Encouraging Your Husband – Part 1 Verbalize

Encouraging Your Husband – Part 1 Verbalize April 12, 2017

EncouragingThis is a series looking at the marriage advice given in Nancy Campbell’s book ‘How to Encourage Your Husband’.

While packing for a move I have turned up are books, terrible idiotic books filled with toxic advice. One of those books is by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies ‘How to Encourage Your Husband’. I think I ended up with this book in the aftermath of leaving my old church, given to me by one of my former friends that thought it would ‘help’ my marriage since in her eyes my husband leaving our old church meant that I wasn’t doing my job of wife well enough. Reading through this book now I cannot help but laugh at some of the suggestions. The book is entirely written by commenters and comments from Nancy Campbell’s website.

We’re moving on to the subject of verbalizing your praise of your husband. Last chapter was respect.

In Front of the Children

I love to talk highly of my husband to others when he is present—and even when he is not. I used to be a nagging wife but saw the damage I was doing to our children. Now I make it a point to praise my husband on a regular basis in front of my children, and to my children. I want them to know how blessed they are to have a father who allows me to stay home with them and homeschool them, who loves the Lord and sows Christ’s love in to our lives.

Stay tuned. A couple of the stories in this chapter talk about their extreme poverty yet still praising their husbands.

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