Women being “subservient” is everything Jesus opposed

Women being “subservient” is everything Jesus opposed May 15, 2015


Hi friends. Very busy with The Next Big Thing relative to the novel I’ve written. I’m beyond excited about it. More soon!

In the meantime, I continue to receive emails and online messages “informing” me that nothing whatsoever about the doctrine of complementarianism sanctions wife abuse.

And I continue to get in at least as many stories from women who suffered ungodly years of abuse because they were raised within the world of fundagelicalism (a word I take seriously, since it denotes a strain of Christianity more widespread than fundamentalism without unduly disparaging all evangelicals—even though I dream of a world wherein no Christian is comfortable calling themselves evangelical).

That the former group continues to deny any responsibility for the latter is just (alas!) one more example of the fundagelical’s unfortunate but apparently endless capacity for putting (self-serving; always self-serving, one can’t help but notice) doctrine ahead of the love that Jesus insisted his followers put above all.

The idea that women were born to be men’s “sacrificially obedient helpmeets” is everything that Jesus Christ opposes, because it creates an oppressed, voiceless, and unprotected class of people.

If there’s a better way of saying that, lemme know, k?


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