Giver-ize Yourself

Giver-ize Yourself July 23, 2014

Have you seen the cool movie posters for The Giver?  I love how everything is black and white, except for a strand of color over the characters’ eyes.  (My book club members will get what this is referring to!)

Thank you for all of your photos of you guys holding your books!  Now, let’s do something a little different.  I want you to “Giver-ize” yourself.

That means, send me your photo like the ones above — with a strip of color over your eye.  You can do this easily (and for free) with the Color Effects app.

Be as creative as you like — you can just do your photo, or you can make your own movie poster with a message from the book that most resonated with you!

As always, send me your photos at Bristolsblog @ gmail dot com or tweet me!  I’ll work on mine too!

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  • writerandfighter

    *cough* Is there a link to the app for smartphones? 😉 (Androids) Lol

  • HelloHillbilly

    It’s fitting that you are reading a middle school level book. Lol

  • daisy52

    Don’t understand your need to hate, HelloHillbilly. You don’t have to be a part.

    • Cvb

      It’s just kind of odd that a middle aged woman would pick a young adult book for book club don’t you think?

      • 1MiddleRoader

        I haven’t read the book, but it’s generally seen as anti-Socialist, anti-extreme gov’t control. Assisted suicide, political correctness, and euthanasia (imposed by the gov’t) are elements of the book. That, and the fact that the movie’s coming out soon, probably influenced her book choice. You can see that Bristol’s trying to lead her readers to an anti-gov’t point of view by some of her questions (in previous posts) like: “How do you think it would be if the government raised children from birth? How does this compare to the push for government pre-school in certain states?” I’m willing to bet that “death panels” will be a future discussion topic. But, hey, I’m all for people reading more and talking about it! It sounds like a decent book, along the lines of “1984,” (altho IMO, it’s hard to top that book!) BTW, the author of the book is no conservative, and says she doesn’t write from a political point of view.

        • Cvb

          Ah, the choice of book is now obvious. Thanks.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        And I wouldn’t call her “middle aged,” but I get your drift.

        • Cvb

          I wasn’t referring to Bristol.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Oh, gotcha. The blog’s “editor”.