What Choosing Life Really Looks Like

What Choosing Life Really Looks Like July 28, 2015

How powerful is this Instagram of a dad and his daughter!!!

I think photos like this are the strongest pro-life arguments we have out there!  This is what it looks like when we choose life!

Pro-Abortion activists want us to think that choosing our own convenience or plans over the life of our babies is what brings ultimate happiness.  But those of us who have chosen life in the midst of hard circumstances know the truth.

Children are not an inconvenience.  They are not a burden.  Whether you are able to keep your child or not, giving them life will not only bless you, but it will change your life and change the world.

Their smile. Their laugh. Their tiny toes and tiny hands, clapping as they play.

These are the lives Planned Parenthood is crunching and destroying. These are the lives worth saving.

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