Dear President Obama, Please Save This American in Iran

Dear President Obama, Please Save This American in Iran November 4, 2013

I’ve written about this many times, but it’s never been more dire.

Pastor Saeed, a U.S. Citizen, is in danger of being murdered.  According to the ACLJ website, he has been transferred to a deadly cell block in one of Iran’s most dangerous and obscure prisons.

He is no longer sharing a cell with political prisoners but with murderers. Rajai Shahr Prison is where prisoners are sent to disappear – many are murdered at the hands of other prisoners.

President Obama, who has already spoken to the President of Iran about Pastor Saeed, must take immediate diplomatic action to save Saeed’s life. Time is of the essence.

Sign the petition today to urge the President and the State Department to immediately bring him home, before it’s too late.

A U.S. Citizen’s life hangs in the balance!  Please act.

UPDATE: If the above petition link doesn’t work because so many of you are trying to get on, please use this one to plea on his behalf.  Thank you for caring enough to sign.

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  • $70129662

    Thank you Bristol, will sign.

    Just a small correction, I know what you mean, but President Obama cannot save Pastor Saeed, we do not trust in the hand of man,we trust on the hand of God. Let us pray fervently that God will work in President Obama’s heart and in the hearts and minds of the Iranian authorities that Saeed will find favor with them and that God will open the prison doors, while we do our part also in calling on President Obama to do what he can, in Jesus Name.


      he has no heart–look at the way he’s treating the American people

      • Jermaine Simpkins

        You dont know the circumstances of what is going on behind the scenes of the US Government. CIA, intell, spies. etc..If it was just that easy and he was just a simple pastor, why is he on death row? You know nothing about what is going on in the country behind the scenes. They will never tell us so your personal hate for Obama is going nowhere but creating stress for yourself. At this point, my prayers go out to he and his family.

        • John Taylor

          It does not require one in the United States to know what is going on “behind the scenes” elsewhere in the world to know what this president is doing to his own people quite openly.
          His repeated open disdain and disregard for the Constitution is blatantly apparent. He is so arrogant that he feels The Constitution and the political process (his own words) is but a mere hindrance to his personal agenda of furthering the wealth and power of his supporters.

          • Jermaine Simpkins

            “furthering the wealth of his supporters” sounds like your words.

          • John Taylor

            Funny – now as one of his obvious “supporters”, maybe you don’t mind spending some of YOUR OWN MONEY on his programs …..
            The topic was supposed to be about trying to get some help for an American Citizen being held in a dangerous place in Iran …..
            Currently, about the only person on the planet that has the power to do anything about it is Obama, and it was mentioned that as a matter of observation by quite reasonable people that look beyond the poile of freebies he hands out for his votes, his demonstrated characteristics have been one of disregard for the American Citizens, and that he is not likely to help ….
            Instead, you resort to the typical rhetoric of rushing to his defense by attacking the character of his detractors rather than addressing the actual topic … instead replying that none of us “citizens” have the intelligence to understand that things MIGHT be going on in the background ….. Do you have any specific knowledge, or are you just doing the typical counter by attacking the messengers?
            Why won’t he

          • Jermaine Simpkins

            In regards to “behind the scenes politics”, I dont know and niether do you. The article is about a guy who claims to need rescue from a hostile territory. The details of what happen are yet to be known. Period. I am not going to jump to conclusions because an article from Sarah Palin’s daughter, along with an advertisement of her new book, is telling me that Obama is not going to get this guy. Haha! I dont act on everything I read, especially from illegitemate sources on the internet.
            You dont know what the guy did to land in prison. All it says is hes a pastor.
            I dont support anyone but my family as they are the only ones that I can trust. All presidents lie and make false promises for election. Show me facts that you know all of what is going on. You cant can you? dont be blinded; you are too caught up in trying to degrade the president because you probably didnt vote for him. Too bad, you must finish the term just as many had to finish Bush jr’s term, which was god awfull for most.
            Things “might” be going on in the background and they “might” not.
            Everything you hear in social media “might” be true, and they “might” not.
            The more you “think” you know, the less you actually do.
            Obama won the election 2 times. More people chose him to deliver the American people lies over Mitt Romney to deliver them. Bottom line is, we will never know the truths about America’s real motives and the moment you think you are informed, you have just been a victim of PROPAGANDA.

          • Diana Kerr

            Actually, Mr. Romney won many more popular votes (you know… the ones that WE the PEOPLE filled out at the voting booth), but the “electoral college”, which is supposed to REPRESENT the people from their jurisdictions, voted Mr. Obama in instead. People just don’t understand how our country’s government is SUPPOSED to work anymore.
            And, I don’t have to “show” you proof… I can, however, point you to the internet and search engines, where you can find out exactly who Pastor Saeed is, what is story is, what’s been happening to him for the last year and a half, etc… for yourself and there’s more than just “social media” sources to get it from.

          • Jermaine Simpkins

            He (the pastor) knows what Iran is all about. Aside from religion, everyone cannot be rescued from every hostile country on the sole purpose of religion because of usual demands set by the other country for the release. I think ist great that he is religious but I dont see how this is a presidential conversation when there are many captives around the world who cannot be released (POW). Who cares how the president was elected; it was the rules set in place prior to him even getting elected.

          • heavencent

            President Obama won over 5million more popular votes than Mitt Romney,and the electoral college in a landslide…..332 to 206.Stop being such a dolt,and turn off Fox news! And you “think” you can “school” someone…..PFFT!!!!

          • Blu_Savanna

            I think this President is not the least bit interested in a christian prisoner. I think the entire administration is nothing more than a big gangster org. out to do what Castro did. Eliminate as many of our fighting men as possible. control the people. Disarm as many citizens as possible. Screw up as much as possible. Control the people. Kill off Control.Kill more Control. No insurance for anyone. Control Control. Anyone who voted for Obama Biden . Don’t say you weren’t warned Stupid. Have a nice life

        • Section 9

          Perhaps because a religious totalitarian regime considers him an apostate and has sentenced him to death en camera?
          But since you’re an Obot, you consider the Christian to be at fault, not the fascist tyrants.
          How typical.

          • Jermaine Simpkins

            You are correct, there is a possibility that he could be executed on those terms. Who is this guy really though? Is he really a pastor? Who knows? could be propaganda.

          • Diana Kerr

            He’s a Pastor, lived with his wife and children in Idaho and was invited to Iran to help start an orphanage there. Because it’s against Iranian law for anyone to convert to a religion other than their original religion, they’ve thrown him into prison. They torture him because he refuses to revert to Islam and he refuses to disclaim Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I’ve been following his story for about a year and a half. There’s plenty of information out there… look it up on Bing, Google, etc…

          • Jermaine Simpkins

            You are falling into religion and mixing church and state. That is unconstitutional in itself. So we should just start killing muslims because they are tyrants who have created there country in the terms of what they wanted far before America even was established? That is a different way of life that Westerners cannot understand and should attempt to change unless it adversly affects our way of life on our country. You sound like the Christian crusades LOL! “Kill all muslims.” Seems as though the propaganda is working on you.

    • disqus_9HmfSLuBjV

      Well said….


    wasting your breath he has no heart– you can tell the way he’s treating the American people

  • Sue Lynn

    God Bless him and may God intervene …prayers go out!

  • BigT

    Why do US Citizens keep putting themselves in harms way? Then expect our government to get them out of trouble. Stop wandering into hostile territory out of arrogance that you will affect change in the mindsets of such closed minds. Idiots.

    • He’s Iranian. That’s his home. He became a U.S. citizen three years ago. Read his story.

      • Patty H

        People would rather spout their crap than actually read facts… makes them feel important. NOT. Especially since they sit safely on their couch not doing anything to earn the rights they have and let others do it for them. SMH

        • Dennis Davis

          Well before you start cutting somebody down you need to read what I am reading. And it doesn’t say anything about him becoming a U.S. citizen three years ago. You maybe in another country were they are telling or giving a few more facts to the case..

    • Ronn Cooper

      apparently you are an atheist. reap what you sow. hes a missionary.

      • BigT

        I do reap what I sow because I use common sense. That is why I am safe in my own home and country. What a typical response from a supposed Christian, calling people names. Yeah, you are so enlightened..NOT.

        • Jermaine Simpkins

          True talk Big T. Now you are an aethiest just because you use common sense. LOL

      • DSchumacher

        Ronn…..He’s not a missionary…He’s an Iranian/American pastor who went to visit his family still residing in Iran. He did speak at a church when the Iranian government found out that he was in country arrested him. He has worked in church work previously in Iran.

    • Diana Kerr

      BigT, Pastor Saeed is FROM Iran, still has family there whom he’s visited on and off throughout the years and the Iranian government INVITED him to come help them set up an orphanage. Obviously, it was a trap!

    • Sandra Little

      I agree. Every time an American goes into hostile territory they run the risk of capture. Then, just like in any rescue (flood, fire, hostile territory) someone must risk their lives to rescue them. I believe it is selfish. No matter what their beliefs. Stay or enter at your own risk and don’t expect someone to come and get you. If you are a soldier and you are captured then yes, by all means, go get him/her and don’t stop until they are free.

  • BigT

    Calling people names on his behalf will surely not get the desired results. You might want to reconsider your attitude. You will do him more harm than good as you watch people you insult turn away who may have been thinking to sign this petition. Talk about reaping what you sow…look in the mirror Ronn Cooper.

  • Dennis Davis

    I would like to know why he was put in prison. The article I am reading doesn’t tell very much. Just because he is a pastor doesn’t really mean he is innocent. Because there is a lot of pastor’s in the U.S. that don’t practice what they preach.

    • Rhonda Kelley (nee Williams)

      He was put in there for no good reason from what I’ve read. He was not even trying to spread Christianity among Muslims or anything like that. He was working as like a Sunday school teacher or something… with kids of Christian families…he’s done nothing wrong.

      • Dennis Davis

        Thank you, Rhonda

      • eltoro

        Rhonda, although I feel compassion for him and his family, I have to question the fact “what the hell was he doing there at all?” It’s not like the Iranian government hasn’t made it clear with open displays of “death to america” for years now, that they are our enemy. To go there as an American, no matter what your reasons are is to invite a catastrophe.

        • Judipoodi

          Pastor Saeed was there visiting his parents and getting things in order to open an orphanage.

  • otlset

    Now how do you expect Obama to catch up on his golf game with all these requests?

    • otlset

      He’ll jet to Hawaii if he has to. He’s due for another vacation probably anyway, it’s been weeks since his last one.

      • otlset

        Yeah sure. About as believable as Obama.

    • Dennis Davis

      There is people that play golf all year round, Obama plays a lot of his in Hawaii. Haven’t you seen those high dollar trips he take advertised on television at the tax payers expense.

    • Kevin Keefer

      Not while he has Pelosi to keep his balls warm

  • Dbbie Smith

    There is also a SGT.BOWE BERGDAHL THAT WAS CAPTURED IN AFGHANISTAN, WHO HAS BEEN A P.O.W. SINCE 2009 HE LIVES IN HAILEY, IDAHO and President OBAMA HASN’T Even Tried to get him released,Bowe Has Been In Prisoned for 4years now Bowe Needs To Be Helped,Please help him Get Back Home To His Family In Idaho!!! Thank~You~~<33

  • otlset

    “If you like your pastor, you can keep your pastor.”

    • Rhonda Kelley (nee Williams)

      I don’t think making light of the situation is appropriate at this point.

      • otlset

        I think you’re right considering the gravity of the pastor’s situation, so I apologize. It was more a dig at the president.

  • Dennis Davis

    If this pastor is a U.S. citizen, what part of the U.S. does he live? How come I haven’t seen anything about this on television? Maybe I am looking at the wrong channels.

  • David

    Pray for the Pastor. That is about all we can do for him. Obama will never do anything to help a Christian.

  • Joseph Ritter

    I signed it the other day; NEVER giving up!

  • So far this year Iran has carried out more than 500 executions, leading the world in executions per capita. At least 250 of these executions have come after the election of the so-called moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani. Ir Despite the facade of reform and moderation espoused by Rouhani, the human rights situation in the country remains as bad as ever.

  • Kristy Patullo

    This is absolutely heartbreaking. President Reagan would’ve had him released
    months ago. President Obama has zero clout. Thank you for keeping us updated,
    Bristol and Sarah. I will continue to pray for this man.

  • lrjrj

    Obama will secretly (as all actions and intentions must be for Obama) undermine Israel, all of our allies, but doesn’t have the fortitude to demand or obtain his release. Once troops were 100% evacuated from Iraq, US (by design) has little to no influence on Iran, or to support Iraq. The most mis-educated president in the history of the US is endangering millions and undermining peace and stability in the middle east and beyond.