Today we Grieve but Tomorrow We March

Today we Grieve but Tomorrow We March January 20, 2017

Some of my readers have expressed an interest in space for talking through their feelings about today’s inauguration. I’ll start with a few words, and then leave space for collecting conversation and (yes) grieving. There is a lot of uncertainty right now about what Trump will do, partly because his claims and promises and statements are so often in conflict with each other and so often out of touch with reality. The Affordable Care Act will almost certainly be repealed—and replaced with what, exactly? The Republicans say one thing and Trump says another, promising that what he creates will be beautiful, the best healthcare, the best plan. But what?

And what of immigration, and the wall? Or women’s rights, and LGBT rights? We have a president, now, who ran on opposition to immigration, who called Mexicans rapists and portrays Muslim immigrants as dangerous. We have a president, now, who rates women by their looks and boasts about sexually molesting women who feel unable to speak back to the power he wields. We have a president, now, who has no qualms about appointing anti-LGBT individuals to high government positions. We have a president, now, who praises the police up and down in the middle of conversations about police brutality and racial stereotyping, and who speaks of the good old days when protestors could be beaten up and thus silenced.

When I march tomorrow it will be in solidarity with all of those who believe that immigrants are welcome, that minority religions have a place, that healthcare should be accessible to all, that women should be able to stand tall and confident and have their bodies respected. It’s not about upsetting the democratic process. It’s not about questioning the legitimacy of the election (for most, at least). It’s about opposing a string of ideas that are harmful, toxic, and morally abhorrent.

How about you? What are you most concerned about under a Trump administration? What is your fondest memory from Obama’s presidency? What will you be doing, locally and otherwise, to push back against the rising tide of xenophobia that Trump rode to office? Will you be marching tomorrow? If so, why?

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