Thousands Stand for Life at Planned Parenthood Protests This Weekend

Thousands Stand for Life at Planned Parenthood Protests This Weekend August 26, 2015

This weekend thousands of brave Americans showed up at over 300 Planned Parenthood clinics all across the country to stand up for life!  Organizers are saying this was the largest pro-life protest in history!

Lifesite News reports:

“Hundreds peacefully and prayerfully witnessing to the sanctity of all human life at Planned Parenthood Boston!!” posted Colleen Donohue on the official Pro-Life Action League Facebook page for the rallies. […]

On Friday, Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins said, “This is the turning point in the history of abortion in our nation and our time to speak out, to have our pro-life message of hope and love for both woman and child heard by the media. Women have been betrayed and Planned Parenthood has sold them and their preborn babies out, all for profit.”

And wouldn’t you think that if thousands of people showed up at hundreds of locations that the media would be there in full force?  Wrong!  The clearly pro-abortion media is nowhere to be found.

But what were they talking about this weekend?  A panda who might be pregnant.

NBC and CBS are happily covering the “great news” of a “fetus” and unborn “baby” – but it’s not one of those torn apart in the recent Planned Parenthood videos. In fact, it’s not even human. […] Instead, the morning and evening news shows from NBC and CBS gushed over the pregnancy of the National Zoo’s giant panda, Mei Xiang, beginning with showing an ultrasound of the “fetus.”

During Thursday’s This Morning, CBS played a video clip of the unborn panda’s ultrasound. Referencing a Washington Post article, anchor Gayle King hyped the “apparent pregnancy of a giant panda.”

“Experts believe they spotted a developing fetus inside Mei Xiang,” King began. “An ultrasound detected it yesterday. The fetus is about 4 centimeters, so that’s teeny tiny.”

Seriously?!?  You are celebrating what might be a baby panda, yet refuse to talk about the over 3000 HUMAN BABIES who are murdered each day?

Well media, if you won’t report the facts, then the rest of us will!  We won’t shut up until unborn babies are treated with the dignity they are owed!

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