Watch: Ben-Hur goes “epic” in a new featurette

Watch: Ben-Hur goes “epic” in a new featurette July 6, 2016


With six weeks to go until the film’s release date, Paramount has posted a new Ben-Hur featurette. This one focuses on the film’s “epic” nature, and while it consists mostly of footage that we have seen before, it does have a few new bits.

Here is the video, which features soundbites from producer Sean Daniel and co-stars Jack Huston and Morgan Freeman in addition to some snippets from the film:

Note the audio clip in which Ilderim (Freeman) tells Judah (Huston), “Defeat your brother, and you’ll start a revolution to free us all.” So the chariot race isn’t just about Judah’s quest for personal revenge against Messala — it also has a larger political dimension. But if the featurette seems to promise revolution, keep in mind that Jesus and his message of love and peace will also play a significant part in this story.

Ben-Hur comes to North American theatres August 19.

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here:

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