Watch: New footage from Star Trek Beyond as it premieres at Comic-Con, plus a new featurette on Captain Kirk

Watch: New footage from Star Trek Beyond as it premieres at Comic-Con, plus a new featurette on Captain Kirk July 21, 2016


Star Trek Beyond opens in regular theatres tonight, but some lucky fans got to see the film last night at the San Diego Comic-Con, where it was shown on an outdoor IMAX screen with live orchestral accompaniment. The studio has posted a number of clips from that event — clips that include bits of new footage that we haven’t seen before — as well as a new featurette on Captain Kirk. Check ’em all out below the jump.

Here is the featurette on Captain Kirk:

And below are the videos from Comic-Con, in the order they were posted to YouTube.

Composer Michael Giacchino introduces the orchestra:

This video has a bit of new footage from the film:

So does this one:

This one does not:

This video has the same new footage that one of the videos above has:

This video looks at the red carpet outside the premiere:

This one has some new footage the other videos don’t have:

This one has an Idris Elba intro and some all-new footage:

This one has Chris Pine and Karl Urban:

This one has the cast, director Justin Lin and producer JJ Abrams:

This one has some of the same footage that appears in the above videos:

This one has more soundbites from the cast of the film:

This one shows Conan O’Brien introducing the stars of the film:

Update: There is also some new footage in this Barco Escape trailer:

July 22 update: The studio has posted some more videos from the premiere.

This one shows a time-lapse of the set-up of the screening area:

There are some new soundbites too, like this one from Karl Urban:

And then there’s this thumb-war between John Cho and Zoe Saldana:

Finally, Justin Lin talks about how he named a ship in the film after his father:

Check out earlier Star Trek Beyond trailers and other videos here:

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