He was Almost a Planned Parenthood Victim! His Mother Chose Life!

He was Almost a Planned Parenthood Victim! His Mother Chose Life! August 27, 2015

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Recently Federalist writer, Peter Cook, was handed a note by his mother, which told him that she thought about aborting him when she got pregnant as a young woman.  In his article “I could have been one of Planned Parenthood’s Victims,” Peter tells his story and tells us that “murder is not a solution, but courage is.”

He goes on to write:

The reality of abortion is that it ends lives. Not just the life of the child who has been aborted, but the lives of the children they might have had. This is not a theoretical question for me. I can definitively say that if my mother had made the decision to abort me, my children would not exist. Period. Full stop. This is not an opinion that comes out of my political or religious beliefs—it’s a statement of simple logic. My two daughters, ages 9 and 7, and their little brother, age 4, are alive because of a choice my mother made long before they were born.

His story reminds us that abortion is not just an “issue” to get behind; it is about real human beings.  Real lives hang in the balance.  We have to keep reminding women of this, and help them to find the courage to choose life! It might not always be easy, but every life is worth it!

Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies have lied to women for too long!  They tell us we aren’t strong enough to get through a pregnancy when we are in a tough situation.  This is not only a lie, its completely anti-women!

You want to empower women?   Remind them they are strong and they alone have the power to give another human life!  How incredible is that!

Lets create a culture of life that lifts women up and celebrates them for how brave and giving God created them to be!

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