The Vaccine Distribution Is Going to Go GREAT

The Vaccine Distribution Is Going to Go GREAT December 10, 2020

Guillermo Maldonado is the pastor of a megachurch in Florida:

“People, I want you to look at me,” Maldonado said, as he frequently switched between speaking English and Spanish. “That is exactly what is happening with COVID-19. They’re preparing the structure for the Antichrist. How? The vaccine. They’re gonna demand for you to have the vaccine in your passport, otherwise you will not be able to travel. Because they are preparing the way.”

“The vaccines, they are made to alter your DNA,” he continued. “They are made to track you down. Do not [take] the vaccine. Believe in the blood of Jesus. Believe in divine immunity.”

Yes, you read that right: Guillermo warned his congregation not to get the vaccine, because it’s preparation for the antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, and will change their DNA, and includes a tracking beacon of some sort.

This is all going to go great, it’s going to go great, great, great.

I mean, what is there even to add, really?

On some level, this feels like a perfect storm. Are vaccines going to go on people’s passports? No, but people will probably have to provide proof of vaccination to travel—or go to a concert, etc. To someone already primed to be looking for the future “Mark of the Beast,” it’s easy to see how this would be downright intoxicating. You can see how easy it would be to spin this into something incredibly nefarious—it feels off almost naturally.

And then there’s the fact that we’re talking about a vaccine, which means that the anti-vaxxers can plug right in. Anti-vaxxers talk a lot about all the bad dangerous things that are in vaccines—in that context, claiming there’s going to be a computer chip in the vaccine isn’t that much of a stretch, unfortunately.

Now, if only we could convince conservatives that Facebook is the mark of the beast.

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