September 7, 2016

It’s been four years since my suicide attempt. For the longest time, I thought my week on the psych ward was pointless. I saw it as a frustrating waste of time. Now, I can recognize the value of what we did during those days. Read more

September 6, 2016

For the first 28 years of my life, grace was just a beautiful old melody we sang about Sunday after Sunday. But in my daily life, grace was nowhere to be found. When my friend Brian Niece asked me what it would be like to reimagine grace, I knew we were about to have a powerful and important conversation. Read more

September 5, 2016

43,000 is a really big number. I would certainly lose count, trying to count that high. I’m not a mathematician, but know that 1 is much smaller than 43,000. The number 1 isn’t nearly as impressive. One, compared to 43,000 isn’t earth-shattering. Until it’s the one person you love… Read more

September 4, 2016

I was a pastor who ended up in a psych ward. But abuse, addiction, and a suicide attempt weren’t the end of my life. In fact, that is where my life began. Watch my story on YouTube now! Read more

September 4, 2016

My wife spent a week on a psych ward following the birth of our first son. She had a miserable fight with postpartum depression and sleep deprivation. One year later, nearly to the day, I landed in ICU and then a psych ward following a suicide attempt. After living through it, here’s my take on what to do when you decide to stay married to someone with mental illness. Read more

September 3, 2016

Where I come from, mental illness is considered to be a form of demon possession. I was a star student and a youth leader in my church when I had my first panic attack. As a senior in high school, I felt stuck. Lost. The shame was nearly as unbearable as the panic attacks. The sad thing is, they became progressively worse over the next decade. Read more

September 1, 2016

I know you. I guess I should say I knew you. It seems like a lifetime ago. Poor guy. I’m so sorry. You look so scared and so blank. So utterly confused. Read more

August 31, 2016

Alzheimer’s is a miserable disease. With my Grandfather, it’s the same story multiple times in one conversation. It’s spending more time talking to my Grandmother as my grandfather watches, blankly. In these moments I realize how much I am like my Grandfather. Read more

August 29, 2016

If you’ve ever danced through Amy Grant’s paved paradise… If you ever owned a WOW CD… If you felt the sting of the rose as it was trampled on the ground…. If you knew the motions to Big Big House…. Or if your parents questioned the vulgarity of DC Talk’s “I Don’t Want It”… This post is for you. Read more

August 27, 2016

It’s 1:34 am and I’m awake with allergies. This is nothing new – I’ve had the itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and stuffy nose for two weeks. I grab a glass of cold water and open the cabinet. Benadryl is good because it will help me get back to sleep, as well as deal with my symptoms. I slide my thumb under the arrow on the cap and pop open the little white bottle. As I tip the bottle over into my left palm, pink and white capsules spill into my hand. Then it happens. Read more

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