Latest Episode of Amazing America with Sarah Palin: Hunting with Wounded Iraq Vets

Latest Episode of Amazing America with Sarah Palin: Hunting with Wounded Iraq Vets March 7, 2015

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Last Thursday, back-to-back episodes of Amazing America with Sarah Palin featured a home inside an abandoned missile silo and wounded veterans going hunting!

Did you get to tune in? This was one of the amazing stories:

If you want to see a blind Iraq war veteran from Tampa go hunting, tune into the Sportsman Channel Thursday night at 9 p.m.

Joel Tavera, who was severely burned, suffered traumatic brain injury, lost part of his right leg, the sight in both his eyes and the fingers on his left hand on March 12, 2008 when a rocket exploded near his armored Chevrolet Suburban inside Talil Air Base in Iraq, will be one of three area veterans appearing on Amazing America with Sarah Palin.

How can a blind person hunt? In case you missed the show, the Tampa Tribune explains:

Tavera shoots with the aid of a device that attaches to an iPhone, allowing a spotter to see the view through the rifle scope. Sometimes the spotter will talk to him, sometimes it may be a touch that helps Tavera aim.

An amazing organization called the Black Dagger Military Hunt Club helps these veterans every day.

All the episodes are fun, but I’m sure that episode was especially meaningful for my mom to do. As you all know, she has a special place in her heart for vets and loves to honor them.

Here’s a trailer for last night’s show:


Don’t miss FOUR bonus clips on the Sportsman Channel site!

  • How one woman makes veterans feel at home with biscuits and gravy
  • Hunting with a NYPD officer
  • Using a sophisticated shooting robot at the Bristol Bomb Squad
  • Talking with security at a “luxury survival condo”

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