How an Abortion Clinic Staff Member Reacted the First Time She Saw an Aborted Baby

How an Abortion Clinic Staff Member Reacted the First Time She Saw an Aborted Baby March 7, 2015

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“You had to be there.” When it comes to abortion, most of us don’t have to see it firsthand to know that life is being destroyed. But those who have been involved in abortions are the most powerful testimonies of the real horror that goes on.

One anonymous worker says the abortion facility she worked at rushed women along once they expressed interest in an abortion. They didn’t tell them about other options; they didn’t want to give them time to change their mind.

She describes the kind of abortions she witnessed and the first time she saw what was really going on:

Vacuum aspirations. The doctor used a machine to suck out the contents of the uterus. The farther along the woman is in her pregnancy, the larger and more developed the baby. Sometimes what happens is the tube isn’t wide enough for the material to pass through. Then the doctor would insert forceps into the uterus and actually pull out the larger parts.

This particular pregnancy was farther along than 12 weeks. The doctor was pulling out arms and legs and all kinds of things, and the procedure took about 45 minutes. The woman was in extreme pain and very upset. I freaked out and left the room. I was getting faint, so I sat down and put my head between my legs, trying to get myself together.

All the nurses gathered around, telling me, “Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about it. It’s not that bad. Think of this poor woman if she had to keep this baby. Look at how we’re helping her.” The doctor came out and said, “You did a good job. You’re going to be a fine assistant.” That’s the day I closed my eyes to what was going on around me.

The biggest thing they want to do is hide all that from the mother. If she knew then she might say “no.”

This industry doesn’t just take innocent babies’ lives – it destroys the lives of women and the consciences of the people who work in those clinics and have to convince themselves that what they’re doing is okay.

Deep down, every person knows it’s not.

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