Watch: The second (spoiler-ish!) music video for Ben-Hur

Watch: The second (spoiler-ish!) music video for Ben-Hur July 21, 2016


If there’s one thing all versions of Ben-Hur have had in common, it’s the chariot race, which Judah Ben-Hur wins while his old nemesis Messala gets trampled by some horses. But what happens after the chariot race has varied from film to film.

The 1925 film basically ignores Messala after the race, though he seems to survive it. (In the original novel, Messala is crippled by the horses but not killed.)

In the 1959 film, Messala dies within minutes of the race and uses his final breaths to drive an even deeper wedge of hatred between himself and Judah.

In the 2010 miniseries, Messala asks Judah to forgive him as he lays dying at home.

And in the new film…

Well, we’ll see what it does with this part of the story when it comes out next month. But a brand new music video by the gospel duo Mary Mary seems to give away at least part of the ending, and it seems clear that this film is going to forge its own path.

Here is the video; watch at your own risk:

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