“Give ’em Heaven” – Dallas Willard’s Granddaughter’s Moving Tribute to Her Grandfather

“Give ’em Heaven” – Dallas Willard’s Granddaughter’s Moving Tribute to Her Grandfather June 7, 2013

The High Calling features a sweet, poignant tribute to Dallas Willard, who died a month ago. It was written by Larissa Heatley, Willard’s granddaughter, who delivered it at his memorial service. The title of this piece, “Give ’em Heaven,” is one of the last things that Willard said to Larissa.

The years to come without Grandpa will seem like nothing compared to the eternity that we will be spending together with the Lord, but it’s already been too long without him here. It’s been too long since I’ve held his strong, gentle, big, loving hands. It’s been too long since I’ve had a hug from my magnificent, strong, larger-than-life, teddy-bear-like, #1 Grandpa. It’s been too long since I got wisdom from the smartest guy I know.

I will always remember one sentence that really summed up everything he stood for and everything I need to do. He might not have meant it as anything, but I kept thinking about it. He said it to me in the hospital, just before his last surgery. We were all walking out of the room and he called me back just for a moment so we were the only two in the room, and he said, “Give ‘em Heaven.”

If you’ve lost a beloved grandparent, you know how Larissa feels.

If you’ve read any of Dallas Willard’s writings, you know that “Give ’em Heaven” just about sums up his life’s message.

Be sure to check out the unique tribute to Dallas Willard from one who knew and loved him well. You can also watch the video at this link.

The High Calling thanks the family of Dallas Willard for allowing them to share Larissa’s tribute with the world.

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