A Child with Down Syndrome in a Washing Machine? Not Funny.

A Child with Down Syndrome in a Washing Machine? Not Funny. July 24, 2015


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I don’t think this is funny, do you?

A mum who posted a picture of a young boy with Down’s Syndrome inside a washing machine has refused to apologise after she was questioned by police.

Courtney Stewart, 21, posted the picture of the boy – who she was looking after at the time – on her Facebook page.

But the young mum was later questioned by police after they were informed of the picture – and she claims she was also attacked on her doorstep.

After questioning, Stewart refused to apologise for the image, which she branded “a laugh”.

She told the Daily Record: “He loves the washing machine. We took a picture and it was a laugh.”

Wow, I’m so thankful for good, trustworthy childcare.  I’m so thankful someone stepped in to help this little boy!

There is nothing funny about making fun of a kid with Down’s SyndromeAs I have said before, they are some of the most precious children in the world!

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