My interview on the New Books in Biblical Studies podcast

My interview on the New Books in Biblical Studies podcast August 8, 2019

Last week, I have the privilege and thrill of being interviewed by Jonathan Wright, who leads the New Books in Biblical Studies Podcast. He and I discussed my new book Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes. It now posted online wherever you get your podcasts.

What did we talk about?

He asked a number of thoughtful questions, including…

  • What inspired writing this book?
  • How do you desire people will read Romans in light of your work?
  • What similarities do you see between the East Asian culture with the ancient Mediterranean world of the Bible?
  • What are achieved and ascribed honor and how they influence our reading of Romans?

We spent most of the time talking through Paul’s letter itself. Jonathan asked questions such as…

  • What does sin have to do with honor and shame?
  • How does Romans 2-3 show Paul giving Christians a new collective identity?
  • How does Jesus save God’s face, based on Romans 3?
  • How does Paul use collective identity to shape his theology and practice?
  • How does Christ’s faithfulness glorify God and restore honor to his family?
  • How does Jesus’ honor through shame become Christians’ honor through shame?
  • What clues suggest Paul has a collectivist perspective in Romans 7?
  • How does being “put to shame” fit into Paul’s logic in 9-11?
  • How does Paul combine honor and love in Romans 12-13?
  • How does Romans 14 relate to what’s been said in 1-11?

I’ve put a link to the podcast below. Feel free to pass it along and let me know what you think.

What else would you have liked us to discuss in the interview? Let me know. Perhaps I can answer some of your questions in future blog posts.

If you have read the book, I’d appreciate you visiting the book’s Amazon page and writing a review. It helps people know more about the range of topics discussed in the book.

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