I Won’t Shut Up – I’m a Parent and a Big Sister: I Can Talk about IUDs if I Want to!

I Won’t Shut Up – I’m a Parent and a Big Sister: I Can Talk about IUDs if I Want to! October 10, 2015

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Everyone’s telling me to shut up about commenting on the issue in Washington State… (Click HERE for the background.) Do they not realize what is going on?

You have to get a parents approval to take aspirin or ibuprofen at school, you have to have your parents present to go tanning in a tanning bed, or get your eye brows waxed, or get your belly button or ears pierced. But girls as young as 10 – YES I SAID 10 – can get an IUD put in without their parents knowing???????

How is that NOT black and white to people?

I know I’m the last to talk about birth control.  (Two baby daddies right? LOLZ!)

But I am expecting a girl and do have a 14 year old sister and I would be so concerned for her going into a clinic and having something pretty serious put into her body.

I’m not against birth control by ANY MEANS so do not twist my words. But I am against the government going between a parent and a child at such a young age. THERE IS A BIG DAMN DIFFERENCE. 10-11-12 year olds don’t know what’s best for them.

Their parents do.

So anyone who’s saying I have “no place to talk” .. Let’s look at the issue – the important part of this entire blog post – why I brought it to your attention.

WE as parents know what’s best for our young daughters – NOT the government.

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