Watch: A new clip and a new featurette for Risen

Watch: A new clip and a new featurette for Risen February 10, 2016


Risen stars Joseph Fiennes as a Roman soldier who goes looking for the body of Jesus after it vanishes from its tomb. Fiennes calls the film “an extraordinary murder mystery, a detective story” in a new featurette that was posted today, and something of that quest for answers is reflected in a new clip that went online today, too.

Here is the featurette, which has soundbites from director Kevin Reynolds and actors Fiennes (Clavius), Tom Felton (Lucius) and Stephen Hagan (Bartholomew):

The new clip, which shows Clavius interrogating Mary Magdalene (Maria Botto), is not currently embeddable, but can be viewed at the Univision website.

The film opens in theatres across North America next week, on February 19.

February 12 update: An embeddable version of the clip is now available:

Check out earlier Risen trailers and other videos here:

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