Quoting Quiverfull: Hipster Clothing Threatens Pastor Tim Bayly’s Masculinity?

Quoting Quiverfull: Hipster Clothing Threatens Pastor Tim Bayly’s Masculinity? March 17, 2017

quotingquiverfullby Tim Bayly of Bayly Blog – The Emperor Has Hip Clothes

Editor’s note: For a guy who claims to be uber masculine pastor Bayly seems to spend a disgracefully large amount of time judging others levels of masculinity. Why would that be?

Also, hair is coiffed, scarves are not. Scarves are coiled. Coiffing can only happen to hair, careful styling, or donning a headdress.

Saint Benedict never called out random people out for being effeminate either. What he did call out was soft living, as there was a hatred of the body and self-punishment among the monks of that time. Softness and soft bedding, being concerned with soft living was described as ‘effeminate’ in that time, and those rules only applied to the monks of his order and leaders in the Catholic church, not everyone in the world. These ideas of luxury living being not for the clergy comes straight from Benedict’s rules for the order he founded, the Benedictines. We all know what the Evangelical ministers of this world think about Catholic theology and saints so why is he using a Catholic saint to justify his personal preferences? A little knowledge, understanding of an era and historical perspective goes a long way.

Men’s clothes say everything they want to say about themselves, but if someone points out what they’re saying, they act shocked. And offended. “How dare you listen to my appearance!”

Everyone knows precisely what the man wants you to think of him because of his carefully coiffed hair, urban-biker leathers, puffy carefully coiffed scarf, and LOOOOKATMMEEEEEE frames. The guy’s vanity is screaming at you!

But pity the poor sucker who dares to point out the guy’s a bounder and his appearance is effeminate.

Today though, we’re so drowning in effeminacy that even vanity of appearance isn’t shamed and condemned. Older men are so scared of being mocked by callow youth that we wouldn’t think of disciplining Christian leaders’ effeminacy…

in appearance. Sadly, this abandons young men and women lacking discernment to their natural sycophancy to such men—just like in Calvin’s Geneva.

Effeminacy breeds effeminacy. And trust me, it’s absolutely destructive of Christian discipleship—so destructive that the Apostle Paul says the effeminate will not inherit the Kingdom of God. But we deny it’s any danger, and thus we can’t define it. We don’t recognize it when it punches us in our eyes.

If you’re going to lead a movement back to Benedict, start by meditating on how prophets look and where they fit in.

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