Quoting Quiverfull: Work Ethic Keeps People Out of Jail?

Quoting Quiverfull: Work Ethic Keeps People Out of Jail? January 31, 2017

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl as quoted by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife – Children are Bored, Impatient, Easily Upset and Friendless

Editor’s note: Interesting little bit of fear-mongering Lori’s using to scare people into teaching their children to be hard workers. I’m not sure work ethic is one of those things that can be necessarily taught so much as modeled and encouraged. This is the third piece quoted from Lori’s posting on children yet there’s nothing in her article to support her assertion that kids are easily upset and friendless.

“Teaching a child to love working is one of the greatest gifts you can impart. I have spent over 2,000 hours ministering in the prisons, and I have seen men released only to return six months later. I have also met other released inmates at the work place years after they did their time. Without doubt, the thing that most determines whether or not a man will make it in the outside world or be recycled through the system again and again is whether or not he is lazy. The hard worker gets a job and stays busy with no time to hang out and idle away at home or on the street. He has self-respect, a vision, and goals, and he is happy succeeding. The lazy man is self-loathing and bored, seeking meaning in things that will land him back in prison. Furthermore, a hard worker is admired and liked, whereas a lazy man is scorned and despised by his peers. There is no such thing as a successful lazy man.” (Michael Pearl) Don’t allow your children to be lazy but you must be an example to them of working hard.

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  • Nea

    What example of hard work are you setting, oh person who hates work outside the house and hired staff to do all the work inside the house?

  • SAO

    All humans figure out pretty early that plenty of work is no fun. This reminds me of all the parents who don’t let their kids have sweets, on the theory that if they never have it, they’ll never want it. That lasts as long as the kid’s first bite of chocolate, which will come in the toddler years, unless the parents are isolated hermits.

  • pinkie

    Fundie sex ed works the same way. If they don’t know what it is, they can’t do it or won’t want to do it.

  • SAO

    Amazing that the birds and bees, not to mention rabbits, manage to figure it out without being taught.

  • Hannah

    Is this like the people who think that their kids’ every waking moment must be occupied with extra curricular activities or they’ll end up doing drugs, drinking, having sex, smoking, or listening to heavy metal? I spent many blissful hours doing not a lot as a child, reading and indulging in day dreaming, and then as a teenager listening to music and writing my own stories…(Many of which were very dark indeed.) And I turned out fine. I also have a pretty good work ethic as an adult, despite all the crap about how I should have never been able to work because my mum stayed at home and my dad was unemployed for quite a long time when I was growing up, and having jobless parents makes you feckless. (Apparently…*rolls eyes*)

  • AFo

    Clearly Michael and Lori are unaware that the recidivism rate in the US is so high because society makes it almost impossible for anyone with a criminal record to get a decent job. For many of them, the problem is not laziness, but that they’ve effectively been told by society that they don’t belong with “regular” people and no one wants them around. Get told that often enough, and of course you’ll become hopeless and disenfranchised and just say “f*** everything, I guess I’ll be the monster they think I am.”

  • Astrin Ymris

    According to my sister, there’s research showing that if you don’t give kids sweets in their first 2 years, they’ll crave sugary foods less. It doesn’t mean they won’t like candy and soda, just that they won’t be as fixated on them.

    It seems to have worked with my niece, but since her father doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth she may have just won the genetic lottery.

  • Astrin Ymris

    All the upvotes!

  • Astrin Ymris

    Again we see the fundgelical conviction that kids suck, and never do anything good unless parents “train” them properly.

  • SAO

    My daughter was the first, so she had few sweets in her first 2 years, when I still thought it could work. By the time my son was born, I’d given up. My daughter has a terrible sweet tooth and a weight problem. He can take them or leave sweets and is skinny. Again, anecdotal, but there you are.

  • KarenOfRocks

    Work sucks unless you can get a sense of accomplishment out of it. I had to do quite a few chores growing up, but that was just life, and it didn’t consume all my free time. My mother taught me to appreciate the accomplishment. We would tackle some unpleasant task together when I was young, and she’d say, “Oh, doesn’t the room look great now that we’ve cleaned it thoroughly?” or “Oh, don’t those peaches we canned look beautiful?” The message was, work is a valuable thing, take time to value the fruits of it. There is beauty in a job done well.

    And, so I learned to appreciate work for the benefits it brings (besides a paycheck). It’s a useful lesson, one the fundies never seem to teach. For these people, the accomplishment is somehow God’s, and you are just the machine that was used to do it–no self-congratulations allowed, no taking pride in your work. I would get lazy so fast it would make even MY head spin.

  • Nadja

    Lori’s main problem is she doesn’t make life choices because she wants to, she does it because the bible tells her to. Get married and stay married even if you are miserable for the rest of your life, have kids even if you are not maternal nor can be bother to teach them, live in fear of God’s wrath and Satan’s temptations.
    So bloody exosting

  • Patricia Lakin

    In other words, don’t allow your child to have a childhood.