Michigan’s Dilemma | Balance of Power

Michigan’s Dilemma | Balance of Power May 1, 2020

This week, I was reaching the point of disgust because there is a true lack of dialogue.  When I use the term dialogue, I mean a civil discourse, a well-informed discourse, perhaps even a discourse from the higher levels of the academie.  Like many, I haven’t known what discipline of the academie to listen to: i.e. political science, social science, medical science.  Despite all the noise, we are facing a Constitutional crisis in Michigan.  We need to return to the Balance of Power.

Since political conversation has always been an interest for me rather than a specialty, I’ve been dreading this writing.  I was about to lay out a philosophical argument about the state of affairs in Michigan, because I do know a thing or two about philosophy.  Moreso, I felt obligated because of the true lack of dialogue that we’re witnessing in Michigan . . . when the people are literally rising up and storming the Bastille.  Thank goodness I’ve discovered a couple people who have done a far better job than I could have with true dialogue.

One is John Ioannidis, Professor at Stanford.  He is known for his eagle-eye and his ability to conduct meta-analysis.

The other is a five minute speech from Lee Chatfield, Speaker of the House for Michigan.  His brief speech cuts to the chase (see embedded video near the end, 5 mins).  We are in a Constitutional Republic, but we need a return to the Balance of Power.

If you choose to engage with nothing else from this article, please take a look at their materials.

Since they have done such a fine job, I’m going to enjoy posting some other materials from my week, since I’ve been tracking the plight of Michigan.  As you can see, I enjoyed some laughs along the way.  I hope you did as well.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
Proverbs 17.22

And a child shall lead them. Isaiah 11.16

I had to post this on Facebook:

Me to our 6 year old as we exit the grocery store: “You know you don’t have to wear your mask outside.”

His reply: “Yeah but I’m getting the hang of it. You know if you’re in public you ought to wear a mask. I don’t even know what public is.”

Speaker Chatfield defending the voice of the people

“The Legislature is the voice of the people, and the people of this state have very serious questions and concerns about how this pandemic is being handled by state officials.”

Where have all the Pastoral Scholars gone?

This is a question that seminaries are grappling with right now.  There used to be more leaders in the field with the ability to be a voice in multiple arenas of society, to engage in dialogue.

Pastor Stan Tharp is a pastoral scholar, with two masters and a doctorate from Trinity.  He’s the pastor of Christian Life Center in Dayton, Ohio.  His article calls us back to some of the priorities we may be overlooking during this time.

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Bryan Brammer

One my wife’s cousins has quite a bit of Biblical training as well, and does some free lance writing.  He wrote this article about Michigan before it dawned on him that I’m living here, so we reconnected.  He offers a quick look at the issues of the day.

To read Michigan Legislature to create oversight committee to monitor Gov. Whitmer’s coronavirus response CLICK HERE

John Ioannidis

This article came across my feed, and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.  It is recommended by Dr. Joseph Castleberry, President of Northwest University.  John Ioannidis is one of the two people I mentioned at the beginning of this article, who is engaging the issues with well-informed dialogue.  This article speaks for itself.

Business Insider

This is an encouraging article by Anna Medaris Miller, weighing the benefits of becoming active again and enjoying the outdoors.

To read  Stop shaming people for going outside. The risks are generally low, and the benefits are endless. CLICK HERE

Speaker Chatfield responds to Gov. Whitmer’s order

This article was just released with a response to the most recent stay at home order, including a 1 minute video with Speaker Lee Chatfield.

To read or watch Michigan House Speaker not yet sold on extending coronavirus state of emergency CLICK HERE


Finally, some good news, that is if Michigan opens up by then to allow the Tigers to play.

To read USA Today’s article MLB discussing plan to start season in late June, playing in home stadiums with realigned league CLICK HERE

Michigan’s regional plan that the Gov. is dismissing

This article also has a brief video explaining the plan that our legislative branch is proposing for the state.

To read or watch Speaker Chatfield Hopes to See a Regional COVID-19 Plan CLICK HERE


She seems to sum up the type of political ping pong match we’ve been watching in our state.  I hope it clears everything up for you.

Her original post is on Instagram.  Our family has watched . . . and rewatched . . . LOL

Click PLAY button in the lower left-hand corner of the picture for some frivolity that is spot-on. (3 min 36 sec)


Sweden has been compared to Michigan during this time.  Both Michigan and Sweden are a similar mix of cities and rural areas.  Sweden’s population is a little bigger than ours, however Sweden’s numbers are better than Michigan.  I decided to try to find their official regulations.

Our Governor has signed over 60 executive orders during this time.

Sweden’s official regulations are 2 paragraphs.

To read Sweden’s Restrictions and prohibitions CLICK HERE

Long Lake Friends Church

Our congregation has been posting prayer ideas twice per day, at 7:14 am and pm, based on 2 Chronicles 7.14.  Early on, we joined a global movement known as UNITE714

Well known leaders, churches, and denominations have joined this movement as well, simply to pray and fast for this pandemic to be eradicated.

In honor of the fact that the Church of England just joined this week with a video message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, I’m posting the Scripture in the New Revised Standard Version.

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7.14

The night before April 30th, we turned our attention to local matters, as we joined together in prayer for the decisions that our statesmen are making in Michigan.

BBC coverage of Michigan on April 30th

Now the UK is covering Michigan on BBC (quick summary and video about April 30th). It’s bad enough we’re making national news. Now we’re making world news.

To read Coronavirus: Armed protesters enter Michigan statehouse CLICK HERE

Michigan’s Im-Balance of Power

There are many things at stake.  This is my 3rd article on Michigan’s Dilemma.  I’m tracking what I’m guessing is the top argument of the week, or perhaps the argument that deserves a little more attention.

How about the safeguards we enjoy in America?

What separates us from communist governments, dictatorships, or any form of totalitarianism?

If there’s anything that separates us, isn’t it our system of Checks and Balances?

Michigan’s dilemma this week is not what is “essential vs. nonessential.”

Michigan’s dilemma right now is whether or not we are going to honor our founding principles, including Separation of Powers or Balance of Power.

Tracking with Speaker Chatfield

April 30th

In 1945 and 1976 the Legislature granted the Governor permission to declare a State of Emergency, with the power to bypass the Legislature to enact law via Executive Order.  That time was limited to 28 days.  It has never been extended beyond 28 days without Legislature approval, and that has only happened 10 times.

The Governor now claims she can extend the State of Emergency beyond the 28 days without the Legislature (beyond April 30th).

On April 30th, the Legislature codified some of her Executive Orders (made them into a bill) passed it, and handed it back to the Governor.  Now some of her orders can become law, not just temporary orders.

The Legislature also asked to work with her on any future Executive Orders, instead of allowing her to declare another State of Emergency.  She said no.  She even leaked a confidential email about the negotiations, which is a breach of ethics.

So the Legislature granted Speaker Chatfield permission to sue the Governor.  When two branches of government come to an impasse, the third branch becomes involved, in this case our state’s Judicial Branch.

Speaker Chatfield responds to the Governor on April 30th.

“Today, we offered our hand of partnership to the governor.  No politics.  We’re all in this together and we should all work together.  We believe upholding the democratic process is best for MI people.  She just said no.  Very disappointing.”

Constitutional crisis

The Governor is setting a legal precedent by trying to extend the State of Emergency without the Legislature’s approval.

Hypothetically, in the future any Governor could declare a State of Emergency on their first day of office.  Then the Governor could just continue extending the State of Emergency, utilizing the power of the Executive Order to basically write law, and rendering the Legislature useless!

We are in a Constitutional Republic, but we really are facing a Constitutional crisis in Michigan.  We need to return to the Balance of Power.  So the Legislature will see where they’re at with the lawsuit next week.

This video is only 5 minutes and 41 seconds, and worth every moment.  I’m starting to believe this is a wake-up call for our nation right now, not just Michigan.

It’s a little eerie at times because you can hear the armed protestors in the capitol in the background as he speaks.

Eschatological question or caveat

I personally want President Trump to succeed, as well as Governor Whitmer.  That can only mean that we succeed as a people in Michigan.  I pray for them both to do well with the time God has granted them to serve.  In America, we enjoy the oversight of national government and the local power of each state to make necessary regional decisions.

However, I’m starting to get hints from what I’m reading, and from those in various offices, that we’re witnessing something like marshall law.  I’m just guessing and digressing of course, but this week I began to question something.

How many worldwide events like this are just practice-runs for the type of marshall law that the one-world government will have, you know, the one that is in countless Eschatological passages throughout the Bible? 

Michigan’s Dilemma series:

Constitutional Rights vs. Political Winds

Governor’s Office vs. Legislature

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