was pregnant again. But in re-reading it, you did make passing reference to it after all the “Tripp’s sister” comments right before “…Levi having another child on the way…” It’s hard to pick up salient details hidden among all the animus-filled white-noise of yours.

          • Emma Lora

            Roberta you did say your “degree” was with life experience. You have yet to say whether the life experience involved raising your own children?

    • Truth101

      You are one big Ricky. It is always the girl’s fault, right. Let’s see. Bristol doesn’t like peole bad mouthing her mother so why is Bristol bad mouthing Ricky Hollywood. There is no mention in your essay of Ricky Hollywood bad mouthing the Palins. I mean, the nitwit has only been doing it for over 3 years.

      Ricky Hollywood knocks up another girl and Bristol is suppose to worry about the kid seeing Tripp. It don’t matter that the deadbeat dad wants nothing to do with his son but now Bristol needs to worry about the other kid. Do you think Tripp would want to see Ricky Hollywood if Bristol was bad mouthing him all the time.

      You have a woman problem.

      Ricky Hollywood is the creep.

      • Mariah

        Maybe I am out of touch here. But who is Ricky Hollywood? I never heard of that name in my whole life.

        • Truth101

          That was the name the deadbeatbaby daddy wanted to be called when he thought lying about the Palins was his ticket to being a movie star. He found out quick that even the scum in Hollywood don’t want to be around a scumbag liar.

  • Bristol,

    Love your show watch them all, I pray it stays on longer and they give it a chance, if not maybe some other channel will air it. I wish someone would monitor this web-page so that some of these comments would not be posted. If anyone said some of these things on other sites they would not get posted. I pray and wish you the best it is nice to see a good family of love, faith, and even some times failure, but how forgiveness over comes all the and love wins.

    • Kathy,
      You see “how forgiveness over comes all the and love wins”? I’m curious to know what you’ve seen on the show regarding forgiveness? Bristol obviously harbors ill feelings towards Levi, Tripp’s father or she wouldn’t spend so much time bad-mouthing him. I don’t define that type of behavior as forgiving, do you?

      • I find it forgiving a man who gained 1 millions dollars for a playboy shoot and does not support his own son, even though he got his short lived fame on the backs of his sons family. Who I might add still would welcome him to be a dad if he decided to ever step up and be one instead of getting another girl pregnant, whom he leaves to defend him. So I ask what is worse Bristol having a show making some money to support her son or his father who takes it off for money?

        • Well I’d say Kathy, two wrongs don’t make a right and regardless of financial support Tripp deserves both his parents. And I really don’t think Bristol has forgiveness in her heart or should wouldn’t be obsessing and bad-mouthing her son’s father all the time. An important factor is these two kids weren’t allowed to be normal kids, they were cast into the public scrutiny of Sarah Palin’s run for U.S. vice-president. And I believe, if Levi could do it all over again, the last thing he would have ever wanted is to have been pushed into being a celebrity. That’s exactly why he has backed off from all that and has committed to trying to lead a normal life. And if that’s the case, the next thing Bristol will be doing is opening a case with Child Support Services and having the District Attorney file contempt charges against Levi for failing to support his child and he’ll be spending some time in jail unless he pays the $38K he’s alleged to owe in child support. You see, Clinton, paved the way to criminalize fathers and throw them in a debtor’s prison. So question is, what will Bristol do? As vindictive as she sounds, she’ll have Levi in jail around the time his new baby is born just so she can keep him from being a father to that child too. Let’s hide, watch and see.

          • Truth101

            Rick Hollywood has not backed off of anything. Hollywood and the corrupt MSM have no further use for the nitwit. His handlers ripped him off and there ain’t a thing he can do about it.

            Where is all the boy’s money? He made enough trashing the Palins.

            Bristol paid cash for a house and is getting it renovaed. Some of the money she made off of DWTS she put in an college fund for her son. Nobody ripped her off and left her pennyless.
            There was no mention of that creep in the last show. Bristol has moved on.

            Why do you continue to believe anything that comes out of that boy’s mouth?

            I guess it is the Palins fault that the loser is broke. We know he is not broke because of paying child support.

          • liberty

            No one is stopping him from being a father to Tripp he is doing that all by himself You really need to stop defending that scum. He deserves to be in jail I don’t see that relationship going anywhere he will just be a dead beat dad to two children now. He won’t be getting anymore money from the liberals because they are done using him . He was to stupid to see that the Palins were the only people who cared about him but he was for sale so the liberals knew a sucker when they saw one and they used him and then threw him away He thought the money would always be their but when Sarah decided not to run they didn’t need him anymore . He didn’t care about his son ever or he woudn’t of allowed himself to be used like he was lying about his sons mother and grandmother and the rest of their family. The really despicable things he said.He only has to look in the mirrow to see who to blame.

            By the way Roberta are you auditioning to be his next baby momma.

          • TeaPartyJesus

            The reason for all the animosity between Levi and the Palins is that he couldnt stand being Sarah’s tool anymore, so he split from the cult. The thing is, leaving a cult is never easy, and the people who stay behind expend a lot of energy, trying to make those who leave
            the enemy”. Levi understood this, and is now obviously much happier with his beautiful girlfriend Sunny.Palin’s cultists need to leave him alone and not begrudge him his happiness now that he has left the cult.

    • Emma Lora

      Excellent comment Kathy.. don’t worry about roberta… She has “life experience” to make her wiser… but apparently doesn’t want to go into child care organiztions to help. I keep encouraging her to give it a try,,,

      anyway your comments were spot on.

      • Thank you Emma,
        I am also a single parent and love my child, I got lucky ( things did not work out for me and her dad) but he loved her so much and stayed in our lives. I do not believe that a man should not take care of his children it takes 2 to make a child. If it wasn’t for both of us supporting her and loving her regardless of our differences her life would have been so different, I have nothing against Levi, but it seems to me he just used Bristol and her family to make money and had no concern for his child if he did he would be there no matter what.

  • Jose

    I love all things Palin!

    • Truth101

      This post is for that nutjob above by the name of Partyasz,

      Yea, It was the cult of easy money. Rick Hollywood made a lot of money by trashing and lying about the Palins. What a guy? I have to give you this one. Ricky Hollywood (Levi) and the knocked up girlfriend is really happy living in his drug addict mom’s basement. I get it. You think living in a basement is true happiness because that is where you live.

  • TeaPartyJesus

    Expert: Romney Won’t Pick Woman VP Because of Sarah Palin

    “Despite hints from Ann Romney, wife of likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney, that her husband is considering at least one woman in his vice presidential search, it’s unlikely he’ll actually a tap a female for the post.

    That’s because the long shadow of Sarah Palin still hangs over vice presidential politics, says Jennifer Lawless, director of American University’s Women and Politics Institute. John McCain’s decision to share the ticket with the former Alaska governor in 2008 was widely panned after a series of missteps by Palin, a relatively inexperienced politician many criticized for not being ready for the national stage.”

    • otlset

      “says Jennifer Lawless…” Another biased liberal university political hack spouting her “learned” opinion. And you swallow it whole like a largemouth bass. You gotta take this kind of stuff from the LSM in critical fashion — question so-called ‘authority’.

      Jennifer’s full of it in my opinion.

      • TeaPartyJesus

        Palin set back conservative women in politics years. Well, mostly it was her & Bachmann….and Christine McDonnel. Oh, heck- take your pick. But mostly, it was Sarah’s unhealthy fixation on $400 shoes that set the cause back. Elephants have long memories, and Sweet Sarah left them plenty of memories- like when she insisted on making a concession speech, and they had to kill the mikes so she couldnt “go rogue” on them? Classic.

        • Truth101

          You forgot to mention all these women that Gov. Palin endorsed in 2010: Gov. Nikki Haley,
          Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Gov. Susana Martinez, Rep. Martha Roby, Rep. Sandy Adams, Rep. Vicky Hartzler, Gov. Mary Fallin, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Sec. Beth Chapman, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Rep. Renee Ellmers, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, Rep. Jackie Walorski, Rep. Diane Black, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Jean Schmidt, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor

          I know all of us are forgetful at times.

          • Emma Lora

            Sarah Palin has rattled the cages of politicians (on both sides) which is why so many are hperventilating here and other consevative site. She is still rattling cages and more are frantic, their brain oxygen deprived. The Palin name causes this phenomena on the lame stream media and conservative blogs. The more hyperventilating the more we know she is still rattling cages… We are proud of her.

        • otlset

          Well that’s just your opinion, and a lousy one at that. She was solely responsible for the upsurge in my political interest and involvement since she came on the scene.

    • liberty
    • Truth101

      What you have are liberals writing a story. Romney will not pick a woman because mormons don’t see women in high leadership roles.

  • Loved your book. Love your show. I remember your Mom and family in my prayers.

  • Kim Castro

    Great blog Bristol, hope to someday be there to hear and feel t

  • I’m behind on episodes, so I will have to watch this and then comment. CPAC is always a good time, though. Please come visit us here in DC when it’s “calmer”, though. There’s lots to do and see that ‘s not political. Blessings, sweet girl. Keep on doing what you’re doing…God is being glorified, even when it seems quite the opposite.

  • CroMag


  • CroMag

    testing. Is this thing on?

  • lee

    Can someone please tell me exactly how Levi bad mouthed Bristol or the Palin family. Everytime I hear him speak, he always says nice things about Bristol. I’ve heard him say she’s a good mother. Please be specific!

    • Sue

      Um have you read any exerpts from has moronic book or listened to him claim that they keep him from Tripp. or all the assorted lying interviews that he did to trash Sarah and Todd when he and Bristol broke up. Then admitted that he lied when they were back together for a while. Claimed that Sarah called her own baby a “R” , claimed that the Palin’s were divorcing, claimed that Sarah didn’t work, etc, etc. Whatever it took to get liberal approval, media attention, and probably money from liberal haters.

  • Truth101

    Bristol, You forgot to mention that there were also 4 overflow rooms full to the max for the governor.

    • Chase

      Bristol I love you and really looked forward to your show but it has become a big commercial for your Mom. I have nothing against Sarah but this is your show not hers…please less of Sarah more of you and Tripp and of course Gino!

  • CroMag

    Is this thing on?

  • Lee

    You keep on saying that Levi has been trashing and telling lies about Bristol and the Palin’s over and over. When ever I have heard Levi, like on the Dr Phil show, he always has nice things to say about Bristol. He has even said that she is a good mother. Can you please be specific and tell me exactly what he has said to to trash and lie?
    He and Bristol both seem to have different stories about a few things, but I don’t know either one of them. How do we know who is telling the truth? Just because Bristol says things happened one way, doesn’t make it so.

    • Sue

      He admitted that he lied about them when he and Bristol got back together breifly.

    • Truth101

      First: Understand the diference when you go on Dr. Phil or CNN or MSNBC or NBC. Dr. Phil is not going to let you spread your lies. He is going to take about you, your child and the mother of the child.

  • CroMag


  • Love the show and will be watching every week. I also believe that Bristol has now moved on and left Levi behind. Bristol will probably marry Gino when the time is right!!!

  • To all the people that hates the Palins……GO TELL SOMEONE THAT CARES!!!

  • CroMag

    breaker breaker..

  • Mariah

    To all you who hate the Palins so dearly that you would waste your time showing that hate: Just because you weren’t born a bafoon, doesn’t mean you can’t act like one!!

  • Katie

    Bristol, I feel the same way as Willow in my view of vocal Liberals. I could never live in Liberal Washington either!

    • Robert

      Saying that only Liberals live in Washinton, is like saying, only Eskimo’s live in Alaska???

    • Viewer

      What a disrespectful thing to say. A knee-jerk aversion to being anywhere near “liberals” is an awful way to treat our neighbors. It’s fine to like living in Alaska and it’s fine to like living in DC, but there’s far more to life than what political party you belong to.

  • Kimberly

    I loved this episode. You all are so funny. 🙂

  • Scott Vint

    I neither love nor hate the Palins. I agree on many of Sarah’s political statements, although I disagree with her slandering of the current president (I am from the UK btw) and teaching her kids to hate liberals instead of letting them grow up free to make their own choices and not restricted by the family’s choice. But that is more about parenting style and everyone is free to choose how to raise their kids. I just wish Sarah would be more……Graceful in how she words her thoughts about politics, because maybe then people would respect and listen to her more. I try to because other than the slandering on her twitter and facebook, she does hold some really key points about America’s future.