What a 22 Week Old Unborn Baby Really Looks Like

What a 22 Week Old Unborn Baby Really Looks Like August 10, 2015

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Heather Ellis, a mom of two twin boys who were born at 22 weeks but died 30 minutes after their births, posted this picture of her twins on Facebook this week.

She wrote:

With all this talk of abortion right now, I want people to know that this is what a 22 week old child looks like. This was just minutes after my twins passed away after living and breathing for about 30 minutes last November (Chase, the one on the right, looks different because he was in the sac without amniotic fluid for a couple days). It is legal to abort children at this age in way too many places. While I was holding my babies, wishing they would survive, babies at the same gestation that could have survived are being torn apart and discarded or sold. It makes my heart sad. There are so many better options (adoption being my personal favorite). These are precious children of God. I love you Chase and Cooper, and I hope someone will see this and reconsider their choice.

How can we let anyone say that babies like this do not have the right to life!?! These are clearly and indisputably human beings!

God bless this sweet mama for telling her story.  I know that God will use the short lives of her two precious boys to inspire other mother’s to choose life! Read her blog here.

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