Lori Alexander’s Way or the Highway? Silencing the Depressed

Lori Alexander’s Way or the Highway? Silencing the Depressed June 6, 2017

Lori Alexanders BrainSpiritual Sounding Board has a posting today concerning the recent blog post of Lori Alexander’s we quoted here for our Quoting Quiverfull feature. It is the one where Lori is handing out advice on to happ-happ-happy your way out of depression titled “Suicide and Depression Skyrocketing Among Women”

Lori wasn’t content to blame this trend on feminism and non-submissive women. She spent much of the post denigrating those that suffer from mental health issues. But none of that was the big problem. As usual it was the comments, comments from women expressing  that they suffer from suicidal thoughts or some form of depression. Lori replied to them, in ways so dismissively that I would venture that the families of anyone actually taking their lives after Lori’s replies might have some legal recourse for her giving advice without a counseling degree or medical license.

But here’s the thing with Lori Alexander, she rarely leaves her toxic replies or the original comments up. She, or her husband Ken, takes down anything that does not agree with their views. Someone over at Spiritual Sounding Board had the presence of mind to get screen caps of the potentially dangerous advice given by Lori before she deleted the original comments and her own replies. The screen caps are up at SSB in their post ‘The Dangerous Teachings of Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife.” Very revealing. Very awesome too since neither Lori or Ken can cause these screencaps of her lack of compassion and bad advice can be erased.

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