My Brother Is NOT a Defect!

My Brother Is NOT a Defect! July 6, 2015

How twisted is our culture that many people call the murder of an innocent life the “human” thing to do?  And to make it even more twisted, they go on to justify the murder because the child at issue may be a little different than the status quo!

That is exactly what one blogger did recently:

A pro-abortion blogger outraged over an Ohio bill that would prohibit abortion on the basis of the pre-born child having Down syndrome wrote that ending the life of someone because of a disability is simply the “human” thing to do.

“The state would force a woman to carry a defective pregnancy to term,” wrote a Dammit Janet blogger in a tizzy of outrage.

The blogger, reminiscent of Richard Dawkin’s 2014 moral crusade on Twitter to have Downs babies destroyed, went on to make the case that humans with defects don’t deserve to live because they make life too complicated for those who have no defects.

These children are not defects!  They are human beings who are valuable members of our society!

I have written on this blog many times about the immense joy  that Trig, my brother with Down Syndrome, brings to all who interact with him.  It sickens me that a blogger hiding behind his computer screen would have the audacity to call Trig’s life “defective.”

I love the story Pete Baklinski of Lifesite tells of Mother Teresa’s interaction with one of these so-called “defects”:

A family from Venezuela once bestowed on Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity a house with some land. In the family was an acutely disabled child who to all appearance would make any eugenicist’s ‘elimination’ list. Mother Teresa was immediately drawn to the small helpless child. She bent down closer to him and asked his name.

The parents’ response almost left the greathearted woman speechless. “Our ‘professor of love’, that’s what we call him,” they answered.

“Beautiful!” replied Mother Teresa. “Let him continue his teaching on love.”

How precious is that!  A “professor of love!”

Every disabled child I have had the blessing to spend time with, including my brother Trig, has taught me more about joy and unconditional love than anyone else I have ever met.

This blogger and those opposed to pro-life bills like the one in Ohio need to spend more time with these “professors of love!”  Maybe then they would begin to see that those they call “defective” in reality understand more about humanity and life than they ever will.

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