Developing Intuition Through Daily Tarot

Developing Intuition Through Daily Tarot January 1, 2018

Doing a daily draw is not only a fantastic way to get acquainted with a divination system of cartomancy such as tarot, lenormand, kipper, oracle cards, it’s also a great way to flex your psychic muscles and start thinking like a reader. The basic idea is that you draw a single card a day as a forecast. By focusing on one card a day, you can slowly chip away at learning any system of cartomancy.

Image Credit: Pixabay | CC0 License
Image Credit: Pixabay | CC0 License

At the beginning of your day, simply shuffle your cards and set an intention for a question such as “what does the day have in store for me?” or “what should I be aware of today?” Draw a single card and set a timer for five minutes meditating on the card and jotting down any thoughts or impressions that come to your mind. Write down anything that comes to your mind, even if it seems random – as these may be psychic symbols. There are some fantastic journals specifically for the tarot such as the Tarot Tracker, which I highly recommend. However, a blank notebook devoted solely to daily draws will also suffice. After the five minutes are up, I will create a positive affirmation that reflects the message in the card and enforce that for the day.

During the day, notice any synchronicities between your card and the events of the day. At the end of the day, go back to your journal and write down how the card reflected the day. Now draw another card with the intention of “what was the lesson of this day?” Set your timer for five minutes and write down anything that comes to you. By doing this practice you are establishing a line of communication with the universe through your cards. You are defining a language that your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and collective unconscious can understand – strengthening how you receive information through your cards.

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