Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting Again

Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting Again March 17, 2017

Guessing that all the rumors of a divorce between reprobate Ashley Madison member Josh Duggar and his long-suffering wife Anna aren’t so true. It was just reported that the couple announced that Anna is pregnant with another son on one of the official Duggar blogs. Here’s a screen cap of the announcement:


Here’s hoping things go well? That Josh doesn’t cheat or treat her poorly?

Have to say while this is not unexpected since there have been rumors since Thanksgiving that Anna was pregnant again, this feels so sad. Poor Anna.

Anna must have taken the advice posted in Michelle’s blog again and again in the aftermath of Josh’s exposure to heart. Michelle kept reposting her advice to never ever turn down a husband’s request for sex to keep him from cheating. J

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  • AFo

    Less and less likely that she’ll be able to get out now. Where is a woman her age with 5 young kids and no marketable job skills going to go? It’s just so sad to see how trapped all the girls and women are. A non-QF woman would have left his lying, cheating ass and never looked back.

  • Anonyme

    if Anna genuinely wanted to repair things with Josh and decided without any outside influence to stay with him, I’d respect her decision (though I still wouldn’t think it was a wise choice). However, I suspect that is not what is going on here. Not only has she grown up in this toxic culture in which women are responsible for their husbands’ behavior, but doubtlessly at least one person doubled down on it (here’s looking at you, Michelle). Now, most likely, she’ll never be able to get out.

  • Emilie Bishop

    I agree. Politics aside, I will never understand why Hillary Clinton has stayed with Bill all this time. But she has choices, skills, and self-esteem, so it’s not up to me to understand why she prefers to be with him than without him. Anna has been raised to have no choice except to grit her teeth and have another baby. Heartbreaking.

  • JetGirl

    That poor young woman. He is such a sleazeball.

  • Julia Childress

    Right on time. This summer her kids will be newborn, 2, 4, 6 and in the fall the oldest will be 8. Nothing interferes with the production schedule. Not molestation, adultery, public humiliation or rehab. Sad for all concerned.

  • adams12

    Over/under on when he gets caught again? 3 years, tops. Ughhhh….

  • Immerito

    If she *was* planning on getting out, I guarantee that he got her pregnant to keep her trapped.

    I pray that she finds the strength to protect her kids and leave him.

  • Pen Guin

    If she wrote a ‘tell all’ book, I’m sure it would be a big hit. Maybe even a movie on Lifetime.

  • AFo

    And all of the money would go straight to Josh. Or Jim Bob. Either way, she’d never see a dime.

  • SAO

    She’ll have 5 kids before she turns 30. Wow.

  • Mel

    I don’t know that she’s ever considered really getting out. Both she and Josh have been systematically pimped out by their parents in return for furthering their families’ goals. That kind of basic betrayal makes it very hard to see yourself as a true independent actor.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that the police reports were accurate in describing the rather depressing truth – even back then JB-n-M were so self-absorbed that Josh was the person who reported abusing his sisters to JB-n-M and reported at least one of the abuse incidents that happened after JB-n-M were aware and “doing everything possible” including leaving him alone with his younger sisters so that the older kids and the parents could go to dinner with Michelle’s parents. In other words, Josh was more interested in trying to go right than JB-n-M were in being parents to a severely ill teenager who needed help badly.

    I think her marriage is one of those heartbreaking ones where Josh may be the only person who has ever been interested in Anna as person and Anna is the only person who has put Josh first in his life. Those types of relationships can last a long time- even if the relationship is only a shade less dysfunctional than their relationships with their parents.

  • Anonyme

    I would have dropped Bill like a hot coal, but Hillary was raised to make her own decisions and question the status quo. Her decision wasn’t based on toxic victim-blaming. Anna…she never had a chance. 🙁

  • texassa

    What nasty, abusive advice to give to a daughter-in-law who has been lied to, deceived, cheated on, humiliated, and whatever else. I cringe to think of poor Anna having sex with her disgusting excuse for a husband. You know every single time it happens she is thinking about all the times he cheated on and lied to her. What a nightmare.

  • texassa

    She could easily leave Josh. She’d be pulling child support from a wealthy (albeit perhaps former) reality television star and one-time overpaid DC lobbyist “executive.” Fan donations would pour in. And any avenue she chose to take to tell her story – from books to her own television show – would be funded in a heartbeat. Not only that, but she could find work. Anna is bright, hard working, and has many skills. Everyone starts somewhere.

  • texassa

    Not if she divorced him.

  • texassa

    Let’s all be reminded: religion is for men.