Pre-orders Available For ‘Hi, I’m an Atheist,’ Published By Macmillan

Pre-orders Available For ‘Hi, I’m an Atheist,’ Published By Macmillan August 31, 2021

My new book to be published in November by Macmillan, Hi, I’m an Atheist!: What That Means and How to Talk About It with Others, is now available for pre-order!

Check the book out here!
Check the book out here!

This book is incredibly important to me as it will be a good way for the masses to become familiar with atheism, especially, in North America, where Christianity is still the norm (and often the assumed position). Professionals from Macmillan and St. Martin’s, Macmillan’s subsidiary, have been working hard to put this book together and create a landing page that shows every way you can get the book.

David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed and The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion series, said this about the book:

“This book is for any and all newly-realized heretics, including those still in the closet: it’s not a rule book or a Decalogue, but necessary compass bearings, sound advice, and a handy, hefty guide to atheist resources and support systems―all the tools you need to help in the search to find your joy in a big, scary, wonderful, godless universe like ours.”

The book has also been given praise by Dale McGowan, author and editor of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, Claire Klingenberg, President of the European Council of Skeptical Organizations, Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine and author of Why People Believe Weird Things, The Believing Brain, and The Moral Arc, Lucien Greaves, cofounder, spokesperson, The Satanic Temple, and Dr. Darrel Ray, founder of, author of The God Virus.

If you have the chance, I hope you’ll check out the book! This one really means a lot to me.

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