#exposeChristianHomeschooling February 4, 2019

Several weeks ago, in response to news that Karen Pence would be teaching at a private Christian school, the hashtag #exposeChristianSchools went viral on twitter, as graduates of Christians schools shared stories about racist instruction and subpar religious curricular materials. Another hashtag—this one just as important—soon followed: #exposeChristianHomeschooling.

I was struck by the conversation on driving.

Homeschooled students typically depend on their parents to teach them how to drive. In many cases, this isn’t a problem—my parents taught me how to drive when I was 16. Not all have it so easy, however, and this is especially true for those with parents who are neglectful or controlling. Homeschoolers, after all, don’t have access to drivers ed the way a student in public school might. In many areas of the country, if you can’t drive, you’re effectively stranded. And homeschooled teens aren’t taking a bus to high school each day.

As twitter user @QuiverfullTwee1 explains:

Other twitter users responded, offering similar experiences.

Homeschooled students don’t usually have access to a trusted teacher or high school guidance counselor to go to for help. In some cases, the only adults in homeschooled teens’ lives are their parents friends—who are likely to side with their parents, not them. Certainly, not every public school student has a teacher they’ve connected with, and high school guidance counselors aren’t perfect. system can fail public school students too. But there actually is a system.

Back to the hashtag, where I was also struck by the discussion of science.

Let’s not forget those who were taught religious white supremacist versions of history. Twitter user @ToriGlass, who is mixed race, was homeschooled by her white Republican mother, who taught her racist history:

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