McDonald: Tom Hanks Movie About Mr. Rogers Is a ‘Pedophile Signal’

McDonald: Tom Hanks Movie About Mr. Rogers Is a ‘Pedophile Signal’ July 30, 2019

Chris McDonald, a Q Anon-advocating right-wing crackpot, hosted firefighter prophet fraud Mark Taylor on his show and offered a bizarre claim about the new movie starring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers. He says the movie is a signal to pedophiles. A signal to do what? I have no idea and neither does he. Welcome to the right-wing fever swamps.

McDonald, who frequently hosts Republican Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee on his program, claimed that Hanks has been “named in many, many pedophile-related tweets, pedophile-related call-outs,” and asserted that the new Mr. Rogers film is really a pedophile “code.”

“This is insanity to me,” McDonald said. “He’s going to be in the role of Mr. Rogers in this new movie that is coming out and I don’t think that’s by mistake. Again, I think that’s just code, it’s signaling, it’s a pedophile signal.”

McDonald said that while he has never heard anything negative about Fred Rogers, it was obvious that Rogers “wasn’t the most masculine guy out there” and that “he dealt with children,” so “it makes you wonder” about the real purpose of the movie.

“I just think this thing with Tom Hanks, again, you put a mainstream actor in this role and, again, it just is almost like it’s blatantly in our face and saying, ‘Guess what? We’re going to recruit more of the pedophilia by putting this man up as Mr. Rogers, who deals with children,’” McDonald concluded.

Well, okey dokey. Case closed. Did you notice what’s missing from all of this? Any actual evidence that Hanks is a pedophile. The fact that he was named in pedophile-related tweets, meaning other whackjobs have made the same claim but also with no evidence, is hardly a compelling argument. But you see, Hanks is a Democrat who supported Clinton and Obama, and in the murky and disturbing world of Q Anon conspiracy theorists, that fact alone is proof that he’s a pedophile who will soon be rounded up and executed by Trump.

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