What Blogs Do You Read?

What Blogs Do You Read? February 16, 2013

Like essentially every other blogger, I follow a lot of blogs. Reading other blogs is where I get my news, find interesting things to think about, and gain a sense of community. Every so often I come upon a blog I’d never seen before that’s just so awesome I immediately wonder how I could have not known it was out there. So I want to take a moment to talk about some of the main blogs I follow (this list is not comprehensive by any means!) and ask for suggestions in turn.

First of all is No Longer Quivering, which is the blog that actually got me started blogging. I also read a lot of similar blogs, including for example Permission to Live, The Phoenix and the Olive Branch, Incongruous Circumspection, and Who I Am Without You. These blogs deal specifically with Christian Patriarchy, fundamentalism, and leaving. While each of these bloggers (including No Longer Quivering’s founder) range from atheist to agnostic, their main focus is healing from and countering harmful religious messages, toxic family patterns, and spiritual abuse. While their exact areas of focus may differ, Broken Daughters and Becoming Worldly are similar.

Not all of the bloggers I follow are atheists, however. I follow several bloggers who share my evangelical/homeschool background but remain Christian, including Wine and Marble, Profligate Truth, Tell Me Why the World Is Weird, and Wide Open Ground. Then there are also the Christian feminist bloggers, including Rachel Held Evans, Dianna E. Anderson, Sarah over the Moon, From Two To One, and Are Women Human, and John Shore, a Christian LGBTQ rights activist. And finally, I follow a number of the bloggers on Patheos’ progressive Christian channel (especially The Slactivist, James McGrath, Tony Jones, and Peter Enns).

I also follow several blogs that are primarily feminist blogs, including Feministe, Feministing, and Shakesville. Oh, and Amanda Marcotte is the bomb.

Next, I read many of the atheist blogs at FreeThought Blogs (especially Greta Christina, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Almost Diamonds, and Pharyngula) and Skepchick and most of the other blogs here on the Patheos atheist portal (especially Friendly Atheist, Camels with Hammers, WWJTD, Unreasonable Faith, Temple of the Future, and Daylight Atheism). The Ex-Convert and Ripening Reason are two female atheist bloggers I also enjoy. I also follow a number of other blogs that are more primarily focused on atheism, including Reason Being, Ramblings of Sheldon, and Path of the Beagle.

I’ve recently found myself really enjoying some international blogs that encompass more disparate interests, combining feminism, LGBTQ rights, and atheism. These include Sara Lin Wilde, of Canada, and Consider the Tea Cosy and Geoff’s Shorts, both of Ireland. I also enjoy several blogs with a more academic focus, including Family Inequality and I Love You But You’re Going to Hell.

What blogs do you read? What blogs would you suggest I start reading?

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