Captain America and Star-Lord Assemble for Super Bowl Promise

Captain America and Star-Lord Assemble for Super Bowl Promise March 11, 2015

It just makes sense that superheroes would be friends. These two actors proved themselves real-life superheroes to children in the hospital in Seattle and Boston.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans (also known as Star-Lord and Captain America) made a bet on the Superbowl. Pratt is a Seahawks fan, and Evans is a Patriots fan. Whoever’s team lost would visit a children’s hospital in the winning team’s city, dressed in their superhero costume.

Seattle lost, so Pratt visited a Boston hospital, then Evans decided he’d be a good sport and visit a hospital in Seattle anyway. Judging from the pictures, they made the kids’ day!

Afterwards, Evans tweeted: “Met some TRUE super heroes! Feeling inspired, blessed, touched. Thank you w all my heart.”

(And you know what? The picture above is from a different visit that Chris Evans made to the Boston Children’s Hospital a few years ago… it doesn’t take a bet for this guy to do something nice!)

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