Doug Wilson Rushes to Blame All Liberals For Virginia Shooting This Morning

Doug Wilson Rushes to Blame All Liberals For Virginia Shooting This Morning June 14, 2017

LoveEqualsHateSelect quotes from Doug Wilson’s blog Blog and Mablog complete with blaming all liberals for the tragic shooting in Alexandria, Virginia this morning in a piece nastily titled – The Ratty Goodwill Dress Tops it Off

Editor’s note: This is just unacceptable, vile and illustrative of those like Wilson being part of the problem that lead to Louisiana’s Steve Scalise being gunned down this morning. I’ve been glued to the coverage all day because this isn’t too far from us, we’re on the edge of Northern Virginia with friends, family and yes, an NLQ writer or two living in the Alexandria/Fairfax region. Even Trump called for unity and sympathy for those involved. So what does Doug do? Blame others while denigrating and dismissing those whom he deems responsible.

The main problem with his words is that it would be like atheists blaming Doug for the sheer insanity and funeral-crashing behavior of Westboro Baptists. You cannot make sweeping broad statements like this and think that everyone is like that.

I’ve been looking online all day on the coverage and have yet to see any vast left wing conspiracy celebrating this event. What I have seen is people expressing sympathies in all religions/races and a bunch of people behaving in a deplorable fashion blaming everyone outside of their whirling inner circle for this crime. I’ve also seen there have been at least two other violent killing sprees today using guns. It’s madness.

Hate is never right no matter who spews it! Doug is adding to the problems and the hate in this nation. This is not the time for that.

I write this having just read about the gunman who opened fire on some congressmen at a baseball practice, successfully wounding Steve Scalise, a Republican congressman from Louisiana. Early reports indicate the gunman was trying to kill Republicans in particular, and the left wing fever swamps on Twitter consequently began to celebrate the shooting.

Jonah Goldberg has observed that we have reached certain epic levels of craziness in our society, such that violent protests are described as “free speech,” and any exercise of free speech (by conservatives) is described as “violence.”

The point here is that you cannot invert things without inverting them. You cannot call evil good without, at some point, calling good evil. You cannot say that darkness is light without also claiming that light is darkness.

We need to understand the other side of the inversion. Liberals are not. They are not magnanimous. They are not compassionate. They are fighting for total authority over the dictionary because they want to change all the words, not just some of them.

If a man can be declared a woman, then hatred can be declared love. But I will still confess that whenever I look at hatred-in-transition (chosen as love-of-the-year by Vogue), all I see is the same warty old hatred with a couple of silicone implants, lipstick put on crooked, and a ratty Goodwill dress.

No, Mr. Wilson, disagreeing with someone else political affiliation does not mean you want to kill them. This was wrong, even if you cannot stomach and seriously loathe those Congressmen. I doubt that Doug said a word when Gabby Gifford was gunned down by another unbalanced white guy with a guy. 

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